WBA: We Believe Amir

By Robert Ecksel on January 13, 2012
WBA: We Believe Amir
I’m trying to hear all the applause, but can only hear horns honking and radiators hissing

“Everybody has to do what they feel is best for them,” said Schaefer, who in this instance practices what he preaches…

The WBA, one of the two sanctioning bodies whose junior welterweight title Amir Khan lost to Lamont Peterson on Dec. 10, has ordered an immediate rematch of their disputed first fight.

After a formal protest was lodged by Khan’s promoter Golden Boy, the WBA presumably weighed and balanced the burgeoning facts in the case and reached their decision last night.

Golden Boy CEO was as pleased as punch that his marquee fighter (no one calls Amir a “cash cow”; that phrase only refers to Bob Arum’s fighters) has a chance to win back the title he lost under presumably shady circumstances.

“I’m thrilled,” Schaefer told ESPN.com, “that he’s getting one (a rematch) and hope we can start the negotiations and get the fight done. Amir and Lamont are both terrific young men and athletes who fought their hearts out in Washington in December and I’m sure this decision will get applause by fight fans around the world.”

I’m listening for the applause, but only hear the honking of horns and the hissing of a radiator. But that’s New York for you.

“The rematch will be one of the most anticipated fights of 2012 because both guys are exciting, young and I think it’s exactly the kind of fight people want to see.”

There’s no need to dredge up all the “facts” in the case. They have been chewed over ad nauseum and spat out on websites from here to Timbuktu. Suffice to say that the referee Joseph Cooper, the cat in the Mustafa Ameen, Khan’s obsession and Schaefer’s power were enough to turn a close fight that could have gone either way into a whodunit that the WBA in its infinite wisdom has decided merits an immediate rematch.

The IBF, which stands for I Believe Freddie, is holding its hearing on the fight next week. Chances are IBF President Daryl J. Peoples, Bob Lee’s nephew, will reach the same conclusion.

Peterson could of course ignore the WBA’s order, vacate the title, and move up in weight. But that seems like a consolation prize at best for a man who fought his heart out and exposed Khan’s inability to adjust when the going got tough.

“Everybody has to do what they feel is best for them,” said Schaefer, who in this instance practices what he preaches. “I respect that. In this weight class a rematch is the biggest fight that can be made and it would be a shame if that doesn’t happen. I say that, yes, as a promoter, but also as a fight fan. It would be a hugely anticipated fight.”

It might be, as Schafer states, a “hugely anticipated fight,” but any Lamont Peterson would be a hugely anticipated fight at this point. After all, he’s no Zab Judah, as Khan learned the hard way.

Schaefer admitted to be being hopeful that a deal could be worked out with Peterson’s manager/trainer Barry Hunter. Hunter is no doubt disgusted, if not exactly surprised, at this turn of events, no less than he was by Shaefer and Khan’s cascade of post-fight allegations. But Lamont is a free agent, which means Golden Boy can use its Midas touch to try to persuade Hunter, who said, “Khan blames everyone and everything but his performance and lack of ability to make adjustments in the ring for his loss,” to see things as they really are.

Hunter and Peterson are little fishes in a big pond. The wriggling bait on that sharp hook will appear awfully sweet.

We’ll see if Team Peterson can resist the temptation.

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  1. raxman 11:54pm, 01/13/2012

    i was a khan supporter, fan and defender.  now i’m a borderline hater. An inability to change up had nothing to do with Petersons dominance. It was Khan’s complete lack of inside fighting skills that did the trick. and i can’t see how he is going to learn - in every fight Khan has used both hands to push off but it was most obvious here because Peterson is the first to try this on against Khan - even Maidana stood at medium range. LP wanted to be chest to chest, his head on Khan’s shoulder. and Khan was exposed - it may be that in a rematch Khan will be allowed to push and his natural ability on the outside will be enough to give him victory but Peterson is a B+ fighter. maybe on his best day he’s a soft A. but can you imagine what Bradley is going to do to Khan now? you couldn’t get a fighter with a style more suited to beating Khan.
    the real damage of course is being done t Khan’s reputation - i mean surely i’m not the only one who has been forced off the Khan bandwagon by the man himself?

  2. the thresher 03:04pm, 01/13/2012

    Khan and his people are giving us a clasic case in how to ruin your reputation and destroy interest in future fights. He has now qualifed to be on the growing list of boxing headcases along with Maywather, Ortiz, Pavlik, Despagine, and Miranda. There are plenty more but those come to mind.

  3. Angelo Lefty 10:58am, 01/13/2012

    I may miss this rematch on accident.

  4. Angelo Lefty 10:55am, 01/13/2012

    Wow…............. Seriously?????????

  5. the thresher 10:25am, 01/13/2012


  6. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:12am, 01/13/2012

    May they all drown in a spit bucket!

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