Weekend Winners and Losers

By Mutaurwa Mapondera on June 11, 2012
Weekend Winners and Losers
Who was the biggest winner of them all Saturday night? The guy sitting behind Reggie Bush.

Let’s take a look at the highs and lows of what was an exciting weekend of fights, even if it was for all the wrong reasons…

We’re coming out of a very emotional weekend for fight fans. With that said, let’s take a look at the highs and lows of what was an exciting weekend of fights, even if it was for all the wrong reasons.

Biggest Loser: Boxing Fans
This is clear. Once again boxing fans had to sit idly by while the sport they love and constantly champion screwed them over again. If the sport of boxing was a husband, it would be Carlo Rizzi, except boxing fans don’t have the type of older brother willing to beat corrupt judges in the street with a trashcan lid.

The Bradley-Pacquiao decision was atrocious but at this point in 2012, I’m pretty sure we’re all getting used to this type of thing, and rest assured that the real fans, the ones who have been keeping the sport alive all this time, will continue buying fights and hoping for the best.

Most Disappointing: Manny Pacquiao’s Entrance
For the last three years, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have been the subject of constant comparisons and debates. Even if the superfight never happens, the game of one-upmanship between the two has already begun.

Everything from pay-per-view sales to endorsement deals have been used by one or the other to assert their primacy in the game.

When Pacquiao became one of the faces of Nike, Pretty Boy Floyd pledged his allegiance to Reebok. When Pacquiao was misquoted as condemning gay marriage, Floyd immediately took to Twitter to support the idea. When Pacquiao decided he wanted to walk out to the ring with Justin Beiber’s haircut, Floyd decided to come out to the ring with Justin Beiber.

Coming into the fight, I fully expected Pacquiao to do something to one-up Floyd’s extremely gaudy entrance in May. Floyd came out with 100 Green WBC belts, would Manny come out being carried on the shoulders of Jose Sulaiman himself? Floyd was backed by professional wrestler Triple H, would Manny take to the ring backed by The Ultimate Warrior in full face paint and tassels?

Nope, he just walked out there with his ring team and a few Filipino politicians.


Best Zinger/Most Shameful Plug: “There’s some True Blood in Pacquiao’s mouth”
Oh Max, you wit, you.

Biggest Winner: The Guy Sitting Behind Reggie Bush
Timothy Bradley might have walked out of the MGM Grand with Pacquiao’s WBO Welterweight Title, but I’m pretty sure this guy walked out of there feeling like a real Champion:

Biggest Winner II: Boxing Conspiracy Theorists
Boxing is steeped in lore, probably more so than any other sport, and nothing gets boxing fans more revved up than a good conspiracy theory. The shocking scoring of Saturday night’s main event sent boxing conspiracy theorists into overdrive. Were the judges incompetent, or were they just paid off? Was Bob Arum behind this? Or did currently incarcerated degenerate gambler Floyd Mayweather engineer an upset since he had a carton of cigarettes riding on Tim Bradley?

Whatever happened on Saturday night, boxing fans will complain, debate and theorize about it for decades to come, and they’ll enjoy it.

Whether they care to admit it or not.

Most Insignificant Controversy: Jim Lampley’s Pronunciation of “Tagalog”
I know that the Filipino people feel slighted by this weekend’s poor judging, but really guys?

Most Overused: Pacquaio’s Straight Left
For 12 rounds, Pacquiao’s left couldn’t miss, and it bounced off Tim Bradley’s dome again…and again…and again…and again…and again…

Most Underused: Bradley’s Head
Coming into the fight, this was predicted to be Bradley’s most dangerous weapon. Despite his Johnny Bravo like physique, Timothy Bradley wasn’t blessed with much punching power, and his best shots have always come from his billy goat-like rushes with his head. Bradley’s head effectively retired Nate Campbell, and tore the heart out of Devon Alexander, and many experts predicted it would be a gamechanger in his fight with Pacquiao.

However, like a deadbeat dad, Bradley’s head just never showed up. Whether it was the result of wise (and hilarious) training by Freddie Roach, or a decision to adopt a cleaner style by Bradley, rounds passed and we never got to see how Pacman would deal with a headbutt-induced gash.

Of course there’s always the rematch.

Best Comeback: Jim Lampley’s Glasses
Boxing is full of emotional, heartwarming comeback stories and Saturday night had one of the most heartwarming of all. Middle-aged hipsters worldwide were excited to see the return of Hipster Jim Lampley during HBO’s telecast.

Absent since February, Joltin’ Jim’s glasses made a triumphant return this weekend, surely to rapturous applause in Williamsburg.

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  1. Fashmabuza 12:05pm, 06/29/2012

    Respect floyds skill, he can go down as one of the best fighters this decade if not the best, but there’s always another young rare breed right around the corner, hungry newcomer that comes out every 20-30 yrs like Robinson,Ali,Tyson,Hagler,Sanchez,Roy Jones etc,Sure floyd’s skilled he’s got a good record against good ftghters.But how Many great fthigers did he really face?Not many Oscar was good but not elite when floyd fought him.Being great these days doesn’t mean much.

  2. Jim Sexton 08:03pm, 06/14/2012

    No to the rematch!!! We ain’t gonna reward grand larceny with another mega-million, are we?!? Or are we that dumb and numb???

  3. JimmyD 12:27pm, 06/14/2012

    You’re buggin’ Jefferson, that is clearly Biggs, I would bet my life on it…

  4. Frank 02:29am, 06/14/2012

    Hopefully the fix is overturned: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDZES3eHJ-Y

  5. procopy 04:59pm, 06/12/2012

    the biggest winner is the guy who’s rotting on jail right now. i can see the big smile on his face..

  6. Jessie Gonzales 08:09pm, 06/11/2012

    Timothy Bradley is a very impressive fighter, however Pac-man won that fight, i give the winner their props, and it was not Bradley, Pac-man is the ultimate champion and warrior, as is Bradley. Hope to see a rematch and with good judges not the corrupt jerks that night.

  7. Jefferson 02:11pm, 06/11/2012

    Take another look:

    Definitely not Biggs

  8. jimmy D 11:53am, 06/11/2012

    The guy behind Reggie Bush is Jason Biggs. Your story line is premised on that guy being an unknown, but he is a movie star from the American Pie series. He is known to do funny things like that all the time….

  9. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 11:32am, 06/11/2012

    Sr. Mapondera-What about The scintallating combo that “who me?”...“what did I do”....used to mug Travieso? Head butt…low blow…kidney punch….rabbit punch…all “unintentional”....beautiful! He did everything but kick Arce in the head when he was down and I’m sure he would have rifled his pockets if Arce had any on his trunks! Just kidding….no I’m not…that pissed me off!

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