We’re in the Money

By Boxing News on September 6, 2013
We’re in the Money
Money May will earn an eye-popping $41.5 million for next week's fight with Canelo.

He has more money than God, which makes sense, since however powerful the Big Guy Upstairs might be, he does not box. Floyd Mayweather, by contrast, does box, and he boxes beautifully. He also makes a ton of money doing what he does so well. A week before his superfight with Canelo Alvarez at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, it’s been reported that Money May will earn an eye-popping $41.5 million. Not too shabby for a night’s work. That a boxer of all things, given the public’s ambivalent relationship to boxing, is raking in that kind of dough makes it all the more remarkable. Robert Ecksel, editor-in-chief of Boxing.com, talks numbers with TYT Sports’ Rick Strom and what it can possibly mean in the bigger scheme of things…

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Floyd Mayweather Gets Paid WHAT!?!

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  1. Robert Ecksel 02:20pm, 10/14/2011

    I’m afraid Carl is to Don King and Hector Jr. is to Macho Camacho.

  2. Joe 07:42am, 10/14/2011

    And exactly what DirecTV channel is this?  Far cry from all those Top Rank and Golden Boy on Fox shows.  Maybe it’s time for Carl to take the reigns at DKP.

  3. David Ball 05:25am, 10/13/2011

    Say what you will about DK, he has found a way to bring this, and hopefully many more shows for our viewing pleasure to our homes. Still pioneering after all these years…something is keeping this man rocking still, and it’s good for the sport too.

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