What a Blast!

By Ted Sares on June 22, 2013
What a Blast!
Bottom line: Add Kid Blast to the list of solid and attention-grabbing Cuban fighters.

Last night at the Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rances “Kid Blast” Barthelemy (19-0) waxed Fahsai “Mountain Boy” Sakkreerin (39-4-1) with a wicked right squarely to the solar plexus that provided the usual delayed drama and visible pain.

The aptly named 5’7” Mountain Boy had to climb a mountain to reach the much taller 5’11” Floridian via Cuba, and when he did with his left hooks The Kid simply looked at him deadpanned as if to say, “Is that all you got?” Finally, in the second round, Barthelemy drilled “Boy” with a shot that was so fast it had to be seen on replay to truly appreciate.

This win makes up to some degree the gift decision Blast got in his last bout against Canadian (by way of Afghanistan) Arash Usmanee in Miami a year ago in an IBF Super featherweight title eliminator for the number two spot.

As for Sakkreerin, he deserves praise for venturing outside of Thailand because when Thai fighters do, they lose just about all of the time. I trust and hope his payday was worth the long trip, albeit a short night’s work (pun intended).

Bottom line: Add Kid Blast to the list of solid and attention-grabbing Cuban fighters.

Truax bombs Da Bomb

In the co-feature, hometown middleweight Caleb “Golden” Truax (22-1-1) was 24-carat gold as he pummeled Chicagoan Don “Da Bomb” George (24-3-2) before sending him to Windy City Dreamland with a monster right just below the ear that had Da Bomb on the canvas for an alarmingly long time. George, who took Adonis Stevenson into the 12th round before being stopped last year, claimed he was weakened by fighting at the lower weight, but that excuse is trite and holds no water. Hopefully, he will move back to a higher and more comfortable weight, because he still has the skills and grit to be a fan-friendly slugger.

All in all, it was a pleasing night of boxing on ESPN2 except that Teddy Atlas spent too much time criticizing George and not enough time praising Truax.

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2013-06-21 Rances Barthelemy vs Fahsai Sakkreerin

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  1. Ted 08:52pm, 06/22/2013

    Re Teddy, I love him for his honesty and hate him for his ego. But that stuff re the short guy was sickening because it was done at the other guy’s expense.

  2. The Krusher 04:27pm, 06/22/2013

    I didn’t much care for Atlas’s constant fawning over the midget who beat that tall guy to a pulp between fight.. Something about his army service.  For Christ sakes, One comment is enough.

  3. Ted 03:50pm, 06/22/2013

    Yes it was a good night for the fans. I suspect tonight will be even better.

  4. Tex Hassler 02:42pm, 06/22/2013

    These were 2 exciting fights and I was glad to see them both. These were great, action fights. If you missed them you really missed something.

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