What No One Is Asking

By Caryn A. Tate on May 8, 2017
What No One Is Asking
“I’ve got to defend everything that I have.” (Roc Nation Sports/Kristopher Sandifer)

This sort of hateful and obnoxious behavior is nothing new from the promoter or their star fighter…

On Sunday, Main Events (Sergey Kovalev’s promoter) published a tweet wherein they blatantly labeled Andre Ward a “coward,” while also accusing that he left Las Vegas early purely to “avoid Kovalev.”

This sort of hateful and obnoxious behavior is nothing new from the promoter or their star fighter, and as usual, their social media activity spurred some to immediately jump on the bandwagon and add their voices to Main Events, believing that Ward indeed must have bailed on the taping of HBO’s “Face Off with Max Kellerman.” Main Events’ Kathy Duva claimed that the “Face Off” taping was supposed to occur in the morning; yet these tapings usually happen in the afternoon.

However, no one has questioned one very important thing. During the HBO pay-per-view broadcast of the Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. fight on Saturday evening at T-Mobile Arena, Andre Ward spoke with Jim Lampley about the upcoming fight with Kovalev in an interview that was supposed to feature both boxers.

“The pressure’s on both of us,” Ward said to Lampley during the interview. “I worked really hard to get my name in front of his on the billing. Now that I got that, I’ve got to defend everything that I have, which is all the belts that I won.”

Where was Sergey Kovalev during that broadcast interview? Kovalev had the chance to talk to Ward face-to-face and call him a “coward” there, live, on television for the world to see. Yet he demurred and didn’t show at all. It’s reminiscent of Kovalev’s behavior previously—he has made some outright racist and hateful remarks on social media, yet when face-to-face with Ward in person at the press tour last month, he said nothing.

Main Events seems to be behaving as though they were the lead promoter for this bout and can control Andre Ward’s actions, as if he were the B fighter. This time around, they are clearly not the lead promoter, Ward is clearly not the B fighter, and if anyone should know or be able to schedule promotional events, it would be Team Ward. To any reasonable observer, Main Events seems to be trying for another smear campaign, as they did in the lead-up to the first fight when they said Ward was “chicken.” Either that or they are simply going off-script from what the lead promoter, Roc Nation, wants to do. Either way, they’re drifting out of their lane.

The bottom line is that one has to wonder if perhaps the reason the filming of “Face Off with Max Kellerman” didn’t occur on Sunday was because Kovalev didn’t show up for the live broadcast interview the evening before.

After all, most people who have been stood up once aren’t liable to wait around to see if it happens again.

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  1. Tans 07:01am, 05/10/2017

    Hateful?  A bit strong for some standard trash-talk hype.

  2. Blair 02:21am, 05/10/2017

    So, Andre Ward doesn’t show up for the Kellerman ‘Face off.’, after insisting HBO turn up early Sunday morning for the shoot…and it’s Main Events fault for not getting ‘hateful’ and ‘obnoxious’ Sergey To share the mic during the Chavez/Canelo fight the night before? I can’t see logic in that, but can hear your diatribe loud and clear.

  3. Alt Knight 07:02pm, 05/08/2017

    Some say that Leon Trotsky coined the term, “racist” back in the ‘20’s. I guess the average kid growing up in America will probably hear or read that word probably at least 1,000 times before they turn 10. Back to more serious matters, I love that shirt that the Krusher is wearing.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:24pm, 05/08/2017

    Good jumpin’ Jesus Christ! You gotta love it! Let’s see now….Kathy Duva the CEO of Main Events is a hateful, obnoxious liar and and Sergey Kovalev the fighter her organization promotes is a hateful racist! It doesn’t take much of a leap to conclude that Kathy must be a hateful racist too!

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