What the Heck Mormeck

By Robert Ecksel on March 4, 2012
What the Heck Mormeck
Mormeck beat the count, was on his feet, and looked ready to absorb more punishment

Jean-Marc Mormeck got himself a good whupping Saturday night in Dusseldorf, Germany. His fight with Wladimir Klitschko was one of those fights that were decided when the ink on the contract dried. Mormeck was too small, too slow, too old, and too unskilled to even be in the ring with Dr. Steelhammer. But that’s exactly where he found himself, with 55,000 Klitschko supporters at the ESPRIT Arena as eyewitnesses.

No one disputes that Mormeck had a snowball’s chance in hell of defeating Klitschko going in, a notion reinforced as the fight progressed. But Mormeck seems to think otherwise. He must have been really rattled, because what he said this afternoon suggests that he’s still not all there a day after the fight.

“Klitschko, of course, he got me with a series of punches,” said Mormeck. “But nevertheless I think the referee rushed it. I had to cut the distance to fight him, but every time I did that he was in a difficult situation. The referee had to divide us, because when Wladimir was in the clinch he would just [push his weight] on me. Again, the fight was stopped too early. I took a few punches, I lost my rhythm, I was a little distracted, but I was fully aware of everything. Physically I felt great and I could have continued the fight.”

If we dissect the above statement, much as Klitschko dissected Mormeck, there are truths and falsehoods to be found. Unfortunately, they are as disconnected from reality as Mormeck himself.

Mormeck thinks that referee Luis Pabon, who did such a splendid job a week earlier in Povetkin vs. Huck, stopped the fight too soon. Not that Mormeck could have turned things around in a million years, but he did beat the count, was on his feet, and looked ready to absorb more punishment.

Maybe Pabon spared Mormeck, not to mention those in Germany and those of us at home, by ending the fight when he did. It may be quibbling, but I thought the referee ran through the 10-count like he was on crystal meth. It went something like, “One…two…three…four…five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten.”

Pabon wasn’t following the timekeeper. He was following the leader, who in this instance wasn’t the hapless Jean-Marc Mormeck.

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  1. the thresher 08:21am, 03/05/2012

    Mormeck should cash is unearned check and just plain zip his clam

  2. mikecasey 04:16am, 03/05/2012

    Some years later, Bodell lopped off two of his toes in a lawn mowing accident, which didn’t surprise too many.

  3. mikecasey 04:12am, 03/05/2012

    After being knocked down and systematically hammered for 15 rounds by Henry Cooper, Jack Bodell wore a pair of shades to hide the lumps and bruises around his eyes and memorably claimed that he had come through the fight totally unscathed - apart from the lumps and bruises.

  4. David Payne 01:58am, 03/05/2012

    I am just beginning to feel some sympathy for the Brothers Ukraine. Standing, as they do, head and shoulders above the buckets of molasses they are forced to ‘compete’ with.

    The real shame of course, is that there are two of them. Otherwise, perhaps the world would view them/him more fondly as a dominate champion.

    Their reign is not dissimilar to that of Larry Holmes in many ways. Sandwiched as it is between the seeming glories of the Lewis-Holyfield-Bowe era and what we can only hope will be the greatness of the as yet undiscovered next generation.

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