What to Watch: October 12-13

By Caryn A. Tate on October 11, 2018
What to Watch: October 12-13
Join me as I break down which of the week's televised fights are most interesting and why.

Crawford is one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world (maybe the top), a truly elite talent who has only been at welterweight since June…

Join me as I break down which of the week’s televised fights are most interesting and why.

Friday, October 12
6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET - Epix (The Contender)

Season 5 of The Contender continues with episode eight this week. It’s a well-made and entertaining show with a nice balance of boxing and getting to know the fighters as individuals (and, hence, caring more about how the fights play out).

7:00pm PT/10:00pm ET - Estrella TV
Ferdinand Kerobyan (9-0, 5 KOs) vs. Rolando Mendivil (10-5, 3 KOs) - 8 rounds, super welterweight

Saturday, October 13
2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET - DAZN
Lewis Ritson (16-0, 10 KOs) vs. Francesco Patera (19-3, 7 KOs) - 12 rounds, lightweight

4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET - DAZN
Zolani Tete (27-3, 21 KOs) vs. Mikhail Aloyan (4-0) - 12 rounds, WBO world bantamweight title; Andrew Tabiti (16-0, 13 KOs) vs. Ruslan Fayfer (23-0, 16 KOs) - 12 rounds, cruiserweight

6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET - Facebook stream (https://www.facebook.com/GoldenBoyFN )
Angel Acosta (18-1, 18 KOs) vs. Abraham Rodriguez (23-1, 11 KOs) - 12 rounds, WBO world light flyweight title

7:30pm PT/10:30pm ET - ESPN
Terence Crawford (33-0, 24 KOs) vs. Jose Benavidez (27-0, 18 KOs) - 12 rounds, WBO world welterweight title; Shakur Stevenson (8-0, 4 KOs) vs. Viorel Simion (21-2, 9 KOs) - 10 rounds, featherweight

My pick this week is the main event on ESPN. Crawford is one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world (maybe the top), a truly elite talent who has only been at welterweight since June. Crawford has a litany of skills to list that combine to make him great, but one of the most important is his ability to punch while on the move. Most fighters struggle with that, and the rare modern boxer who can not only throw but punch effectively while moving typically has a strong advantage over opponents who cannot. “Bud” has a very quick mind and utilizes it and his excellent footwork to achieve superior positioning over his opponents, which allows him to land with accuracy and power—often before his foe even realizes what is happening. I expect Crawford to outbox Benavidez for as long as the contest lasts, and a knockout by Crawford is the most likely outcome due to Benavidez’s defensive flaws. Hopefully we’ll next see Crawford against the top welterweights who fight under the PBC banner.

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  1. fan 05:13pm, 10/13/2018

    To make sure that people understand what is going on with the ladder, boxing should define wbc, wbo, ibf belt meaning.

  2. Zishan 02:20pm, 10/13/2018

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    How to Watch Boxing Online Without Cable

  3. Kid Blast 08:36am, 10/13/2018

    KOOLZ, the other guy IS very tall. I hope you are right and think you are right.

  4. Koolz 07:04am, 10/12/2018

    Jose has no chance against Bud!! none, Zero!!!

    Not even at his level.

  5. Kid Blast 04:41pm, 10/11/2018

    Nice summary Caryn and nice analysis on Bud.

  6. fan 11:31am, 10/11/2018

    We should have boxing shirt and boxing soundtrack

  7. Casanovita de Ahome 10:46am, 10/11/2018

    Could care less about any of this….this is Joey Dawejko’s weekend!

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