What’s On? Fall Madness in Boxing

By Ted Sares on July 16, 2013
What’s On? Fall Madness in Boxing
To add to the intrigue in China, the risk is that for the loser, it could possibly spell the end.

Manny Pacquiao collides with comebacking Mexican-American brawler Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios at the Venetian Casino & Resort in Macau…

This coming autumn will bring to boxing fans a buffet of intriguing—even great matchups. Throw a dart and you likely will hit a tasty morsel. Let’s look at the fare.


“Let’s not get things confused here. You’re the dog and I’m chucking you a bone…I’m the young up and comer, the one on everyone’s tongue. You’re the one that stinks the place out and blames it on your toes.”—Tyson Fury

“I’m happy to give him that opportunity, and also to give him a nice payday. I believe this will be his last shot at the big time.”—David Haye

September 7: The bout between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Brian Vera at the Staples Center in Los Angeles is to be held at 168, but given recent photos of a bloated Junior, this one might be fought at heavyweight. HBO will televise the fight, whenever it happens, but frankly I’ll be amazed if it comes off—I mean the fight not the weight.

September 7: Ricky Burns (36-2) squares off against Sugar Ray Beltran in Glasgow, Scotland. Burns has not lost since 2007 while Sugar Ray is streaking. At stake will be the WBO lightweight title.

September 7:  The top rated female boxer in the world, Cecilia Braekhus (22-0), takes on undefeated Dominican bomber Oxandia “La Loba” Castillo in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

September 14: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Floyd “Money” Mayweather engage in a mega fight—one in which the feigned hype might well exceed the fight action itself. This one will be an event around which you can plan your parties. An equally intriguing fight between Argentine bomber (are there any other kind?) Lucas Matthysse and WBA/WBC light welterweight champion Danny Garcia is being talked about as a possible co-main event, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Marco Huck (36-2-1) and Firat Arslan (33-6-2) will rematch at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart, Germany. This could be Huck’s pathway to mega bucks, but he was lucky to get by fellow-German Arslan in the first affair.

September 28: Heavyweight rivals David Haye and Tyson Fury go at it in one that Fury promoter Mick Hennessy is calling a “super-fight.” It’s all set for Manchester.


“In the past we twice agreed to fight and he withdrew. With Povetkin, you never know what happens.”—Wladimir Klitschko

“I’m going to leave every last drop of my sweat and blood if I have to, to win this war. It will be a tough fight.”—Juan Manuel Marquez

“I’m the world champion and he wants something that I have and I want something that he has. He has star quality, tons and tons of fans and he’s been in great fights. He’s a living legend. I want that on my résumé.”—Timothy Bradley

October 5: Alexander Povetkin will face off with long reigning champion Wladimir Klitschko at the SC Olimpiyskiy Arena in Moscow. Povetkin has had managerial issues and this won’t help in what shapes up to be a short and brutal night of work (for him). However, both fighters will walk away with a small fortune from the fight, with Klitschko standing to make a career high 13.13 million Euros ($17.1 million, £11.3 million) from the fight and Povetkin 4.4 million

October 5: Miguel Cotto, now trained by Freddie Roach, will reportedly be coming back possibly against Delvin Rodriquez or Cornelius Bundrage (though the dreaded TBA also might have a play in this one)—and possibly in Orlando, Florida no less. Stay tuned on this one. Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is also hoping to match Yuriorkis Gamboa and sizzling Terence Crawford as the co-feature.

October 12: Timothy Bradley squares off with Juan Manuel Marquez for the WBO welterweight title, but nobody cares about the title. Fans want to know what “Desert Storm” has left after surviving the brutal onslaught from Ruslan Provodnikov in March. Styles makes fights and Timothy’s just might give him the edge.

October 19: Welterweight Ruslan Provodnikov has agreed to fight WBO interim light welterweight champion Mike Alvarado, possibly in Denver, but put “tentative” around this one as Alvarado’s end of the deal is still in discussion. However, given the inexplicable limited option these two warriors have (incredibly, these two seem to be the odd men out), this one should materialize and if it does, it will give new meaning to the phrase “blood sport.”


“November 23 can’t get here fast enough.”—Alex Groberman

“…the way that I see it, my mentality and my focus, he’s going to leave himself open and I’m going to catch his ass, and when I catch his ass, he’s going to go down, because everybody don’t appreciate my power. They will appreciate it, though, in this fight.”—Brandon Rios

November 23: In a much-anticipated fight, comebacking Manny Pacquiao collides with comebacking Mexican-American brawler Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios at the Venetian Casino & Resort in Macau in a surefire brawl that has blood and guts written all over it. To add to the intrigue, the risk here is that for the loser, it might spell the end. Bob Arum will be putting unbeaten Chinese flyweight Zou Shiming (1-0) on the undercard to add local flavor to the event.

A busy Arum is reportedly looking to book Nonito Donaire against veteran Vic Darchinyan in November, but unlike their first fight, Vic will be a distinct underdog in this one. Meanwhile, one has to wonder where Guillermo Rigondeaux fits in all this.


Disclaimer: Event dates are accurate to the best of my knowledge. Please verify dates with the event organizer. Fighters can also be changed, and you will need to verify information by calling the venue or associated organization to verify matches.

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  1. Ted 06:24pm, 07/22/2013

    rax, no argument from me

  2. raxman 04:16pm, 07/22/2013

    ted - I was a Matthysse fan from day one so no need to concede, I did that after the Judah fight - one which I believe he won. against DA (and Judah) he was way too slow getting out of the blocks but he remedy that and then some with Lamont P. my problem is no one raved on this guy until he did a demo job on LP. if I had come out twelve months ago and said that Matthysse was the better Argentinean fighter but he and maidana what would’ve been said?
    as for danny Garcia - I just don’t know about this kid. I thought he got lucky vs Khan, and that Khan’s speed and power would’ve ended the fight early if he hadn’t been… well… khan like. but I also have this nagging feeling that there is something about Danny Garcia that doesn’t compute.  Its how I felt about carl froch; you watch and don’t really know how they win but they keep doing it. both have middling skill sets except for a couple of weapons - for froch its his chin and endurance, perhaps also his awkwardness, for Garcia it could be that left hook and his self belief. I certainly don’t think that DG is fearful of anyone including Matthysse. he’s a tough kid with an unbeaten record, he’ll have a crack and if he land the big left hook? well we’ll have to see. smart money is on my boy La Machina though.

  3. Ted 03:53pm, 07/22/2013

    And I am a BIG Mikey Garcia fan. I like the way he is being brought along. He has bricks in both gloves.

  4. Ted 03:51pm, 07/22/2013

    True Rax, but I sense Danny Garcia is in for a bad beating against this monster. If so, will you concede that he is special?

    I am trying to avoid the GGG circle jerk, but it’s difficult given the tsunami-like surge to participate. For now, I’m keeping it in my pants.

    Cheers to Rax

  5. raxman 03:49pm, 07/22/2013

    oh, and remember the name - Billy Joe Saunders - he’s coming!! and on his way up he isn’t padding a record he’s fighting other up and comers and schooling them. he is the #4 ranked 160pounder in the uk behind the over rated trio of Martinez victims Murray, Barker and Macklin and it won’t be long before he’s above them, possibly taking them out on the way!

  6. raxman 03:33pm, 07/22/2013

    most exciting future king of boxing? guy who seems to have totally flown under the radar while you all circle jerk over GGG - Mikey Garcia! the guy’s ko % is 84! And he looks to fight real live opponents now he’s up there.
    and abner mares should be given much more credit then he gets here - everyone is up on Mattyhsse now yet where were you all when he was losing close decisions to Judah and DA - he wins one fight with a dominant ko and he’s the man? mares beats agbeko twice, vic d and ponce yet he’s likes a cyber ghost on the boxing sites.
    golovkin and matthyhsse are huge talents and potential superstars of the sport, but they’re certainly not the only (or the best) ones out there

  7. Ted 09:43am, 07/22/2013

    OK then

  8. Don from Prov 07:13am, 07/22/2013

    I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the boxing bed (I DO like that)
    I just appreciate the procession of history

    Time for some new kings, and yes I do see them!  and appreciate them

  9. Ted 06:44am, 07/22/2013

    Holy shit! Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the boxing bed. There are only so many Argentinians and GGG’s out there. Can’t have everything.

  10. Don from Prov 06:40am, 07/22/2013

    “JMM owns Manny’s ass now” =

    Your opinion.  And I’m not sure that it’s universally shared.  I believe that the score stands at 2-1-1 and JMM appeared in trouble last time out…. Although, he may truly now have the puzzle solved.  And let me admit that I don’t even REALLY care about MP vs. JMM all that much.  And JMM vs. Bradley is not compelling to me.  I just want to see the old guys swept off the stage at this point.  I’ve lost a little trust in Rios, so his fight with Manny is interesting but not “change my life to see it.”  Mayweather is a little different as he is kind of a Larry Holmes brilliant aging boxer-type, albeit one who will not take any huge chances if he can help it.  He’ll go sooner or later, but he’s not a central part of my boxing world anyway.  I’ve very much appreciated watching Floyd fight and ENJOYED watching JMM—and also saw a window of time when MP seemed to me to anyway to = a force of nature, but now I’m ready for the younger fighters.  That simple.

  11. Ted 06:30pm, 07/21/2013

    Good God. 4 fights is more than enough. JMM owns Manny’s ass now. No need to fight him any more.

    If your posts are slow, be patient, they will eventually hit.

  12. Don from Prov 05:52pm, 07/21/2013

    JMM was losing the last fight with Manny—
    He should have given MP a rematch: Low rent shit

    I do realize that Manny has made JMM wait before but there isn’t much future left for them and the move, to me, smacks of a lack of integrity and a certain kind of honesty—maybe a code like the “best should fight the best.”  Then again I don’t like Floyd Jr. either in spite of the fact that he hasn’t been seen hitting women lately and that he is a corporation—or several.

    P.S.  My posts are very slow again and I’m therefore vacating for a while.

  13. Ted 02:01pm, 07/21/2013

    I agree with that Don, except for the JMM part. Why no interest there?

  14. Don from Prov 06:21am, 07/21/2013

    I don’t think Fury has a chin
    I don’t think Canelo has the stamina

    And I don’t care what Marquez does anymore

  15. Ted 06:12pm, 07/19/2013

    HAHAHA. Means later friend.

    Most Chicagoans can speak a bit of Polish.

  16. The Krusher 03:26pm, 07/19/2013

    What does Cześć przyjaciel mean? Please keep it clean and civil!

  17. Ted 12:01pm, 07/19/2013

    Walter, not since my dad passed away in 1981, but if I do, I’ll look you up for sure and we can get some pirogues and laugh it up. Man, back in the day, you travelled through Buck Town with caution and kept your eyes alert. Milwaukee Ave down in that area was a mean place and then just before you got to the lop, you had a Skid Row area..

    The Crusaders were legendary 16” team in the late 50’s and early 60’s along with the Bobcats. They use to play jackpots where everyone would put in a chunk of dough and then the winners of a 4-team playoff would take it all. Unique to Chicago. I loved that stuff. Also loved playing HS football on Saturday mornings at Lane Tech Stadium. What sweet memories.

    Later,  Cześć przyjaciel

  18. Walter Wojtowicz 10:55am, 07/19/2013

    Ted - I actually work in Bucktown these days (Webster and Damen).  You wouldn’t recognize the neighborhood.  We have more coffee shops, yoga joints here now but if you look hard enough you can still find a good deli and shot and beer joint.  Mowimy po polsku..!  Just not as much these days..

    I am very familiar Clarendon Park and that area.  Not so sure what the softball scene is like there now but I can assure you 16” is alive and well.  Most of my friends play on the south and southwest side along the Archer Avenue corridor and at Mt Greenwood Park.  From what I hear they are among the most competitive leagues in the city. 

    The Crusdaer’s don’t ring a bell unless you are speaking of Brother Rice HS.  If the Crusader’s are a softball team I will have to ask my Dad.  My Dad was a West Sider who played a softball on the northside.  As a kid he played at basketball for Max Kurlin (spelling) at St. Pat’s before it moved north if that rings a bell.

    The Polish Hammer!  None better.  Matt and I crossed paths awhile ago and become quick pals.  Best people in the world.  A couple of years ago when I showed my Dad Pete’s boxrec page and he seen his nickname “the Polish Hammer” my Dad smiled and said, “wow, thats great - we need to elect a guy like that.”  So, we did..ha, ha. 

    Ted, do you ever make it back to Chicago?

  19. Ted 09:20am, 07/19/2013

    Walter Wojtowicz , that was a great area for 16” baseball. Do you remember the Crusaders?

    I grew up in Logan Square which was a heavily populated Polish area near Buck Town. I played 16” at Clarendon Park Stadium near the lake at the Wilson Ave. Rocks.

    Are you a friend of Pete Podgorski?

  20. Ted 09:07am, 07/19/2013

    Garcia will be sedated. While the other Garcia will sedate Gamboa.

  21. Bk Dn 12:18pm, 07/18/2013

    Looks like you’ll have to believe it Ted. Garcia v Matthysse is official for Sept 14th. Quite a card GB & Mayweather promotions are giving us for. Then again, for 70 bucks we as boxing fans should expect a great card since we’ll be footing it with our ppv purchase.

  22. Walter Wojtowicz 10:22am, 07/18/2013

    @ Ted:  Yes, sir.  Grew up near 63rd and Western (little southwest of Comiskey Park).  Thanks again.

  23. Ted 06:30am, 07/18/2013

    Thanks Walt. You from Chicago?

    I’m off on vacation. Back in a few weeks. Enjoy Boxing.com.

  24. Walter Wojtowicz 02:04pm, 07/17/2013

    Thanks for the great breakdown Ted.

  25. kid vegas 09:54am, 07/17/2013

    Thanks. Great stuff and great humor.

  26. Tex Hassler 04:35pm, 07/16/2013

    THANKS for giving us a great preview of coming fights. Mucho Gracias from the Texas and Mexico border.

  27. raxman 03:40pm, 07/16/2013

    good one ted - I too think Bradley’s style, in particular his work rate will bother JMM - i’d love to see Marquez get that 147pound title, just to add to his legacy, so from that POV I for one do care about the title - which isn’t how I usually feel about titles. of all the fights mentioned this is the only one I see as a toss up. Floyd, burns, Klit, huck and manny all win with varying degrees of ease. I think Klit and Pac both win by early KO (unless Klit does his boring safety first crap but I think in this one he’ll find his jab really quick and end the fight around 5-8) Pac v Rios to me is Pac v Hatton #2 and I expect Rios gone in 3. He’s a walking punching bag to Pac and that’s the style that suits pac the best. the ko comes not just from the power but from the weird angles that pac gets on his punches
    haye vs fury I actually think will end up getting postponed - its haye we’re talking about - imagine if chisora had hayes talent or hayes chisora’s heart for that matter. cotto and chavez jnr are kind of non events for me - as I said before I fully expect your boy GGG to fight cotto in the near future not just coz pumped up 154pounders with no hope of winning are his speciality but because he needs a name opponent to elevate his profile to the mainstream fan
    I don’t know anything about women boxing, nor do I want to. for me, women is to boxing what men are to stripping. just, not, right!

  28. Dan Adams 03:39pm, 07/16/2013

    Ted, thanks for reminding me of all these great fights soon-to-come!


  29. FrankinDallas 01:59pm, 07/16/2013

    4.4 million Euros isn’t a small fortune. It’s just pocket change in Russia.

  30. john coiley 11:37am, 07/16/2013

    exhausting it is, to even think of what goes into training for these events…I mean, it’s not like I forget, just being grateful it’s in past tense…

  31. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:06am, 07/16/2013

    Ted Sares-Great preview of coming events….Burns better watch out for hardcore Beltran!

  32. Pipsqueak 07:40am, 07/16/2013


  33. Pete The Sneak 07:00am, 07/16/2013

    Whew! Toro, I’m exhausted just reading this plethora of puglistic previews.  I never, ever want the NYC Summers to end, but man, anticipating some of these Fistic Forthcomings this Fall, well, lets just say that after Labor day I won’t be too brokenhearted that summer has bypassed us. Thanks for the reminders of what’s to come. Peace.

  34. dollarbond 06:07am, 07/16/2013


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