What’s the Score? Controversy Mars Adamek-Cunningham

By John Smith on December 26, 2012
What’s the Score? Controversy Mars Adamek-Cunningham
Howls of indignation were replaced by fingers being pointed in all directions. (Tri Nguyen)

Some blame Judge Debra Barnes. Some blame Commissioner Greg Sirb. Some blame the two fighters. Some even blame Michael Buffer…

In what should have been a fine boxing ending to a fine boxing year, a scoring controversy marred Saturday’s fight between Tomasz Adamek and Steve Cunningham. The initial howls of indignation gave way to fingers being pointed in all directions. Some blame Judge Debra Barnes, who voted with her head and not her heart. Some blame Pennsylvania Commissioner Greg Sirb, whose math may or may not be up to snuff. Some blame the two fighters for not doing enough to make the verdict definitive. Some even blame Michael Buffer. But when the blame game subsides, all we’re left with, aside a bad taste in our mouth and a loud ringing in our ears, are the scorecards and what they reveal.

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Tomasz Adamek vs Steve Cunningham 2 CAŁA WALKA full fight 22.12.2012

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  1. Matt McGrain 02:02am, 12/27/2012

    Fascinating stuff.

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