When Fatties Collide

By Clarence George on August 2, 2015
When Fatties Collide
Everything being pretty much equal, I generally go with the shorter guy. But not this time.

Heavyweights Joey Dawejko and Natu Visinia face off for a scheduled eight rounds at the D Hotel & Casino on August 28…

“Words don’t break bones.”—Samoan proverb

Heavyweights Joey Dawejko and Natu Visinia face off for a scheduled eight rounds at the D Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on August 28.

Twenty-five-year-old Dawejko is a six-year pro (14-4-2, 7 KOs) who fights out of Philly. “Polish Thunder” most recently fought in May, losing in his quest for the vacant Pennsylvania heavyweight title to Amir Mansour, who won by unanimous decision, Dawejko’s first loss since being retired by Charles Martin in the fourth in November 2013. The powerful Pole’s most recent win came in March, when he knocked out Enobong Umohette in the first. The fighter from Philly was originally slated to take on Mr. TBA at Bally’s Atlantic City on August 7, but that now seems unlikely.

Thirty-year-old Visinia is a six-year ring vet (11-1, 9 KOs). A Samoan who fights out of Clinton, Illinois, “The Truth” last fought in May, knocking out Joshua Clark in the fourth. His only loss came by way of Steve Cunningham, who retired him in the seventh in October 2014, despite Visinia putting him down in the fifth.

Dawejko is 5’10” and usually weighs in at around 230, but came in at almost 250 when he fought (and lost to) Didier Bence in February 2013. In short (pun intended), he’s a fattie. Visinia is four inches taller, but not exactly what Tom Wolfe would call a social x-ray. The least he’s weighed as a pro is 258 and he’s gone as high as 279. He, too, is a fattie.

Torn between two fatties, feelin’ like a fool. Well, not a fool exactly, but it is indeed difficult to choose between these two chubmeisters. On the one hand, BoxRec ranks Visinia much lower than Dawejko, who reminds me somewhat of fellow kielbasa, Ivan Putski. “Polish Power” had been a premier pro wrestler in the ‘70s (though he’d become pretty much of a jobber by the succeeding decade). On the other, it’s the Samoans who own pro wrestling. Think of the famous Anoa’i family, for instance (of which boxer David Tua is a member). A harbinger, perhaps, that Putski (who stood 5’6” and weighed in at around 225) and partner Tito Santana lost their WWF World Tag Team title to The Wild Samoans. Let’s see what the third hand holds. Dawejko did go the distance with hard-hitting “Hardcore” Mansour. He also decisioned tough Derric Rossy in January 2014. But it’s in looking at the fourth hand that we see Visinia giving respected Cunningham a hard time before suffering his only loss.

All right, enough with the hands. Everything being pretty much equal, I generally go with the shorter guy. But not this time. I can’t get past Visinia almost sinking the “USS” Cunningham. The Samoan by fourth-round TKO.

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Joey Dawejko vs Enobong Umohette

Natu Visinia stops Phil Brown, 2013

1.25.14 Joey Dawejko (W) vs Derric Rossy - SD 8-8

2014-10-18 Steve Cunningham vs Natu Visinia

Amir Mansour Joey Dawejko Come Face To Face

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  1. Clarence George 06:15pm, 08/04/2015

    To my surprise, I see that an opponent has indeed been found for Dawejko’s August 7 bout, the unknown 35-year-old Robert Dunton (11-14-1, 6 KOs).  He’s been stopped eight times, and there can be little doubt that the Pole from Philly will make it nine, probably no later than the first or second.

  2. Clarence George 12:30pm, 08/04/2015

    “Agreed”—one of my favorite words, Mike.  The only tough-guy nickname I have is “Meatball Parm,” and even that’s used by an extremely limited number of goombahs.  I’d rather be known as “The Midtown West Coffee Cooler,” but I don’t see that happening.  Even better, if I could get away with it geographically, would be “The Hell’s Kitchen Coffee Cooler.”

    Irish:  I checked out the BBC list of best movies.  Idiosyncratic, to say the least.  I saw that “In a Lonely Place” is #89.  That’s pretty low, but it shouldn’t be on there at all.  Not a bad movie, but how it can be among the top 100 is beyond me.  John Nolte’s is just plain weird.  A couple of examples:  “Citizen Kane” is inexplicably and indefensibly only #129, while the awful “JFK” is #125, another film that doesn’t belong anywhere on such a list.

  3. Mike Casey 11:39am, 08/04/2015


  4. Clarence George 06:28am, 08/04/2015

    Thanks, Mike, and welcome back.

    Hey, I recently came across an article on a boxer I’d never heard of—Frank Craig.  His nickname?  The Harlem Coffee Cooler.  Isn’t that fantastic?  My favorite may still be Indian Benny Deathpaine, but Coffee Cooler’s damn hard to beat.

  5. Mike Casey 06:12am, 08/04/2015

    Love that title, Clarence!

  6. Clarence George 02:28am, 08/04/2015

    He has a 19-year-old son who boxes, Willis Meehan, but he may well be on his way to what we literati call the hoosegow.

    By the way, 123 years ago today Lizzie Borden took an axe…maybe.  Completely irrelevant, I know, but I’m immune to such criticisms and the case has long fascinated me.

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:17pm, 08/03/2015

    Joseph Parker lined up to fight his Grandad Kali Meehan…..stop it! No, really ....make them stop it, once and for all!

  8. Eric 05:23pm, 08/03/2015

    Clarence… Tanks for the link. teehee. That there is a classic.

  9. Clarence George 01:35pm, 08/03/2015

    I found this snippet from “Boxing Gloves.”  My God…1929.


  10. Clarence George 12:48pm, 08/03/2015

    Gotta confess, Eric, that I never heard of Buddy Landel.  Not at all a fan of Ric Flair.  His daughter, Charlotte, is now a WWE Diva.  Not one of the more attractive ones, I’m superficial enough to observe.  More and more wrestlers, like Charlotte, are graduating from NXT to the WWE.  Kevin Owens is perhaps the most notable example.

    I don’t think Piper was particularly tall, maybe 6’.  He had cancer and didn’t look good for years, much older than his age and there was significant muscle loss.  Well, I’m sure there’ll be a well-deserved tribute to him on tonight’s “Raw.”

  11. Eric 08:51am, 08/03/2015

    Irish…I thought of that as well. Chubsy Ubsy vs. Fat Joe. Don’t muss the hair.

    Clarence… I heard Buddy Landell died as well, the poor man’s Rick Flair. I read that Rowdy Rodney had lost a lot of height due to operations, I think he was 6-6’1” in his prime. Read some articles suggesting he was somewhere in the 5’9”-5’10” range a few months ago, don’t know how legit that info was, but RIP Mr. Piper.

  12. Clarence George 07:10am, 08/03/2015

    Thank you kindly, Irish.

    Well I remember Chubsy-Ubsy in the hilarious “Love Business.”  Not one of my teachers, not one, looked like Miss Crabtree.

    I think Dawejko sees himself more as a roofer than a fighter, and perhaps that’s understandable.  I’m rooting for him here, and he may very well win, but I don’t think so.

    I assume you heard that Rowdy Roddy Piper died.  Sad.

  13. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:04am, 08/03/2015

    Clarence George-This is another gem, a couple of paragraphs and all kinds of things going on in my head. Dawejko reminds me of “Chubby” Chaney from Hal Roach’s Our Gang series. I don’t know but something tells me that Joey could be so much better as a fighter….I don’t know if it’s a stamina issue or what….but at times he would come alive in the Mansour fight and at other times not so much.

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