When Harry Met Ali (Documentary)

By Boxing News on February 24, 2014
When Harry Met Ali (Documentary)
The documentary "When Harry Met Ali" is narrated by British boxing writer Harry Carpenter.

There are no shortage of documentaries on Muhammad Ali. Some are good, some are not so good, and some are better than most. The documentary “When Harry Met Ali” is better than most and is narrated by British boxing writer Harry Carpenter, who followed Ali from his earliest days to the end of his remarkable career. This film is beautifully done, a comprehensive montage featuring terrific fight footage and interviews, with commentary by some of The Greatest’s opponents and pugilistic heirs…

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"When Harry met Ali" (Documentary)

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  1. Lee 08:58am, 02/27/2014

    Ah dear Harry, much loved and missed, a reminder of a more dignified, gallant age in broadcasting (or is it only my rose filtered imagination?) Who can forget his enduring and endearing banter with Frank Bruno and the momentary but memorable loss of professional objectivity when he exhorted the big fella to ‘get in there Frank,’ after the Brit rocked Tyson in the opening round of their first fight.

    Also memorable was the night Hagler ripped the title from Minter and the crowd rioted causing Harry to utter a dismayed (but otherwise unruffled) ‘And I’ve just been hit on the head by a bottle.’

    His documentary with the young Iron Mike where they assess past heavyweight greats is also compelling viewing.

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