When Offspring Fail Expectations

By Ted Sares on February 2, 2014
When Offspring Fail Expectations
Yorgey made it clear that the younger Hearns would be better off in another line of work.

While their sons never came close to achieving what their fathers did, the offspring gave it a good shot and have nothing to be ashamed of…

Ronald Hearns

Ronald is now 26-5 with 20 KOs. Not bad until you realize he has lost his last four outings by TKO, though three of the opponents were Derek Findley, Erislandy Lara, and Felix Sturm. But his last opponent on January 23, 2014 was unknown and unheralded Eddie Hunter (9-9-2 going in).

A close look at the younger Hearn’s deceptive record reveals that he never really stepped up until he fought tough Harry Joe Yorgey (21-0-1) in March 2009 and was knocked out in a bid for the vacant IBA Intercontinental light middleweight title. Ronald was 21-0 at the time but had built his record against guys named Buggs, Grays, Smallwood, Foss and even Kirk Douglass (10-10)

Yorgey made it clear that the younger Hearns would be better off in another line of work, but the Southfield, Michigan native then ran off five quick wins against poor opposition including Shadrack “Tiger” Kipruto, the dreadful Marteze “Too Sweet” Logan, .500 hitter Patrick Thompson (18-18-1), and Delray “The Rainmaker” Raines. When he fought Sturm in Germany on February 19, 2011, he was ill-prepared for such a high load. Somehow, the fight against Sturm was for the WBA super middleweight title—a testament to Sturm’s savvy promoters. At any rate, Ronald was promptly stopped—as he would be in his next three fights.

Thomas “Hitman” Hearns ended his protracted Hall of Fame career in 2006 with a 61-5-1 mark and held multiple world titles at different weights.

James McGirt Jr.

Another chip off the old block, James McGirt Jr. (22-3-1) was stopped by Edwin Rodriguez in November 2010 and has not fought since. At some point, it was not unlikely that Hearns would fight McGirt but it never came off.

James “Buddy” McGirt Sr. finished in 1997 at 73-6-1 and was a world champion.

Carlos De Leon Jr.

McGirt’s only other stoppage defeat came at the hands of still another offspring—one Carlos De Leon Jr. who retired in 2009 with a 21-3-2 ledger.

Carlos De Leon Sr. finished in 1995 at 53-8-1 and was a world champion.

While their sons never came close to achieving what their fathers did, the offspring gave it a good shot and have nothing to be ashamed of.


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has had great success though he seems to inspire criticism and even hate in disproportion to his 47-1-1 record. His rematch with Brian Vera on March1 will reveal whether he may be on the way to being a chip off the old block. But even the Senior Chavez was a tad disliked at the end of his career as he had a tendency to whine (though not as badly as Juan Manuel Marquez).

Marvis Frazier and Buster Mathis Jr. had good runs, while Carlos Zarate Jr. (20-1), Chris Eubank Jr. (12-0) and Jorge Paez Jr. (37-4-1) seem to be doing just fine today, but others like Aaron Pryor Jr., Tim Witherspoon Jr., Wilford Scypion Jr., George Foreman Jr., Elijah McCall and Pipino Cuevas Jr. reinforce the reverse notion like father not like son. Cuevas, in particular, is 17-11 with all of his losses coming by way of stoppage.

Can you name any others?

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Erislandy Lara vs Ronald Hearns

Carlos De Leon Jr. KO's James McGirt Jr.

Mike Tyson VS Marvis Frazier 1986-07-26

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Peter Manfredo Jr Round 5 KO

Riddick Bowe vs Buster Mathis Jr

Carlos Zarate Jr. vs Salvador Carreon, 06 julio 2013. D.F., México. Boxeo de Gala.

Chris Eubank, Jr. vs. Alexey Ribchev

2013-06-08 Jorge Paez Jr vs Edinson Garcia

Adonis Stevenson vs Aaron Pryor Jr

Dusty Hernandez-Harrison vs. Tim Witherspoon, Jr.

Wilford Scypion Jr vs "Bad News" Benji Singleton

Foreman Jr, The Monk VS Taxista Ferraez, The City Cancun

Elijah McCall vs. Marcin Rekowski highlight (sestřih)

Errol Spence, Jr. vs. Pipino Cuevas, Jr.

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  1. Red 01:30pm, 02/11/2014

    Tony Mundine is still fighting and still winning

  2. Ted 06:35pm, 02/03/2014

    Kid, I just noticed your post. Sorry. I’m in a kind of zone so I’m not surprised. When it happens, I’ll do 3 or 4 blogs and a feature and the numbers pile up. At one point I thought I would quit at 100/400, but as long as I enjoy writing and as long as the editor tolerates me, I’ll be around for a bit more.

  3. Ted 06:15pm, 02/03/2014

    Peter, spot on. The Hilton boys exceed expectations and so did the two women you mentioned.

  4. peter 04:35pm, 02/03/2014

    Interesting article. How about the Hilton Brothers? Their father, Davy, fought pro. And don’t forget Ali’s and Frazier’s daughters.

  5. Ted 07:42am, 02/03/2014

    Thanks Kid, Pete and Tex. Norton was smart indeed. Watching Witherspoon Sr lose it when his son lost says a lot about the situation. Chavez Sr also has a difficult time staying out of things.

  6. Pete The Sneak 06:11am, 02/03/2014

    Toro, great stuff man…To me, one of the best to follow in his father’s foot steps and become successful was Ken Norton, Jr. Only he was smart, he did it in another sport (football)...Peace.

  7. Tex Hassler 08:21pm, 02/02/2014

    It would put tremendous and probably pressure to heavy to bear on a son of a former world champion.

  8. kid vegas 05:23pm, 02/02/2014

    Ted, do you realize you are approaching 400 articles for Boxing.com?

  9. John 02:18pm, 02/02/2014

    I can’t think of any other father/son combinations, but what about the father/daughter combinations? Freeda George Foreman and Layla Ali come to mind. I saw Freeda in her pro debut back in 2000 at the Regent in Vegas. I have an interesting story about that experience, but it’s too damn long to type. Great idea for a story, Ted. It would have been an appropriate article for Father’s Day.

  10. Eric 01:28pm, 02/02/2014

    I had no idea Oliver McCall Sr. was still fighting. If I did I would have presented him with the Spider Rico, Is He Still Around Award. Revenge is a helluva motivator. You have to queston how much further “The Atomic Bull” can go at 48 years of age, but at least he looks trim, which is more than you can say for heavyweights half his age. Makes me think back to Smokin’ Joe saying he wanted to step into the ring with Tyson after Marvis took a beating. Papa Joe would have been a few years younger than the senior McCall, but taking on Tyson is different than taking on Rekowski in an 8-rounder.

  11. Ted 01:17pm, 02/02/2014

    Ross Minter was also a pretty decent fighter but the old man seem to be pushing him in a direction he didn’t really want to go. 17-4-1 is ok by me.

  12. Ted 01:13pm, 02/02/2014

    It’s early, but Michael Hunter—son of the Bounty Hunter, is showing great promise after great amateur career.

  13. Breaking News 01:03pm, 02/02/2014

    The “Atomic Bull” keeps raging: Oliver McCall upsets Polish prospect Rekowski to notch up 70th pro bout!

    this is the same Rekowski who slathered Oliver’s son (see the video herein). Wow talk about revenge.

  14. Ted 12:08pm, 02/02/2014


    And the announcer in the Manfredo slaughter needs to be decapitated forthwith as Prov points out. Very filthy sounding voice.

  15. Eric 12:05pm, 02/02/2014

    That ref has some head of hair. Those kind of genetics would put Rogaine and Hair Club For Men out of bidness. He’s got sort of a Judge Andrew Napolitano/Eddie Munster thingy going on there. Helluva wig that gentleman is sporting.

  16. Ted 11:46am, 02/02/2014

    Check out the ref’s hair in the Garcia-Paez fight

  17. Thresher 11:33am, 02/02/2014

    young McCall’s face looked like it had been run through a , well, a thresher

  18. Ted 11:30am, 02/02/2014

    Yes, Camacho JR.

  19. Eric 11:06am, 02/02/2014

    @Irish Frankie Crawford, You’re absolutely right. Point taken. Tim Witherspoon Jr. is a great example. Witherspoon Sr. was built like a tight end in his prime, while his son seems malnourished in comparison.

  20. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:48am, 02/02/2014

    Eric-Lest we forget, Mom contributes half of the gene set….both of Bill Walton’s parents were tall….if I’m not mistaken Mom was pushing 6 ft or even taller. If Daddy would have married a petite 4’ 11” sweetheart, the different version of “Bill” that resulted from that union more than likely wouldn’t have made it to UCLA let alone become an ATG player.

  21. Eric 10:23am, 02/02/2014

    Hector Camacho Jr. could be added to this list as well.

  22. Don from Prov 10:22am, 02/02/2014

    Yeah, I knew I could never be the undertaker my father was—
    So I didn’t try.

    P.S, The Box Azteca announcer calling the Chavez/Manfredo fight?
    He is the reason that guns are manufactured.

  23. Ted 09:47am, 02/02/2014

    Well said Eric. The guy I am most impressed with right now is Jorge Paez who has won 10 in a row against tough opposition.and will face Erik Morales in Monterrey, Mexico in March. This is a bad fight for Morales unless he shows up in top shape.

    Look for Jr.El Maromerito to put a beating on the aging Erik.

  24. Eric 09:32am, 02/02/2014

    As great as they were even Hearns Sr. and Cuevas Sr. had suspect chins. Looks like juniors were unfortunate to inherit that trait and then some. With all this talk all the time about genetics playing a factor, you would think being the son of not only a champion but an all-time great would ensure your success if you were to take up boxing. Some of these guys turned out to be decent fighters but just not on the level as daddy. Marvis Frazier was a decent heavyweight despite being little more than a blown up cruiserweight and lacking pappy Frazier’s power. Marvis beat Joe Bugner, Jose Ribalta, James Bonecrusher Smith, and James Tillis, all big and decent heavyweights. The losses to Holmes and Tyson were devastating but then again Holmes and Tyson rank with the best when discussing past champs according to many. Marvis should have competed as a cruiserweight where he more than likely would have captured a world title, but even as a heavyweight he did pretty decent. Being the son of Joe Frazier. Marvis didn’t grow up dirt poor and had many other options other than boxing. The best fighters will always be the Durans, the Dempseys, the Joe Fraziers, fighters who are fighting out of desperation.

  25. Ted 09:26am, 02/02/2014

    Thanks mates. I forgot to include Wilfredo Vazquez Jr (23-3-1) who gave Donaire all he could handle in 2012.

  26. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:36am, 02/02/2014

    Ted sares-Which reminds me…..now it looks like Oliver McCall has avenged his son’s loss to another Polish prospect….lots going on in Poland these days….just think of all that could have been if not for the Iron Curtain.

  27. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:00am, 02/02/2014

    Ted Sares-Once again a timely and informative article considering that Tim Witherspoon, all scary ass 300 plus pounds of him, was threatening to go ballistic in the ring post fight last Friday because things didn’t go as planned for his son.

  28. Clarence George 07:08am, 02/02/2014

    Very good idea for an article, Ted.

    Expanding your parameters somewhat, I would mention Salvador Sanchez II (30-6-3, 18 KOs), nephew of the great Salvador Sanchez (44-1-1, 32 KOs).  It’s not that Junior’s record is godawful, but he’s a mediocre and uninteresting fighter, who has little in common with his uncle…except for the hair.

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