When We Were Kings

By Boxing News on April 29, 2015
When We Were Kings
When We Were Kings won an Oscar for Best Documentary in 1997. It feels as fresh as ever.

When We Were Kings is the superb documentary by Leon Gast on the Rumble in the Jungle, the 1974 heavyweight championship fight between heavyweight champion George Foreman and the underdog Muhammad Ali in Zaire. The film won an Oscar for Best Documentary in 1997 and feels as fresh today as it did on first viewing. It may or may not be true that they don’t make documentaries like they used to. But when it comes to heavyweight title fights, that argument does not hold water…

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When We Were Kings

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  1. Eric 06:16am, 05/04/2013

    Foreman was viewed as indestructable at the time of this match. Ali, at 32 and coming off a narrow questionable decision over Ken Norton was considered past it. Hard to believe nowadays but in 1974, 32 years of age was considered old for a fighter, even heavyweights. Just as much of a shock, if not more so, than Ali’s highly suspect victories over Sonny Liston, a decade earlier.

  2. johnny yuma 08:25am, 05/03/2013

    Right in round 1 at the start, that right hurt George .It was great fight for boxing. As far as Klits go doesn’t appear any serious challenge. But along comes someone out of nowhere. Wilder appears raw maybe he will develop.

  3. Michael Hegan 08:14pm, 05/02/2013

    One of the fights that kept boxing alive….Ali vs. Foreman

  4. Michael Hegan 08:05pm, 05/02/2013

    do any of you folks think Klitschko lads will lose a fight…

  5. Michael Hegan 08:03pm, 05/02/2013

    that HW match….with Foreman and Ali…....was the best…matchup ...in our time…....
    Ali was in great shape…..Foreman was his ugly self…..
    Hell of a fight

  6. Michael Hegan 07:53pm, 05/02/2013

    If Audley Harrison is considered a threat…......HW division is not an attraction

  7. Michael Hegan 07:49pm, 05/02/2013

    Most folks felt Big George was the winner…when the fight was made…

    That was then…and this was now

  8. Michael Hegan 07:34pm, 05/02/2013

    Ali had that sneaky overhand right…

  9. Michael Hegan 07:32pm, 05/02/2013

    We need some good heavyweight matches

  10. Michael Hegan 07:30pm, 05/02/2013

    with the cut Foreman took prior to the match….

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