Where Is Alex Ramos?

By Ted Sares on March 18, 2014
Where Is Alex Ramos?
Ramos had a great amateur record of 143-15 with a disproportionate number of KO wins.

As long as Alex Ramos is missing as a selectee, I submit the credibility of the selections as a whole comes into serious question…

Back in December 2013, the Daily News reported that the Golden Gloves was encouraging competitors and fans of the tournament to submit their nominations for the first-ever Hall of Fame class through the Daily News Golden Gloves Facebook page.

This inaugural Hall of Fame class will focus on boxers who have had success in and out of the ring. The five-member selection committee included current tournament director and three-time Gloves champion Bryan Adams, longtime Daily News writer and Gloves historian Bill Farrell, Gleason’s Gym owner Bruce Silverglade, Yonkers PAL director Sal Corrente, and longtime boxing trainer and educator Julio Albino Salinas. This committee will meet annually to review and discuss the merits of all eligible candidates. While the committee expects to name 12 candidates to the initial class, no more than six athletes will be selected thereafter.

The panel’s initial selections are (in alphabetical order):

Mark Breland
John Campi
Sean Daughtry
Howard Davis Jr.
Bill Gallo
Paul Gallico
Jean Martin
Floyd Patterson
Captain Joseph Medill Patterson
Sugar Ray Robinson
Lou Salica
Vince Shomo
Nick Spanakos
Pete Spanakos
Davey Vasquez

See http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/hall-call-gloves-announce-inaugural-class-article-1.1723196 for details regarding each selectee.

Okay panelists, if you say so. And the first name that did come to my mind was Mark Breland, a five-time NY Golden Gloves champion, a gold medal winner at the 1984 Olympics, possessing an astounding amateur record of 110–1-1 and an admirable professional mark of 35-3-1 including a world welterweight title. His outside-the-ring activities have been impressive as well. He is the poster boy for all that is right about boxing and is the perfect selection. However, after Mark, things begin to get rather dicey in my opinion.

Where, for example, is Alex “The Bronx Bomber” Ramos, who was a four-time NY Golden Glove winner in the late 1970s? Ramos, who had a marvelous amateur record of 143-15 with a disproportionate number of KO wins, fought pro and retired with a 39-10-2 record. Perhaps most importantly and after overcoming several serious personal obstacles, he founded the Retired Boxers Foundation (a non-profit foundation) with the help of the saintly Jacquie Richardson.  Alex turned pro after his amateur career was abruptly ended by President Carter’s decision to boycott the 1980 Olympics in Moscow due to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

In the scheme of things, I also wonder where Michael Bentt is. Although he has remained somewhat under the radar, certainly the panelists must know that Bentt was one of the most decorated amateur boxers in history and became a world heavyweight champion. His achievements are simply amazing. Bentt has also distinguished himself in his post-boxing career becoming a highly successful actor.


Now here are my questions to the Selection Panel:

1) Did you ever notify Alex Ramos about the concept of an inaugural class back in December 2013?
2) If not, why not?
3) If so, why is he not one of the selectees?
4) And while you are at it, where is Michael Bentt?

As long as Alex Ramos is missing as a selectee, I submit the credibility of the selections as a whole comes into serious question.

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Alex Ramos vs Curtis Parker

Alex Ramos - James Waire

Alex Ramos - Ronnie Robinson

Alex Ramos; Retired Boxers

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  1. Allie 03:08pm, 03/25/2015

    Alex Ramos without a second thought should be in TOP 10 golden gloves of all time

  2. sunshine 11:13am, 04/15/2014


  3. Ted 05:04pm, 03/24/2014

    Brooklyn, no argument from me

  4. Brooklyn59 04:54pm, 03/24/2014

    What about Hector Camacho? Should be a first round pick for entry.

  5. Ted 12:19pm, 03/22/2014

    Yes, After the article was posted. I have known Alex for years.

  6. kid vegas 11:30am, 03/22/2014

    Have you talked with Alex?

  7. Big Walter 09:40am, 03/22/2014

    “Detective Guy Johnson’s client, Willie Heywood is framed for murder and while Guy hides him so he can catch the real killer, both of them are nabbed by the police, tried, convicted and sentenced to jail—Guy for a year, Willie to be executed. On the way to jail Guy comes across a clue and escapes from the police… “

  8. Ted 11:54am, 03/21/2014

    Well, Southeast Asia, higher education, working, supporting a family, all had a way of keeping me busy. Never had much time for relaxation until around 1995 and then golf, powerlifting, and writing combined with work gave me all the focus I needed. Seriously.

    Now every day is Saturday. So maybe I’ll order it from Netflix.

  9. Tokyo Rosenthal 10:54am, 03/21/2014

    Seriously, you’ve never seen it? How is that possible?

  10. Ted 08:00am, 03/21/2014

    OK, I’ll see it.

  11. Ted 07:59am, 03/21/2014

    Related link:

  12. Matt McGrain 07:15am, 03/21/2014

    It’s a great, great movie.

  13. Joe Bruno 07:11am, 03/21/2014

    Ted, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a Christmas classic. James Stewart has a run of bad luck and wishes he were never born. He meets an Angel who grants his wish and then Stewart sees how his home town is totally changed, for the worse, because he never existed. I won’t give you the ending, because you must see this wonderful movie.

  14. Ted 06:52am, 03/21/2014

    You’ve all seen “It’s A Wonderful LIfe”.  I have not sorry to say. What is it about?

  15. Joe Bruno 06:50am, 03/21/2014

    Matt McGrain, I hope you are right, but so far I haven’t seen any change in the ‘business of boxing” since I started covering boxing as a NY City sportswriter in the late 1970’s. The bad decisions, crooked journalists, referees and judges, and gross mismatches still remain. Only the names of the perpetrators have changed. And this phenomenon predates me, when you consider the Frankie Carbos and Blinkie Palermos who controlled boxing pre 1960.

    And I bet if you asked Don King if I left a hole when I left boxing, he might say something like, “Yeah, but I wish someone would bury Joe Bruno in the hole.”

  16. Matt McGrain 04:19am, 03/21/2014

    I’d echo what Robert said, and I’d add that “winning” isn’t necessarily about an absence of what you are attacking.  You’ve all seen “It’s A Wonderful LIfe”.  So, Joe Bruno, you say “nothing’s changed” but I bet you made a bigger difference than you think.

    “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”

  17. Ted 09:48am, 03/20/2014

    And a shout out to the lads at the Boxing Tribune who continue to fight the good fight.

  18. Ted 02:53pm, 03/19/2014

    All good posts lads and I get your point Robert. I’m very realistic about fighting non-winnable fights and it’s frustrating as hell. But the juice is in the action and the action is in the fight and while 99% will never respond, they see it and it leaves an impression and that’s enough for me.

    Still, excellent and very deep point, Mr. Editor.

  19. peter 11:34am, 03/19/2014

    @ Ted—Alex Ramos, Howard Davis and Mark Breland are the best amateur fighters I’ve ever seen. However, of those three, I have a preference for Alex Ramos. He could bang with either hand, he took chances, and he moved well on his feet. Howard Davis was the quickest thing I’ve ever seen. Breland had incredible poise, a beautiful right hand and an excellent trainer. But my favorite of the three is the middleweight—Ramos.

  20. Eric 09:32am, 03/19/2014

    Off topic. But just thinking that with an amateur career like Ramos had, you would have thought he would have ran roughshod over the professional middleweight division after turning pro. Highly touted amateurs like Ramos who don’t quite achieve success in the pro ranks to match their amateur careers are like Heismann Trophy winners who turn out to be busts in the NFL. Ramos did have a decent career but he didn’t live up to expectations predicted for him. This made me rethink my position on if Teofilo Stevenson would have captured the heavyweight title had he turned pro. I thought he would certainly be capable of beating the best of that era, but who knows? Howard Davis could also be considered an underachiever in the pro ranks. He was considered the most talented member of the famed 1976 Olympic team.

  21. evelyn Izquierdo 09:16am, 03/19/2014

    The New York golden gloves hall of fame should recognize all boxers who earned the status. Alex Ramos, Hector Camacho, Davey Vasquez among many others. What’s fair is fair and it would be only fair for these boxes to be inducted.

  22. Robert Ecksel 09:07am, 03/19/2014

    I’m not sure why we expect those we criticize to respond to the criticism. It’s not realistic. Those in power fought tooth and nail to get that power and rarely deign to dignify their critics. The truth, or what we perceive to be the truth, has a power all its own. Winning or losing doesn’t matter. That’s only momentary, a judgment call at best. It’s the fight, and only the fight, that counts.

  23. Ted 08:40am, 03/19/2014

    Joe, walking away from writing while still enjoying the fights just seems to be a difficult thing for me to do. Another Bradley/Paq-type robbery, more flip-flopping swill from the BWAA, more politically based awards and selections, more politics and money, and more apathy from writers who could try to make a difference will take me over the cliff.

    At that point I’ll simply quit, walks away, and never look back. Done and done. I still have plenty of other activities to keep me busy.

  24. Ted 08:32am, 03/19/2014

    Ramos did have a problem with drugs and alcohol after retiring but the fact he overcame those problems—along with a serious boxing-related impairment—to found the RBF is all the more reason to put him in. I really don’t believe the panel even knows about the full Alex Ramos Story. His post boxing achievements despite major health issues are simply incredible.  His number of KO wins in the amateur’s is also incredible. He had the style to win a Gold Medal had it not been for Carter’s dream destroying boycott

  25. Joe Bruno 08:00am, 03/19/2014

    I don’t know if it should make a difference, but Wepner also spent some time in the can on a drug pinch. I can’t see him in the Golden Gloves Hall of Fame, at least for a few years. He’s a fringe nomination at best.

  26. Joe Bruno 07:56am, 03/19/2014

    I fought the same battle Ted is now fighting from the late 70’s to the early 90’s. Nothing’s changed, and I’m not sure it’s a battle worth fighting anymore. That’s a decision all of us has to make. I made mine, to ditch boxing 12-15 years ago.

    I definitely sleep better at night. And I don’t have to listen to bullcrap artists like Don “Dung” King and “Bullcrap”  Bob Arum anymore. Just that alone is worth the flight.

  27. Eric 07:31am, 03/19/2014

    Oops. Just double checked Wepner’s pro record, and he did have a win over a faded Ernie Terrell, a declining Manuel Ramos, and a couple of wins over a decent Randy Neumann. Other than those bouts, Wepner mostly came up short when he stepped it up a notch or two.

  28. Eric 07:07am, 03/19/2014

    Ramos did have a problem with drugs and alcohol after retiring. Maybe this had something to do with him not being included in the inaugural class of inductees. If they were to start including fighters like Chuck Wepner,  who only won one tournament in the novice division, this would cheapen the NY Gold Gloves HOF. The rock & roll hall of fame is a joke with inductees like The Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and other hacks being included with legendary acts like the Beatles and Stones. John Verderosa won two title in the open division or even the late little fireplug Carmen Negron who won a novice and open title would be more deserving than Wepner. Wepner’s notoriety is strictly from the Ali fight and his “connections” to the Rocky movies. He lost to just about every name fighter he ever fought in the professional ranks.

  29. dollarbond 07:01am, 03/19/2014

    I understand your frustration Ted.  Boxing is the seamiest sport in the universe but we need people like you to hold the line on morality.  Its a match worth fighting.  Keep your dukes up.

  30. Ted 06:14am, 03/19/2014

    Thanks Walter but I’m getting pretty tired fighting this battle. Although I will say one thing, it’s a target rich battle.

  31. Ted 06:06am, 03/19/2014

    Magoon and Norkus. it’s not only boxing, but it’s also after boxing. Becoming a lawyer pales in comparison to establishing the RBF in my opinion. I could not disagree more with both of you.

    No, it’s not the worse thing that can happen but it’s not the best thing either. Also, I am still waiting for answers to my questions but I won’t hold my breath.

  32. Magoon 03:30am, 03/19/2014

    I agree with Norkus. That Ramos isn’t one of the initial inductees isn’t exactly the Crime of the Century. Great fighters like Marcel Cerdan, Tony Zale and Beau Jack didn’t get into the IBHOF right away either, but they did get in. Likely the same thing will happen with Ramos when it comes to the Golden Gloves Hall of Fame.

    I’m more outraged by Wilder-Scott. It’s saying something that Billy Fox did a better acting job against Jake LaMotta than Scott did against Wilder.

  33. Big Walter 07:56pm, 03/18/2014

    It’s getting to the point where you and a few others are the only ones willing to speak up. Like someone recently said, you may never actually change things to the extent you’d like, but you are leaving seeds of truth all over the place so that the next generation can hopefully pick them up and plant them…You have mountains of knowledge to unload on this generation. Ted the Bull. A battle against a questionable status quo is an honorable fight.

  34. cnorkusjr 07:52pm, 03/18/2014

    I want to agree wholeheartedly that Alex Ramos should go into the NY Golden Gloves HOF. But realistically a case could be made for at least a hundred guys as well. This is their Inaugural Class. How many are you going to be put in. ? 100, 200 ? A line had to be drawn somewhere. And I’m sure Alex will be in soon enough. I remember seeing a list that was used as a guide in selecting inductees into the ” New” New York Boxing HOF 3 years ago. It had over 250 Champion fighters in all weight classes that fit the criteria as eligible. That’s NOT including great contenders like LaStarza and Brion just to name two. I remember someone mentioned that Mike Belloise should be inducted into the NYS Boxing HOF. The response was “He will go in second”-” there is 200 guys tied for first”. Anytime a new HOF opens up- they run into the same dilemma. Committees must mix living with deceased, and mgrs and trainers and officials.to keep a balance and interest in attending the event each year following..

  35. Ted 07:04pm, 03/18/2014

    Kid Vegas, if I had to venture a guess, I would say they did not even bother to notify Alex about the inaugural class back in December 2013, but I an only guessing. I doubt there was anything more than that.

  36. Ted 06:23pm, 03/18/2014

    Paul, Dan is back and forth like a politician. Ugh

  37. Ted 06:11pm, 03/18/2014

    Eric, This inaugural Hall of Fame class will focus on boxers who have had success in and out of the ring. Breland, Davis, Bentt, Ramos, all had great success outside the ring (after boxing). Each in his own way.

  38. Thresher 06:08pm, 03/18/2014

    Paul Magno, Dan Rafael has absolutely no credulity in my view of things. He is a talking head who has an uncanny ability to talk over people. He is arrogant and distasteful as a person. Thinks he is above it all as in Legend in his Own Time.

    As Jason Petcok once wrote, “He writes just well enough to keep a paycheck…”

    See http://www.doghouseboxing.com/Jason/Petock-042713-Call-to-Arms.htm

  39. Ted 05:54pm, 03/18/2014

    peter, either way—your criteria or the Daily News’s criteria, Alex Ramos is a lock.

  40. Eric 05:53pm, 03/18/2014

    What an athlete does outside of the arena, ring, diamond, field, etc., should have no bearing on their being elected to a particular HOF. How can Pete Rose not be in MLB’s HOF, and yet OJ Simpson is in the NFL HOF?  We all want our champs to be like Floyd Patterson instead of Floyd Mayweather, but we should judge boxers on their boxing ability only when electing them to any kind of HOF.

  41. peter 05:21pm, 03/18/2014

    @ Keith—Billy Costello fought upstate; he didn’t compete in the NYC GG.

  42. Keith Terceira 04:36pm, 03/18/2014

    I’d also like to know why Billy Costello’s name is not on these lists

  43. peter 03:52pm, 03/18/2014

    My point is that any NYC Golden Gloves Hall of Fame should include the names on that list. My criteria is narrow—include the best boxers to have competed in the NYC Golden Gloves tournament…I also include Sonya Lamonakis, the female heavyweight.

  44. Paul Magno 03:48pm, 03/18/2014

    Ted…there was yet another flip-flop from Rafael…On Monday afternoon (likely after taking it on the chin(s) for his flip-flop over the weekend), he posted this on the official weekend recap:

    “To many, it looked as though Scott took a dive and it’s hard to argue against that opinion. Scott’s lack of effort and the fact that he would stay down from punches that, relative to heavyweight boxing, did not appear out of the ordinary is questionable. Scott made it seem as if Bruce Seldon tried very hard in his title fight with Mike Tyson. If this kind of disgrace doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth, nothing in boxing will.”

    So, what is it, Dan?

  45. ted 03:30pm, 03/18/2014

    And combined with this yesterday is making me very angry:

    Rafael on Twitter
    Dan Rafael   ✔  @danrafaelespn
    Pathetic. Wilder shot did not come close to landing clean. #boxing #WilderScott
    10:18 PM - 15 Mar 2014
    126 Retweets   75 favorites


    “About forty minutes later, though, Rafael had this to say via his official fight report on ESPN:”

    :Wilder, 28, wasted little time notching his 18th first-round knockout. He felt Scott out with a strong left jab and kept pumping it until unleashing a right hand, his best punch. The right hand did not even land flush. Instead it caught Scott on the glove, but was powerful enough to drop him along the ropes, where referee Roberto Ramirez Jr. counted him out at 1 minute, 36 seconds.
    “I got power, I got natural power,” said Wilder, the 2008 U.S. Olympic bronze medalist and a native of Tuscaloosa, Ala. “It’s all-natural Alabama power. I’m blessed. My power is crazy. [The right hand] is like a missile.”
    Scott (36-2-1, 13 KOs), 33, of Philadelphia, never saw the shot coming as he dropped to 1-2 in his past three fights. The other loss was a highly controversial sixth-round knockout to Dereck (sic) Chisora in England last July.

    This knockout, however, was not controversial.”


    How do you spell FLIP-FLOP?


  46. Ted 03:15pm, 03/18/2014

    peter. I’m not sure I get your point. What list? And what criteria are you using?

  47. Tokyo Rosenthal 02:45pm, 03/18/2014

    Angel Bovee in the women’s category for sure!!!

  48. peter 02:42pm, 03/18/2014

    There are many worhty names left off that list. Here are some others—they were all NYC Golden Glove champions

    “Top Tier” Nominations, (in order) are:

    1) Sugar Ray Robinson
    2) Vince Shomo
    3) Emile Griffith
    4) Mark Breland
    5) Howard Davis
    6) Alex Ramos
    7) Floyd Patterson
    8) Junior Jones
    9) The Spanakos Twins—Nick & Peter
    10) Riddick Bowe

    “Second Tier” Nominations:

    1) Vito Antuofermo
    2) Michael Bentt
    3) Hector Camacho
    4) Gerry Cooney
    5) Aaron Davis
    6) Mitch “Blood” Green
    7) Zab Judah
    8) kevin Kelly
    9) Juan Laporte
    10) Tami Mauriello
    11) Bryan Adams
    12) Wayne McGee
    13) Buddy McGirt
    14) Dennis Milton
    15) Eddie “Mustapha Muhammad” Gregory
    16) Davey Moore
    17) Jose Torres
    18) Davey Vasquez
    19) David Villar
    20) Coley Wallace
    21) Chuck Wepner

    Women’s Nominations:

    1) Jill Emery
    2) Veronica Simmos
    3) Veronica Jefferies
    4) Kathy Collins
    5) Alicia Ashley
    6) Jill Matthews

  49. Paul Magno 02:18pm, 03/18/2014

    I’m not much of a historian, but I do know the creeps, liars, and dimwits of the boxing media…Expect nothing in the way of reform until we get some real writers and journalists telling the story of the sport…Most boxing writers know nothing about the sport, less about journalism, and exist solely to stroke their own egos…

  50. kid vegas 01:36pm, 03/18/2014

    I wonder if this might have something to do with the personal obstacles Alex faced before he founded the RBF. Or maybe they just forgot about him because he lives on the West Coast. But Michael Bent has been in and around New York for years. Something doesn’t jive here.

  51. John 01:11pm, 03/18/2014

    I can’t say as I blame you, Ted. Boxing is full of ex-cons and shady characters. Perhaps that is some of the allure. I’ve always liked your political articles and your last book “Shattered.” It was a damn good read!

  52. Ted 12:16pm, 03/18/2014

    Tokyo, both boxing and after boxing


  53. Eric 12:15pm, 03/18/2014

    Mitch Green?  Hector Camacho?

  54. Ted 12:12pm, 03/18/2014

    Your name. Absolutely.

  55. Tokyo Rosenthal 12:12pm, 03/18/2014

    If you’re counting amateur careers then Brian Adams should nominate himself. One of the great Golden Glovers of all time!

  56. Ted 12:11pm, 03/18/2014

    A related link that makes the case for Alex


  57. Joe Bruno 12:05pm, 03/18/2014

    Right, Ted. There should be a separate section of the Gold Gloves Hall of Fame for non-boxers.

  58. Ted 11:57am, 03/18/2014

    Agreed, but since this is all about the Daily News, you would think that the initial class would include only boxers and then the writers, etc. . could be inducted later. At the end of the day, if there were no boxers, there would be no writers. It’s the boxer who stirs the drink and paves the way for the stories to be told.

    My point here is that Ramos did a lot with the RBF and that, combined with his incredible amateur career, should have made him a sh00-in along with Bentt.

    I am certain John Campi? Sean Daughtry , Jean Martin Captain, Joseph Medill Patterson . are all worthy types. But do their names conjure up great boxing memories? Answer—NO!

  59. Joe Bruno 11:42am, 03/18/2014

    I knew Alex Ramos well. In fact, I met him here in Florida about 15 years ago, when he was working with Hector Camacho. Absolutely, he should be in the New York City Golden Gloves Hall of Fame.

    I agree with most of the other nominations, but I must admit I don’t know a few of the names - John Campi? Sean Daughtry , Jean Martin Captain, Joseph Medill Patterson . But the rest seem viable.

    Bill Gallo is one of the nicest men I ever met, in or out of journalism. And Paul Galico was a legendary sportswriter a few generations ago. Sugar Ray Robinson, Mark Beland and Howard Davis Jr. are shoo-ins.

  60. Ted 11:41am, 03/18/2014

    Thanks Joe for your honesty. One of the BWAA “PREMIER” members just tweeted that Wilder’s KO over Scott was pathetic. A little bit later, he wrote on ESPN that it was not a controversial KO. Do these guys think we won’t call them on this two-faced drive? No more MR. Nice Guy for me. I’m sick of the sloppy manner in which some of these so-called “experts” make their selections.

  61. Joe Bruno 11:36am, 03/18/2014

    Ted, You sound like me 25 years ago.
    I got involved in the late 1970’s, and figured I could make a difference by constantly attacking the powers that be. What I didn’t realize was that the media was complicit in what was going on, especially the Boxing Writers Association, of which I was a member for 12 years, four years as VP.
    Boxing is all about the money, and politics.  I lost all respect for the sport when two gross incompetents, Randy Gordon and Ron Scott Stevens, became Chairmen of the NY State Athletic Commission. If you knew these two like I did, you’d realize it was like naming Pee Wee Herman as Chairman of General Motors.
    Good luck with your decision, whatever it may be.

  62. Thresher 11:28am, 03/18/2014



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