Who Will Mayweather Fight Next?

By Ted Sares on May 5, 2013
Who Will Mayweather Fight Next?
Mayweather will first fight less challenging opponents until the toughest one remains.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s name immediately pops up, but that doesn’t mean Mayweather will use one of his remaining five Showtime fights by taking him on him this early. The risk-reward may not be there and Team Mayweather is all about risk-reward. My sense is that “Money” will first fight less challenging opponents until the toughest one remains—and hopefully that would be Canelo (42-0-1), the current icon of Mexican boxing.

If Floyd fights again in September, I suspect one of the following will be granted the first opportunity for an early retirement package:

Khan: Amir is currently ranked number two in the WBC welterweight rankings, and though most might see this as another dominant win for Mayweather, a bout in England could translate to the proper risk-reward for Money—pun intended—a safe fight with a big gate.

Alexander-Brook: Speaking of May 18 in Atlantic City, Devon “The Great” Alexander (24-1) must get by undefeated Kell Brook (29-0). The winner will certainly deserve attention by Team Mayweather.

Maidana: If Marcos “El Chino” Maidana KO’s Josesito Lopez in June, he might earn an outside shot. He always comes to fight and has major power. However, the risk-reward here, based on styles, is a very favorable one for Mayweather.

Garcia: If Danny “Swift” Garcia keeps winning, look for him to be a viable, albeit safe opponent. Moreover, it would guarantee another stomach-churning sideshow between the fighter’s fathers and that’s always good for the gate.

Matthysse-Peterson: Apparently, Danny will fight the winner of the Lamont Peterson-Lucas Matthysse matchup which is scheduled for May 18 in Atlantic City. If so and if he beats the winner, he quickly becomes a “premier” opponent. But if Matthysse beats Peterson (as I believe he will) and then beats “Swift,” look for the Argentinean knockout artist to become as viable a threat as Canelo and look for Mayweather to avoid him. Of course, if Lamont should win and then beats Garcia, he quickly becomes a candidate for the final five.

Bradley-Marquez: The winner of Timothy Bradley vs. Juan Manuel Marquez makes sense to me. Bradley, assuming he is not damaged goods, has the style to make for a competitive fight with Mayweather. He also would provide a “Someone’s 0 Must Go” type of event. JMM, for his part, has been schooled once by Money, but if he beats Bradley convincingly, he would present a different kind of threat this time around, especially in light of his Mexecution of Manny Pacquiao.

Trout: Austin Trout presents a good measuring stick insofar as “Canelo” is concerned, but the interest at the gate is probably not there.

Provodnikov: Fan-friendly Ruslan Provodnikov must beat someone again before he gets into this mix, but if he does, the risk-reward is good one for Money based on their respective styles.

Pacquiao: Manny Pacquiao would be a compelling opponent and the fight would yield a monster purse, but I just don’t see it happening, though a long shot might be a duke in Singapore or Macau. Sadly their time seems to have come and gone.

Ortiz: A rematch with Victor Ortiz would be highly doubtful. He has done nothing to earn it except dance with the stars.

Berto: Robert Guerrero already beat Andre Berto, as did Victor Ortiz. It won’t happen.


In the end, Canelo offers the biggest purse but also the biggest threat. If Floyd wants to complete the remaining five Showtime bouts, fighting Alvarez now doesn’t seem like the wisest choice from a business perspective. An early loss could convince him to retire, but fighting “Cinnamon Head” last and going for 49-0 at the same time would mean more money than—well—there is money.

My bet is that Money fights Amir Khan in England in September, assuming Floyd’s right hand is okay.

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  1. Ted 07:13am, 05/30/2013

    Mayweather: I’ll be fighting Canelo on September 14th in Las Vegas. Well I’ll be darned!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ted 08:33am, 05/29/2013

    “I am ready to fight the best. I know that in the fight against Bradley the title of the world champion was essentially in my hands, and now I feel even closer to it. I am confident that I will face Floyd Mayweather Jr. in September or shortly after that, and I am ready for that. I don’t like making predictions, but I know that styles make fights, and I think I can win. I know that I would be a rough opponent for him, the kind he hasn’t yet faced. Mayweather Jr. has amazing technique, and I have great power in both hands. It would be the kind of fight that everyone likes to watch,” stated Ruslan Provodnikov said to gorodokboxing.com.

    This makes some sense. Low risk for Mayweather but decent PPV numbers.

  3. Ted 08:02am, 05/26/2013

    Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer alleges “that he’s been actively negotiating a September showdown between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez….” ALLEGES IS THE OPERATIVE WORD HERE. I DOUBT SHOWTIME WOULD RISK THEIR CONTRACT WITH THIS ONE COMING NEXT. MAYBE LAST, BUT NOT NEXT. IT’S ALL ABOUT 5 MORE FIGHTS THAT MAKE MONEY FOR SHOWTIME.

  4. Ted 10:15am, 05/18/2013

    If Alexander wins in a spectacular manner tonight, he could be Floyd’s next opponent, but it must be spectacular and early.

  5. kid vegas 10:05pm, 05/17/2013

    Welcome from Henderson, Nevada and Lake Las Vegas. “ESPN writer Dan Rafael says that Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer e-mailed him saying that the reports about Floyd Mayweather Jr. wanting a fight with WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to take place at 147 lbs. isn’t true.” These guys talk out of both sided of their sleazy mouths

  6. The Krusher 11:32am, 05/12/2013


  7. Ted 10:03am, 05/12/2013

    That’s an interesting way to look at it. Get it while you can.

  8. The Krusher 08:03am, 05/12/2013

    I say he fights Alvarez next and grabs the most money while he can. He can retire whenever he wants and this 5 fight bullshit is just that, bullshit. If he beats Alvarez and maybe one other big star, he goes out with a great record and more than enough money to support half of the Las Vegas poor for Christ sakes. There is nothing magic about 49-0 except being compared to a heavyweight. As far as I’m concerned, the risk-reward you talk about is making the most money the fastest way possible. He does this by fighting ALVAREZ and then Manny Pacquiao for over a 100 million.

  9. Ted 04:18pm, 05/10/2013

    Mike, I’m not so sure about the money thing, but Tyson DID manage to go through God only knows how much. Hopefully, Floyd has some people counseling him on his investments and the fact he has some charitable funds and has diversified into music, acting, promotions, and other stuff suggests he might be getting some decent advice. That’s something Tyson never sought nor did he get it.

    Of course, if I were counseling young and up-and-coming boxers on how to watch their money, I would not use Floyd as a role model. Eight super luxury cars is over the top. Fact is, I’m working on an article on this very subject but it’s difficult to put together.

  10. ted 02:23pm, 05/10/2013

    Good point mike but I think he wants PAC down the Iine.

  11. Michael Hegan 01:58pm, 05/10/2013

    with three or four weight divisions and four regulating bodies….each with a top ten listing…...
    Mayweather will hang around until he knows what pacquaio is going to do…..as of now…..Pacquaio may not be doing much more after this next one.
    ....he only fights but once a year….and he lives clean…

    This guy can be brilliant in the ring….but he knows twice as much about money management than he knows about laser eye surgery…..two times zero is zero !!
    with his family and entourage .....and his interests…it goes out almost as fast as it comes in

  12. Ted 09:29am, 05/09/2013


  13. dollarbond 08:17am, 05/09/2013

    Thanks, Ted.

  14. Ted 07:30am, 05/09/2013

    Here you go lad:


  15. dollarbond 06:00am, 05/09/2013

    Where are you hearing those rumors? I’d have thought the fight would have done really well.

  16. Ted 05:09am, 05/09/2013

    “If the pay per view results that have been making their way through the rumor mill are accurate, it may serve as evidence that the low-risk approach that Mayweather has taken is choosing opponents, which Showtime has apparently acquiesced to, had a certain amount of influence.”

    From Boxing Insider.

    If these rumors turn out to be true, watch for Mayweather to up the ante on his risk-reward approach.

  17. Ted 11:28am, 05/08/2013

    I like this quote from Magno:

    “I find the Present vs. Past argument in boxing to be especially pointless. Would Mayweather be able to thrive in the era of Sugar Ray Robinson? However, the equal and opposite question is never asked–Could Sugar Ray Robinson thrive in this modern era of one or two fights a year and eight-figure paydays?

    “Build me a time machine and we’ll find out. Until then, this is all message board fantasy talk.

    “The critics seem to believe, though, that modern fighters would have more historical street cred if they fought four or five scrubs a year to go along with their two main stage bouts. Remember, the great Sugar Ray Robinson fought fourteen times in 1942 and had impressive wins over Jake LaMotta and Fritzie Zivic that year; He also fought some real club-level filler that was as competitively-matched as a typical sparring session in this day and age.

    “The Past and Present of boxing just can’t be fairly compared. Two way different animals.”

  18. Ted 05:03am, 05/08/2013

    Good call Tex

  19. Tex Hassler 07:24pm, 05/07/2013

    Khan will probably be Mayweather’s next fight. He should be an easy opponent for Floyd. Canelo will probably be avoided as will Pacquiao. The really big money is fighting Pacquiao but I do not think that will happen.

  20. Ted 05:08pm, 05/07/2013


  21. raxman 03:35pm, 05/07/2013

    ted - as you know i’m probably Martinez’s biggest critic - I’ve always said you don’t become p4p in your early 30’s after 40 fights - its just not logical when the other option is you’ve been well matched and hyped. but all that aside I think it was proven in maravilla’s last outing that he’s a spent force. I think he was a good boxer who is now slipping. although the chavez fight was an 11.5 round walk over for SM he still took enough punches (and in particular the last round) from a much bigger guy, for him, at his age, he has to be affected. I think Floyd would probably beat him so easily that he would again be accused of fighting someone past it - and in my opinion they’d be right. and you know my opinion of Floyd fighting the 171 pound canelo. It is my opinion that Floyd should never fight at 154 again. his closest fights have been at that weight - he isn’t a junior middleweight and he doesn’t carry the weight anywhere near as well as he does at 147. sugar shane was the same. mosley juiced to get the weight on didn’t he? against Oscar anyway. and the only fights he won at 54 were against that same latino style - but sugar needed to go up to get paid.. Floyd will get paid at 147 - they just need to build a profile for whoever the opponent is. obviously pac is still the best option $ wise. he has the profile and as you say better late than never.
    as for rios - that young man comes into the macau ring with a style that is so perfect for an ass whopping from pac I hold genuine fears for the young mans safety. he’ll have no more chance than margarito had. he’ll come fwd and pac will jump in and out hitting rios with right and left hands that come from angles he hasn’t dreamed off. the only way to beat pac is off the back foot - make him miss and while he’s off balance make him pay. but even if rios could fight that way he lacks the speed and/or timing to catch pac.

  22. Ted 01:03pm, 05/07/2013

    Thanks Collector and I agree with your comments.

  23. The Fight Film Collector 10:49am, 05/07/2013

    Great assessment, Ted. Some interesting fights certainly, but of the likely opponents, I don’t see a Hall of Fame list here.  Mostly resume padding for Mr. Mayweather.  We know he won’t fight Pacquiao, unlikely Martinez, and the jury is still out on Canelo, who Floyd sidestepped in last weekend’s post-fight, or did anyone notice.  Yes, retiring on the likely choices would be one kind of legacy.  But on the other hand, losing to ANY of the above would create another.

  24. Ted 06:30am, 05/07/2013

    Rax, Pac would be an interesting fight and despite what the “experts” say, the fans would buy up the tickets like they were manna from Heaven. Late is always better than never and having notched Pac on your resume will give Mayweather a big boost for his legacy. The guys he has to avoid early on are Rios, Matthysse, and anyone else who could maul and mug him in close. Don’t get me wrong, I think he beats Rios, but I’d stay clear of the other monster. Martinez is another he could take on pretty soon. That, like Pac, would = lots of money.

  25. Ted 06:25am, 05/07/2013

    Khan. Second choice—Alexander.

  26. dollarbond 06:20am, 05/07/2013

    So who will it be in the final analysis?  Your prediction, please?

  27. kid vegas 06:20am, 05/07/2013

    Rax, welcome from Henderson , Nevada and Lake Las Vegas.  I agree on all points.

  28. raxman 06:12am, 05/07/2013

    kid vegas - i concur. although i think pac would have his moments i think short of a lucky punch floyd is too good a counter puncher - and as we know from the jmm fights pac’s lack of a jab (mostly he hasn’t needed one) brings him undone when in with someone who can fight off the back foot.

  29. Ted 05:35am, 05/07/2013

    Mike, I’ll get back to you today. I promise.

  30. Mike Schmidt 04:52am, 05/07/2013

    Ted got the stuff. Now amigo please email me back on our little project when you take a breather, like the machine dat ya r, from yer keyboard. As for young Mr Floyd Jr—well he certainly does not have to prove a damn thing to anybody and if he rides off into the sunset with a ton of dough and 50-0 then he will be one of the lucky ones in a vast waste field of fighters that ended up with bad health and no dough—see ya lad. PS Russ checked in from Las Vegas—he loves the place—they have 24 hour pool halls—what can a man say!!!!!!

  31. Ted 02:57am, 05/07/2013

    Mike, see my post below where I say:

    Rios vs Alvarado is all about the best fighting the best. So is Froch-Kessler and Bute-Pascal, but after that the new model is in vogue. It’s just the way it is and you either recognize or you walk away from it.
    That’s why I like the lower weights and the Super Middleweight division where the best fight the best more often. Mares-Ponce de Leon is Exhibit A.

    Unfortunately, EXHIBITS B, C D,E, F, G and so are all about getting a 20-0 record and then embracing the new model. Broner is a prime example.

    I still prefer the best fight the best and love it when they do. That’s why I like Rios so much. Santa Cruz, who is atypically active, will be a good test of this as he continues to remain undefeated

  32. Mike Schmidt 06:20pm, 05/06/2013

    I fully appreciated the HUGE talent that Floyd is—out of ring activity—I do not really care as you know Ted. Now, as for Paul’s comment that the landscape is not exactly littered with Jr Middle’s to fight—come come now—you don’t think this BEAST GGG would not ink it up in a heartbeat—There is one HUGE difference in todays scrappers as compared to yesteryear and Larry Holmes has commented on this—the best used to fight the best—that just is not the case anymore and Floyd and Pac will have that mark on their legacy -= both to blame

  33. Ted 05:31pm, 05/06/2013

    Here is Magno’s take and he makes some good points:


  34. Ted 05:28pm, 05/06/2013

    One call doesn’t make him immortal. He may be a legend in his own mind but HE is a good writer. Maybe I’m jealous.

  35. Mike Schmidt 05:26pm, 05/06/2013

    PS- don’t get me wrong on all this by the by- Floyd is a wonder on all fronts—amazing scrapper but for the casual fan or new fan tuning in—the style is not going to engender a big wow factor—it is not a Rios vs Alvarado thing—for pure boxing skill and smarts—well it aint done yet but Floyd will as it goes right now go down as something very special and well he should.

  36. Mike Schmidt 05:23pm, 05/06/2013


  37. Ted 05:17pm, 05/06/2013

    Borges rarely gets it right, ya dig

  38. Mike Schmidt 04:58pm, 05/06/2013

    Ron Borges got it write/right as always. Lots of booing from the crowd, worked the fight like an insurance actuary—played the safe odds. Great for Floyd—and he is not to be blamed-hell 17 years get it anyway you can—but, but, but, we the viewer did not have to like that particular brand of .....action, is that word?????

  39. Ted 04:24pm, 05/06/2013

    “It will be there for Khan as long as he wins. All the more so if he goes up to Floyd’s weight and it becomes a unification fight,” stated Richard Schaefer.

    “Tell Khan we’re coming for him,” said Roger Mayweather,

  40. Ted 02:35pm, 05/06/2013

    The Krusher, glad you enjoyed the humor. I always try to insert some but mostly miss the mark.

  41. Ted 02:34pm, 05/06/2013

    Mike, good point on the KO thing

  42. Ted 02:33pm, 05/06/2013

    Well Don, you are out of vogue I reckon. Me, I enjoy watching him continue to evolve as required.

  43. Mike Schmidt 12:01pm, 05/06/2013

    Don got it right—Ted I have a business model as well—when I fall asleep during the nine and ten round it means I am not PPV spending my dollars on the next one—boring stuff it was. Mares put on a great scrap and thank heavens for that. Unfortunately for Floyd, and yes he is superb, he does not have any dance partners to push him to that level that we can actually see how great he is= quite clearly the Ghosts are not even close to his level—Gamboa—put some weight on please. I do agree on Floyd beating Sergio and for years had Floyd giving Manny a primo boxing lesson. One chink in the Floyd armour that for me separates him from a long list of GREAT WELTERS—he just does not have that KO finishing power

  44. The Krusher 11:40am, 05/06/2013

    “Mexecution of Manny Pacquiao” is a great line almost as funny as Ortiz dancing with the stars, That’s some funny shit, Ted.

  45. Don from Prov 11:37am, 05/06/2013

    Even though I still like watching him fight, I believe that I have walked away from Floyd: I should—and will try to—walk away from these discussions of Jr./the greatness of Jr. because I feel that he long ago sold out his immense talent.  I’m not big on jumping onto whatever bandwagon is in vogue.

    IMO, any vogue that Jr. represents will = another body blow for the sport—
    In the LONG haul.  I leave the field to those who paid him 32 million.

  46. Ted 11:32am, 05/06/2013

    Broner fighting the midget Reese or the aging Paulie is not about fighting the best, but the fans will suck it up like so much honey and syrup.

    Fury should fight Povetkin or Pulev, but I doubt that he will. 

    The Klits embraced the model ions ago but it is not their fault that the opposition is so limited.

    Even GGG has followed it, but after almost 400 amateur fights, i kind of understand why.

    Bute going into Froch’s lion den and fighting him there is pure Old School buy very rare.

  47. Ted 11:28am, 05/06/2013

    Not at all. Rios vs Alvarado is all about the best fighting the best. So is Froch-Kessler and Bute-Pascal, but after that the new model is in vogue. It’s just the way it is and you either recognize or you walk away from it.
    That’s why I like the lower weights and the Super Middleweight division where the best fight the best more often. Mares-Ponce de Leon is Exhibit A.

    Unfortunately, EXHIBITS B, C D,E, F, G and so are all about getting a 20-0 record and then embracing the new model. Broner is a prime example.

    I still prefer the best fight the best and love it when they do. That’s why I like Rios so much. Santa Cruz, who is atypically active, will be a good test of this as he continues to remain undefeated.

  48. Don from Prov 11:21am, 05/06/2013

    You seem to have sold out the “best fight the best”—
    Or traded it in for a business model—

    Money justifies all.  Well, Floyd is a fighter for our times.

  49. Ted 11:16am, 05/06/2013

    I agree Bill, Chavez needs to move up to at least super middleweight. He also needs to watch his personal life.

  50. dollarbond 11:13am, 05/06/2013

    At this point, Martinez is a perfect foe for Floyd Merriweather.  Floyd would box circles around him.  Floyd needs to stay away from Junior Chavez because that guy is a cruiserweight in a middleweight body.  He is too big.  Sorry for the long post.

  51. Ted 11:07am, 05/06/2013

    Manny who was Mexicuted the last time out.—Typo

  52. Ted 11:06am, 05/06/2013


    Finally Te Tumbo sends his regards from ESB.

  53. Ted 11:03am, 05/06/2013

    The people who give him 32 million per fight care. And yes indeed, he has established a new business model in boxing which I have written about at great length to wit: More bangs for the buck or said another way, get the most money at the least risk and that, therefore, rules out GGG—-but not necessarily Manny was Mexicuted the last time out.

  54. Don from Prov 10:59am, 05/06/2013

    He should have fought Martinez and Manny already—

    Those are probably baked. 
    If he really wants greatness than Canelo and GGG.
    But he’s a corporation and the business model rules, so—who cares?

  55. Ted 10:53am, 05/06/2013

    But it’s all about business and it would be bad business to fight GGG. Look at it this way, I think GGG butchers Maravilla at this point in time. If so, why should Floyd risk being bruised and mauled by this brute even if Floyd wins?

    Heck, I think Matthysse is more of a threat than Martinez at this point. Sergio’s last 13 rounds have not been very impressive. Plus he has been injury prone and his body might be breaking down in plain sight.

    Man, if I were Team Mayweather, I’d be chomping at the bit. And Sergio would be dumb not to bite because he would get more money than all of his other fights combined.

    Now if Team Mayweather is reading this advice, I’d like a small stipend for my contributions. Just wet my beak a tad and I’ll be content.

  56. Mike Schmidt 10:43am, 05/06/2013

    Agreed—but then I am not the guy suggesting greatest of all time status and if you want to match the superb Mayweather with Maravilla then this monster, GGG, well he is the same weight class. Time to pony on up….

  57. Ted 10:11am, 05/06/2013

    Mike, I don’t see him risking his “0” on a guy like GGG.  Golovkin punishes his opponents and ruins them. If Floyd fought him , it would have to be Number 5 because if he fought him earlier, there might not be any 2,3,4, and 5

  58. Ted 10:06am, 05/06/2013

    Yes, I missed that Brook thing. He is injured more than anyone out there.

  59. Mike Schmidt 07:24am, 05/06/2013

    If all want to see Martinez at a catchweight—why not GGG at 154????

  60. Matt Mosley 07:07am, 05/06/2013

    Ted, Kell Brook pulled out of the Alexander fight with an injury to his foot.
    Alexander now gets a relative gimme in Lee Purdy instead.
    Canelo is the one i want to see in with Floyd but many seem to think that will happen next year. Outside of him the pickings look a bit slim to me.
    I would rather see Alexander face Floyd than Khan.
    Khan’s defensive deficiencies and lack of punch resistance are too great to mix with someone of Floyd’s caliber, imo.
    That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It probably will, but i would rather see someone who has earned it get a chance.

  61. kid vegas 06:23am, 05/06/2013

    Raxman, I see Floyd beating Pac-Man if the should ever meet. How about you?

  62. FrankinDallas 06:19am, 05/06/2013

    Khan, Provodnikov, and Marquez should not be in this discussion.
    Khan is not a top 25 fighter and isn’t worthy of a title shot; the Russian is a dead man walking vs Floyd, and Marquez has already been schooled by Money.

    I realize that it’s all about the Benjamins, and he can make $$ with Khan so that bout is a possibilty but the other two are silly. I don’t think many Mexicans will pay to see their hero slapped around for 12 rounds, AGAIN.

    Canelo? Yes, that’s a big $$$$ payday. Is he ready? No, but then who is?
    Martinez? I’d like to see that one and also Sergio is past his due by date so it’s less risky for Floyd.

    There is no money in a Trout or Maidana fight.

    Berto? Ortiz? Nope.

    Garcia/Peterson/Mattysse/Bradley/Alexander should all be considered worthy opponents.

    Can Ward get down to 160? THAT’S a fight I’d like to see.

    Pacquiao? Does anyone care anymore? It’s been a 5 years coitus interruptus between these two, but Floyd may wait until Manny is way used up before he fights him.

  63. Ted 06:08am, 05/06/2013

    I agree Mike. He is very smart indeed. And there is nothing that says he HAS to do five more. If he knows he has lost it, he will walk away.

    Good point. Now I must head for the links to seek the hole-in-one I have never gotten.

  64. Mike Casey 06:05am, 05/06/2013

    Yes, Ted, and Floyd will certainly look at the situation with that kind of surgical precision. Whatever his failings, he’s one smart cookie. I have a feeling too - though I hold my breath whenever I say it about a fighter - that he might just be smart enough to walk away from the game at the right time.

  65. Ted 06:05am, 05/06/2013

    By the way, the one guy I think is the most dangerous is Matthysse.
    Floyd must simply avoid him unfair as it might be. This guy has the pop to KO anyone if he hits them flush. Alexander and Zab got gifts against him. He should be undefeated and viewed as such. Just avoid him and substitute an aging Martinez instead to stem the criticism.

  66. Ted 05:59am, 05/06/2013

    Mike, 8 million dollars would inspire me BIG TIME. I’d move to Monaco. If he fights GGG, he risks moving to a nursing home.

    I’d let him marinate for a while as in getting a little longer on the tooth. I’d first get Khan out of the way and maybe Garcia, then I’d focus on Sergio. If Pac is still around and still walking, I’d look at him for a BIG money fight.

    Mayweather is blessed to have so many great options. Now he can concentrate on continuing to improve on his image and legacy.

  67. Mike Casey 05:53am, 05/06/2013

    Yes, Sergio needs something to inspire him at this late stage in his career. The bread-and-butter fights are making him fall asleep at the wheel.

  68. Ted 05:35am, 05/06/2013

    The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of a Martinez fight. As Charles Farrell points out, Martinez can walk away with all the money he will ever need and probably not take the kind of beating (I.E. butchering) he would take at the hands of GGG.

    and as Charles says, there’s no need for the fight to be made at catch weight: Martinez would prefer to come in under 160 anyway, and Floyd can weigh 152 or so, allowing the fight to still be for the title.

  69. Ted 05:32am, 05/06/2013

    James Slater on ESB says the following are the next and he does a good jib at it:

    Here are some fighters who might get the call, and the monster payday:

    Amir Khan. Khan, who was at ringsider last night, has craved a shot at Mayweather for months. Currently ranked at #2 in the WBC welterweight rankings (despite never having boxed at 147!), Khan has plenty to keep him occupied at 140, yet he just might land the dream fight. Could this one even happen in England?

    Danny Garcia. Garcia was also at ringside last night, and though “Swift” has a ton of big fights at 140, it’s possible he could face Mayweather, maybe next year. And Garcia will be an even bigger name if he can defeat the winner of the upcoming Lamont Peterson-Lucas Matthysse fight in the meantime.

    Marcos Maidana. The always-exciting and thoroughly dangerous “El Chino” has won his last two at welterweight and if he can do a good, impressive job on Josesito Lopez in June, who knows, he might land the big one. One thing Maidana can be relied upon to do is swing for the fences and give his all.

    Victor Ortiz. Ortiz, who fell foul of that 4th-round sucker punch when he faced Mayweather in September of 2011, has not won a fight since, yet he somehow remains in the frame for a return with “Money.” This one, despite the controversial nature of the first fight’s ending, would likely prove a tough sell with the fans.

    It’s clear to see, aside from Canelo – and maybe middleweight king Sergio Martinez (who Floyd has shown no interest in fighting) – there are precious few real challenges out there for Mayweather. A fight between Floyd and his ‘clone,” Adrien Broner would certainly be a smash hit at the box office, but this fight seems certain to never take place.

  70. Mike Casey 05:03am, 05/06/2013

    Couldn’t resist it, Ted - it’s a slow day!

  71. Ted 05:01am, 05/06/2013

    Chin Ho Khany is very underrated but he is well regarded in Ho Chi Min City where he has been undefeated for years.

  72. Mike Casey 04:58am, 05/06/2013

    Steve McGarrett meets Chin Ho Khany.

  73. Ted 04:58am, 05/06/2013

    FeRoz has the beat

  74. Ted 04:48am, 05/06/2013

    Money Team twitter sent out a tweet saying “I’m the KHANQUEROR” earlier today…

  75. dollarbond 04:22am, 05/06/2013

    Either Khan or Brook in the UK.  That’s the next one.

  76. Mike Casey 04:05am, 05/06/2013

    “Khan fits the bill. Perfectly. Amir is the new Judah. Good enough and exciting enough to take on and promote but almost assuredly a low risk to a really elite fighter.” Excellent summary, FeRoz! Khan needs to make a pile while the going is still good.

  77. GlennR 03:30am, 05/06/2013

    Good point raxman about Mayweathers weight, he cant do the same as Duran due to the rules.

    Having said that, regardless of what you think of him personally, i see him showing up an aging Martinez easily, handling Canelo without much trouble, and whilst having moments with GGG… winning a close decision

  78. FeRoz 09:38pm, 05/05/2013

    Khan fits the bill. Perfectly. Amir is the new Judah. Good enough and exciting enough to take on and promote but almost assuredly a low risk to a really elite fighter.

  79. FeRoz 09:35pm, 05/05/2013

    Floyd will fight the opponent who yields the highest pay for the lowest risk. And such will be his legacy.

  80. raxman 08:12pm, 05/05/2013

    watching the post fight stuff in the ring I soon realised that the luckiest son of bitch on the planet is Leonard “coattail riding” Ellerbe. google image LE and more often than not there he is at Floyds right shoulder, with the biggest lottery winning smile you’ve ever seen. don’t get me wrong i’m not hating on the man, i’m envious. at the end of the day he’s smiling like that and Floyd’s ass is the only one he has to kiss

  81. raxman 07:43pm, 05/05/2013

    Kid Vegas - and how do you see that fight going?

  82. kid vegas 07:34pm, 05/05/2013

    I would not rule out Pac Man in Singapore.

  83. raxman 06:57pm, 05/05/2013

    Mike Schmidt - 1 salient point to remember is those guys fought same day as the weigh in. Floyd isn’t even a big welter let alone junior middle.

  84. Mike Schmidt 06:45pm, 05/05/2013

    Duran stepped up-way up to Hagler and bigger, Leonard moved up up, Napoles, Benitez etc etc etc—prove the “one of the greatest of all time” well right now that would appear to be GGG who says he will fight at 154—Can’t blame Floyd for not taking on a GGG-in the past guys moved up because dollars dictated it-Floyd is making huge dinero just fine so can’t blame his business model as is—adios Ted—interesting as always.

  85. Paul Magno 06:03pm, 05/05/2013

    Immediately take any Top Rank fighter of the list…Kell Brook is out of the Alexander fight, replaced by relative no-hoper Lee Purdy….Forget about Trout…

    It’s going to come down to Canelo, Khan, or Garcia IMO…

    More likely, though, Mayweather may decide to sit out the year…

  86. Ted 05:56pm, 05/05/2013


  87. raxman 05:55pm, 05/05/2013

    I don’t see the canelo fight happening. he’s too big. despite fighting cotto and Oscar up there, Floyd is no junior middle. 151 pounds is about his top weight. hell he isn’t even a big welter, weighing only 146 for this fight. for Floyd to fight canelo, given Floyd’s fight day weight at junior middle is the same as his weigh in day weight, he’d be given canelo close to a 20 pound advantage

  88. Ted 05:41pm, 05/05/2013

    Your points are taken Charles. Money talks and 8 million talks very loud.

  89. Charles Farrell 05:38pm, 05/05/2013

    It’s either get outclassed over the long haul by Mayweather for something like eight million dollars, or get your head separated from your shoulders by Golovkin for about a quarter that amount.  Seems like an easy call.  I take your point about Floyd not traveling to Argentina, although I think he’ll probably stop Martinez if they fight.  But there’s no need for the fight to be made at catch weight: Martinez would prefer to come in under 160 anyway, and Floyd can weigh 152 or so, allowing the fight to still be for the title.

  90. Ted 05:28pm, 05/05/2013

    Charles, excellent stuff. Martinez is a wild card. The issue there is whether he would make more money fighting GGG or Mayweather. My guess is Mayweather, but Floyd would never go to Argentina to fight him. If Martinez wants a big payday, then he would need to fight PBF at some catch weight.

    Still, you raise the specter of Martinez and it’s a real one. On the other hand, Floyd cannot afford to fight more than two stressful dukes out of the five.

    Of course I am full of self-loathing that I did not mention Martinez but after all, he IS a middleweight.

  91. Charles Farrell 05:23pm, 05/05/2013

    Nice speculation.  I’m inclined to see it as, in order, Khan in England, Canelo in Mexico or Texas, Martinez in Argentina (so that Floyd can claim the “middleweight title”).  All huge money fights, all easy defenses.

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