Why Mosley Lost

By Robert Ecksel on May 10, 2011
Why Mosley Lost

There are lots of kooky theories floating around the internet. Unregulated, uninformed, uninspired, and frequently indigestible, the web can be a wasteland for lost souls trying to find their footing.

According to one theory making the rounds on the net these days, Shane Mosley lost to Manny Pacquiao Saturday night because of his boxing shoes. Yes, you read that right. It was Mosley’s boxing shoes that did him in at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Mosley supposedly ignored his trainer Naazim Richardson when he twice told Shane not to wear new boxing shoes in the ring. Why a fighter with Mosley’s experience and intelligence would flat-out ignore his trainer is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Was it vanity that prompted Mosley’s decision? Did he not want to wear old shoes with his new trunks and robe? Or was Mosley asserting his authority as a former champion, foolishly ignoring the wise men in his corner?

We think the New Shoe Theory is fascinating, if not altogether plausible. One of the things the New Shoe Theory fails to take into account is the other fighter in the ring. Manny Pacquiao hasn’t lost a fight since March 2005 and is undefeated in his last 14 bouts. I know it sounds farfetched, but is it possible those numbers might be as significant as Mosley’s new boxing shoes?

And then there’s the matter of Mosley’s record in his last six fights. He’s won only two bouts since November 2007. Were Shane’s boxing shoes responsible for those losses as well? And if his shoes weren’t the culprit, what other explanation can there be?

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  1. I kno everything 12:43pm, 05/11/2011

    Mayweather will never fight pac-man. Mayweather will not even fight again into pac-man is out of boxing period.Its a shame but the truth

  2. Foxy 06:59am, 05/11/2011

    P.S. Now its Mosleys shoes? Hang up the gloves Shane!

  3. Foxy 06:56am, 05/11/2011

    Mosley took a dive in the Mayweather fight in the sense that he quit fighting after he hurt Floyd so Mayweather could win. Just look at the tape of the fight. Mayweathers legs buckled after Shane hit and hurt him in the second round and Floyd was holding on. Then Mosley quit fighting for the rest of the fight and let Mayweather survive. Money talks and BS walks.

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