Why You Should Not Watch Bradley-Pacquiao II

By Matt McGrain on April 6, 2014
Why You Should Not Watch Bradley-Pacquiao II
The bottom line for many was nothing less than the direct refutation of boxing, by boxing.

There was a sense, I think, that boxing had morphed from a tortured and constricted snake into one that was actually consuming itself…

“Not to help justice in her need would be an impiety.”—Plato

Truth be told, what spared boxing’s blushes in the wake of the disastrous summer 2012 decision for the first Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley robbery was the total incompetence of the people who organized it. From the WBO, for whose “title” the fight was staged, to the judging panel that included the since suspended judge CJ Ross whose astounding ability to come up with a drawn cards in clear fights was already notorious, to promoter Bob Arum who, lest it be forgotten, is a man who has admitted to bribing rankings organizations in order to obtain status for his fighters, the fight reeked. But this is normal. Arum promotes dozens of fights, every year. CJ Ross was a judge in regular work, despite her ineptitude. The WBO gouges money from fighters every time one of them inexplicably decides to stump up cash to fight for one of those belts – in fact they will be gouging fans and fighters both later this month after naming the grotesquely underqualified Alex Leapai as their #1 heavyweight contender, making one of the most ridiculous heavyweight championship bouts in living memory between him and Wladimir Klitschko.

The point is, only us, only the boxing fans and press would have gone into Bradley-Pacquiao-Bradley I expecting it to come out clean. Any other sport – any other sport in the entire world – where the fight was organized by a corrupt promoter and the fight was to be scored by at least one notoriously useless judge and the organization in overall control of the fight was known by the fans of that sport to be, at best, almost useless, in any other sport the fans would have been saying to one another, “I got a bad feeling about this boys.” Boxing fans are so thoroughly and doggedly abused that we just…don’t…notice the fucking stink.

So guess what. They’re doing it again. Organizing the rematch is corrupt promoter Bob Arum. Overseeing the contest is the World Boxing Organization. And, best of all, incompetent simpleton Glenn Trowbridge sits among the judges. 

Trowbridge makes Ross look like a genius. His 115-113 card in favor of Brandon Rios in 2012’s other horrorshow decision, the robbery of Richar Abril, would be the worst of the year if he hadn’t somehow been trumped by one of the other idiots on day release that had wandered into the stadium, had a pen stuck in his hand and then managed to find an even wider scorecard. In essence, the WBO and Arum lined their pockets in the first fight and now they are doing it again without even bothering to make it look right.

And, in a way, this is their protection.

Inconsistencies in judging and inexplicable refereeing are so much an accepted part of boxing culture that it protects any nefarious influences which may be profiting by it. In the immediate aftermath of the first Pacquiao-Bradley robbery, there was speculation voiced in every corner of the internet and by Teddy Atlas (God bless him on these worst of days, no matter how you feel about him the rest of the time) as to one thing – were we robbed by thieves or embarrassed by imbeciles? David Matthew, writing for this website, was in no doubt.

“Let me be clear,” he said in the excellent Corruption Hidden In Plain Sight, “[T]his was not an instance of judicial incompetence…[The judges] didn’t simply get it wrong with reasonably foreseeable analytical error. They got it wrong on purpose. This was a criminal display of unabashed corruption. Yes, the fight was fixed.”

Two days earlier, only a few hours after the closing bell, I had expressed similar feelings in Pacquiao Robbed – Now Nobody Is Safe. After detailing the short e-mail I had sent to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, providing their e-mail address and inviting readers to do the same (many did), I begged, “[O]nce you’ve sent your email, commit yourself to missing Pacquiao-Bradley II. I will not be buying it and you shouldn’t either. It must fail at the box office. Everyone that buys this fight is in some small way giving their blessing to the decision in the first one. After that what you need to do is pray that [judges] Ford and Ross are total idiots. Because if they’re not, they’re criminals.”

The reaction to both “Corruption Hidden In Plain Sight” and “Pacquiao Robbed” was overwhelming. I have never, in all my years as a boxing fan come across strength of feeling so pronounced as that which greeted this robbery. Perhaps this was because of Pacquiao’s visibility as one of the standard bearers of the sport. He was a cash cow, one of the two Hindu bovines that rightly or wrongly operated with impunity in boxing’s tortured power structure. Now this titanium rule had been shattered. There was a sense, I think, that we were watching the golden goose being slaughtered, that boxing had morphed from a tortured and constricted snake into one that was actually consuming itself.

Regardless of the reasoning, the comments sections below both of these offerings were swamped. People demanded an investigation by an FBI, rebuked “the most corrupt sport ever” and most disturbingly declared that they were “done with boxing” because, they quite rightly protested, what is the point? What is the point in gambling on, rooting for or trying to understand a sport where either criminality or incompetence, not excellence, decided the outcome of the struggle?

There is none; there is no point. The bottom line for many was nothing less than the direct refutation of boxing, by boxing. Something no abolitionist has been able to do in more than one-hundred years of protest, boxing itself achieved in an evening. If you think about it in those terms it seems almost a feat of greatness.

Since, things have cooled, for a number of reasons. Firstly, Pacquiao was beaten legitimately, by Juan Manuel Marquez, and by knockout no less. This is important, because it retrospectively undermined the sacredness of Pacquiao’s standing. The massed ranks of boxing’s fans fanned out just a little after that devastating right hand thrown by the Mexican. Secondly, Bradley rehabilitated himself the same way disgraced warriors have been rehabilitating themselves for a thousand generations – in a war, with Ruslan Provodnikov. Bradley had done nothing wrong and the judges degraded him as surely as they stole from Pacquiao to the point where Bradley, the supposed victor, talked openly about retiring so great was his distress. After the intense violence of Provodnikov he was remembered no more as the villain of Las Vegas but the hero of California. The just evaporation of misdirected hate cooled the pot another few degrees.

Finally, time passed. 

Remember that picture pre-robbery of Bradley holding aloft a huge mock-up of a ticket for a rematch, after his victory? That rematch was supposed to be held just months later. Why did that fight never take place?

For once, the stink had grown too foul even for boxing fans. For all that Arum, a man who has been pursued by the FBI for alleged criminality, is a hideous drain on boxing, he reads a crowd as well as anyone and the crowd was beyond fury. There was also the WBO to consider.

Whether it just makes its way in the world in a profound state of confusion or, as many fans believe, it is a corrupt organization, even the WBO couldn’t hold its nose through that stink. They ordered a review of the decision and installed a panel of five judges to perform it. When those judges inevitably found that the decision was disgusting there was talk of stripping the blameless Bradley and handing the belt back to the bemused Pacquiao. When Pacquiao announced that he did not want the belt but that he would welcome the WBO declaring it vacant instead, the WBO balked. There is nothing these organizations care for less than a vacant championship. It costs them money. The idea was quietly shelved.

Pacquiao also announced that he had no interest in fighting a rematch, because he had already beaten Bradley, which of course, he had. This was a brave stance, but it was inevitable that when the stink was obscured and the money was made right the rematch would come. And it has, for these reasons and for others. 

“The only way to describe it is ridiculous. We’re not morons, all of us.”

That was Bob Arum speaking during the post-fight press-conference for the first robbery. Are we morons? I don’t know. I sometimes think the only way to enjoy boxing these days is with a shrug – maybe to watch the fights like they are another entertainment, like WWE or a soap opera. When things go wrong, just tune out for a few days, then tune back in, refuse to take it seriously. But I’m not quite there yet. Are you?

If you’re not, skip this fight. Don’t buy it. Don’t validate that first decision. Do something with the kids, do something with your girl, go to the movies. Or better yet – don’t pay, but stay close. There are alternatives. Here’s a quick Boxing.com guide to four different ways of catching the fight without condoning that robbery:

1 – Wait for the fight to appear on YouTube or Boxing.com

Boxing has an uneasy relationship with YouTube and sites like it. On the one hand, companies like HBO know that they provide priceless exposure to commodities that they themselves only spotlight once or twice a year. On the other, it does represent a measure of signal theft and that is a buzz-word in the broadcasting industry that brings the thunder of the frowns of a thousand lawyers. Freshly contested fights tend to be up and down on video service websites in the weeks immediately after a fight for this reason, but this fight will be available in hours and days after. Skip it and catch it in the morning as part of Boxing.com’s coverage or at YouTube itself.

2 – Monitor the round by round traffic on Twitter or a boxing forum

Dedicated fans take great pleasure in describing the action in great detail for those unlucky enough to be stuck at work – or troubled by their conscience. The big three forums, Eastside Boxing, Check Hook Boxing and Boxing Scene will all produced detailed accounts of the fight as it unfolds (“Intentional Butt” at Eastside Boxing is perhaps the definitive “RBR” currently). This will keep you abreast of the action until the video emerges.

3 – Live in Britain, or another country where the fight isn’t pay-per-view

Because this is a question of bottom-line, there is nothing to be gained by missing a fight you aren’t paying for. I accept that – just as I accept that it’s more than a little unfair to expect Americans and Canadians to skip the fight whilst condoning British and Irish fans sitting down in front of the television with a cold one. Be comforted my cousins across the ocean – if you decide to boycott I, at the very least, will be shoulder to shoulder with you. There will be no free-to-air fight for me. The stink is on this one and I want nothing to do with it.

4 – Direct signal theft

Almost every single broadcast channel you can name, pay-per-view or otherwise, from dedicated religious television to fetish-specific pornography is uploaded, live, to the internet. This is illegal, and is the sharp end of signal theft and we at Boxing.com do not condone it.

We absolutely do not condone watching this fight on the internet free of charge. We do not condone googling vipboxuk, clicking on “boxing” and selecting Bradley-Pacquiao on the night of the fight. Nor do we condone searching for Wizwig.tv or “HBO Stream” an hour before the fight begins. We advise strictly against using this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=httuIXjGz0Y to run your laptop through your television and we would not think to recommend that you keep other internet traffic to a minimum while you watch that television to prevent interference or lag. 

We would not recommend it, because it is criminal, and criminals must be punished.

David Matthew’s surety that criminals, not idiots, were responsible for that debacle almost two years ago was once shared by the boxing community, but for most, that surety and the anger associated with it has slipped away. So I understand that this plea to punish the second fight for the crimes of the first will fall, for the most part, upon deaf ears. In the end, it is the hardcore fan that visits Boxing.com, and the hardcore fans feel bad about missing big fights like this one.

But do please have a think about it. And do remember, too, that if they should rob a fighter next Saturday night – if they should rob you, the paying public – it was obvious. The signs were there. There isn’t another sport in the world that would go ahead with an event of this magnitude with these bozos in charge.

Just the one where you risk your life every time you slip between those hallowed ropes.

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Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley FULL FIGHT 09/06/2012

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  1. FrankinDallas 04:19pm, 04/12/2014

    I am shocked….SHOCKED….to hear that boxing is corrupt and a cellpool.
    I had always believed promoters were angels and judges were cherubs.

    Pesonally I am not paying for this bout because I rarely pay for bouts. The result
    of a boycott would be to take $$ out of the mouths of the boxers which is idiotic
    IMO. You want action? Write to your congressman ..add a $50 bill….or HBO/Showtime and get it off your chest.

  2. Arjay Cee 11:03am, 04/12/2014

    Props to Matt for nothing short of the boxing article of the year.  I’ll add only that the fight is a confluence of multiple sewers, those headed by the stinkmaster Arum, the laughable WBO and two national tax organizations which are now effectively Manny’s slave owners compelling him to fight on past his pinnacle and apparently past his desire.  That men put their lives on the line under these conditions isn’t new—it is an old travesty, the shame of this beautiful, broken sport.

  3. Your Name 10:01am, 04/12/2014

    Wow ! My head is spinning from all the wisdom in the article and some jewels in the comments. Perhaps that is why I think Pacquiao learned a lesson in his first fight with Bradley.

    Bradley is a USA BOXER, Pacquiao is a from the Phillipines . Due to his skill and success, Pacquiao was initially adopted by USA fans and was given the benefit of a doubt against Marquez until Marquez finally landed the most telling blow in the marathons of fights between them.

    So, when the USA ‘Unbeaten’ boxer Bradley managed to go the distance with Pacquiao, it was the golden opportunity for a tiny few , to exact a Grand Coup, and crown a USA boxer.

    I think Pacquiao was totally surprised that e had been robbed, because he has always been given the nod previously. That loss probably hurt Pacquiao more than his knockout my Marquez .

    So, I see Pacquiao fighting every minute of every round tonight and possibly knocking out Bradley. If not a knockout, Pacquiao will win a lopsided decision.

    That of course is if only if a few pitty pats are not counted as greater than mind numbing left hooks.

  4. coeumo 11:23am, 04/11/2014

    I decided not to watch Pac-Marquez IV for similar reasons. The loser in that decision was me. I missed an epic moment in an epic series by two of the most talented and storied boxers of the last decade. I won’t be missing this one no matter how I feel about the previous bout.

  5. FightClubWriter 08:32am, 04/11/2014

    I wasn’t going to watch this fight, but this article may have convinced me to order the pay-per-view. I don’t mind matches with pre-determined outcomes as long as there is a great amount of in-ring psychology and storytelling. This fight might have all that. If I don’t stop 70 bucks on this fight, I will just pass the time reading about the greatest pound-for-pound fictional fighters to never walk this earth…

  6. bk don 06:19am, 04/10/2014

    Awesome piece, as usual by Mr. McGrain. I do disagree though. I have no proof or evidence to dispute that there was criminality behind the decision in the 1st fight, but someone needs to show me the motive behind it. Why would Bradley winning be more profitable for Arum/Top Rank? at the end of the day, it has to come down to money. Pacman was at 1 pt arguably the sports biggest star, it’s now clearly Mayweather. The loss in this fight & then subquesquent ko to Marquez diminished his star & ppv drawing power which in effect hurt Arum/Top Rank’s earnings. Yeah, Bradley’s career got a bit of a boost, but most boxing observers thought he lost & he was villifiedby the fans for being awarded a clearly undeserved victory. He wasn’t propelled into becoming a ppv star & there wasn’t even much of a demand for a rematch b/c the 1st fight was so lopsided so him winning didn’t really help Arum/TR. He would’ve returned to HBO’s airwaves win, lose or draw. So unless you’re going to say Bradley, or someone financially tied in to him paid the judges to win who had a motive to fix this decision? believe it was just inept judging by judges who have proven over time to be incomptent and unable to do their job.

  7. MikeT 05:54pm, 04/09/2014

    You’re right on, and it was, as you say, the passage of time that has taken the facts from my memory (particularly the facts of the aftermath). I was planning on watching, but now I won’t. There. One convert. I didn’t read all the comments, but there is also the option of watching fan cards posted on either fightjudge.com or eyeonthering.com. Fightjudge has more users, but eyeonthering doesn’t make you sign up to see the cards. Either is a good complement to your RBR of choice (ESB is good).

    I don’t know that the casual fan will think about any of this. He’s going to buy the fight as always, because he just wants to see some action. The title of Corruption Hidden in Plain Sight was/is right on. If it were less hidden, change would be easier to come by.

  8. Steven 08:33am, 04/09/2014

    Interesting the disparity of views if the first fight.  I have been a judge for pro fights many years. There is simply no way Bradley won more than 4 rounds. Pac was the aggressor. Pac had the harder punches. Pac was in charge of the ring. Bradley threw anemic shots that are the typical speedsters pitty pats that for me do not score effectively.

    Of the two Bradley has suffered the most punishment. A clean KO vs a 12 round pummeling (and save for the ref a certain loss once again for the bobble head) was much more damaging.

    Pac will take this man out or the corner will throw in the towel.

    And maybe, just maybe Pac will beat some sense into this disrespectful deluded little man.

  9. Ted 05:16pm, 04/08/2014

    The undercard on this one is more than enough reason to not buy PPV and I WILL NOT buy PPV.

  10. Ted 04:40pm, 04/08/2014

    Pete Hamill “You cannot love anything that lives in a sewer.”

  11. Ted 04:38pm, 04/08/2014

    I cited that sewage film in one of my recent articles but the cesspool reference will be cited in my next piece. It was made in 2002 by Hauser.

  12. Matt McGrain 08:50am, 04/08/2014

    Here’s a reference from 1992, boys!  Also, brilliant, brilliant.


  13. Ted 08:08am, 04/08/2014

    He may have stolen it , but he still said it

  14. Mike Silver 10:58pm, 04/07/2014

    Not quite Ted.  I won’t give him credit for that.  It was Pete Hamill who said in 1996 that boxing “lives in a sewer”.  Cesspool, sewer..same difference. Hauser copped it from him.

  15. Critical Beatdown 09:30pm, 04/07/2014

    I rarely comment but have to say that I think this article is well-written and well-reasoned. I can’t say as much for some of the comments. I like boxing.com because it’s a thinking man’s boxing site. In the comments, grammar is not as important as making some sort of sense and at least relating the comments to the article. So when you struggle to be coherent, you muddy the discussion. Likewise, when you repeat yourself over and over, you’re just annoying. And if you call an author stupid, one who could run circles around you with their prose, you sound, well, stupid. Nuff said. Step up your verbal game or step off. Please.

  16. Thresher 03:11pm, 04/07/2014

    “because I want to see two people punching in the head. ” WTF

  17. retech son 12:47pm, 04/07/2014

    Well, I already purchased my PPV subscription. As a boxing fan I will watch all boxing fights whatever it is, and I don’t care who wins because I want to see two people punching in the head.

    But if I know a fighter who used to dive, then that’s a boycott. Or a fight that is set-up that one will dive, that’s a boycott.

  18. Ted 12:23pm, 04/07/2014

    Matt raises a great question here, but boxing writers have to write about boxing. They have to watch the BIG fights so they can write about them and tell the fans what happened. I get the boycott issue but a Pac only comes along once in a great while and I don’t want to miss him. It would be like boycotting a comet. So I guess I will post facto validate the first decision by anteing up the PPV amount but so be it.

  19. Ted 07:23am, 04/07/2014

    Mike Silver, it was Thomas Hauser who said that.

  20. NYIrish 04:12am, 04/07/2014

    No matter how you slice the baloney fans will watch this fight. It shapes up to be a good one. Boycott fights because of shady promoters and crooked judges. How has that worked out historically? At least we won’t have to watch on a barge off shore. It’s not on the level.

  21. Darrell 02:40am, 04/07/2014

    Will be watching on livestream.  I won’t watch a PPV purely due to the cost, as I don’t like fight parties because I actually like to watch the fight.  Couldn’t care less about the corruption, graft, whatever as we downunder get to see so few truly top fighters fighting against each other due to the major promo companies freezing each other out.  Drooling over this!

    You guys stick by your principles…...I’m on this one in real time & for free.

    BTW, don’t keep up the charade that Pac won the last fight easily & that it was a robbery…..it was a tight decision either way.  The “beatified” one spent half that fight doing absolutely nothing, doesn’t spell robbery to me.

  22. Mike Silver 10:40pm, 04/06/2014

    Hmm…who said “boxing is a cesspool” first? I believe it was the Greek poet Homer, about 3000 years ago, in the aftermath of a bout between Euralous and Epeios.

  23. Jojo 10:23pm, 04/06/2014

    You crazy! All Pacquiao fights are a must see! Come on man! Stop hating one the Greatest of All Time!  Only boxer in the history to be be eight division champion!  Hahahha you must be out of your mind not to watch the fight! This kind of fighter only comes in a lifetime or even ever! Booooooooo !

  24. bikermike 07:59pm, 04/06/2014

    ....folks…this ain’t like that leonard Hagler rematch that shudda..cudda….and even I can’t deny that leonard Hearns II happened..after sixty years…

    THIS ONE ..is about the MAN…Pacquiao…...going after that guy…Bradley…who ...some say…stole his Title…  At Least the ducks line up ...that Bradley gets to show his stuff….....ditto Pacquiao…......like I said…I’m bringing the beer…and planning to get my money back…hundred on Bradley…straight up

  25. bikermike 07:45pm, 04/06/2014


    ...Boxing is a cesspool…....
    lots of folks say that…..but who said it first

  26. bikermike 07:23pm, 04/06/2014

    Mike Silver made a post re…that living proof that anal sex is dangerous…Don King…

    ...That any reliable and credible organization would recognize this ‘gentleman’ ...is proof of the need of a Commission

    Mike Silver….Keep ‘em, coming

  27. bikermike 07:14pm, 04/06/2014

    I’m not paying a dime for another ........good ol ‘.....warm ..and honest ...caring and fairness kind of guy like arum…..but ....I’m bringing the beer..and the Jamaicans will pay….the price to see this one….and my buddies take care of transportation…..my hundred bucks is on Bradley…no odds…just straight up

  28. bikermike 06:54pm, 04/06/2014

    too true that Ted…....gonna have to fly right ...straight….and like that….and North American Professional Boxing…has been lacking….‘cept for that Radner period….and the rest were worse…...

    If we want to encourage Athletes from amateurs…..to enter Professional ....WHY ??...guarenteed corruption

  29. Ted 06:35pm, 04/06/2014

    “Boxing is a cesspool”

    Know who said that?

  30. bikermike 06:29pm, 04/06/2014

    OK .....we are all fight fans…..OK..

    Ted and I have agreed to disagree about leonard vs HAGLER…...and….once again…...we have agreed to disagree on the Bradley Pacquiao thing…...btw…...The BULL is not alone on this…both fights…

    All I’m say’n…..is Pac has bigger balls than whatslacofballsmayweather….to FIGHT

  31. Mike Silver 06:28pm, 04/06/2014

    Any sport that can give honors to and pay homage and respect to characters like King and Arum deserves what it gets. Fans included.

  32. bikermike 05:52pm, 04/06/2014

    I’m gonna say now…and I’m gonna say it LOUD….Bradley beats Pacquiao….AGAIN….

  33. bikermike 05:49pm, 04/06/2014

    here’s how it goes….....
    some folks ...outside Pacquaio’s immediate family…have interests

    ...ditto..some folks outside Bradley’s immediate family ...also have interests….

    ...after Bradley did the ‘leon spinks against ali’ thing…..and Paquiao went on to get caught by a hateful and long needed punch from Marquez…...

    It will be hard to sell the Pacman/mayweather thing…....until…and unless…Paquiao dismisses Bradley

    At least Pac ...as a long time brilliant fighter….has the cojones to face Bradley…...
    leonard never faced Pryor…nor gave Hagler his rematch….........Pacquiao has class
    .....on the other hand…having been kniocked colder than a repuclican vote against single mothers…....Pacquiao lost to Marquez….Marquez lost to Bradley…..Bradley beat both Pacquiao…AND Marquez

    I’m glad ...as a fight fan…..to see this one happening

    I just can’t shake off that RJJ and Hopkins thing…last time..

    See ,,,in Tennis…we see the best against the best….lots of times…I know that fighters get chewed up a bit…so…..maybe ....say….....fight every sixty days…or earlier…..a COMMISSION ...similar to Baseball….would be a step towards taking care of those….who are not taken care of…..for every Manny Steward…Freddie Roach….et al….there are about sixteen thousand others

    Gone are the days of ...ten ..twenty people…to gather to watch a major fight…and .....by the time I get through the first batch of ‘cherry in brandy’.........once i wound up in Vancouver ....with three charges
    ,,,besides….Cindy has passed away…and .....I grieve

  34. bikermike 05:15pm, 04/06/2014

    Matt…..although we disagree on the principle….you are a very good writer..and I hope to read some more…like I have before

  35. bikermike 05:11pm, 04/06/2014

    matt….I share your passion…but I ‘m gonna be with my Jamaican buddies for this one…respectfully

  36. bikermike 05:06pm, 04/06/2014

    Bradley is like that girl that came to the dance in the sixties…..with no underwear..

    Bradley isn’t coming to this rematch to ‘dance’....he’s coming to beat an old .and once brilliant NAME FIGHTER…........AGAIN

  37. bikermike 05:00pm, 04/06/2014

    Ok…..seriously…...unless you guys want to legalize bricks in the gloves…or sniper in the crowd…....

    .....................and assuming the referee and judges are somewhat familiar with the rules they are charged to enforce…..

    Bradley won that fight…

    now…..several YEARS ///;///later….Manny wants to take another shot…at Bradley…........Tell y0u what…....if the ring is square…...Bradley wins

    He never wears underwear

  38. bikermike 04:52pm, 04/06/2014

    seeing that Bradley will…and not…..be received as THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALENCE…ie beat the best…
    I must admire Pacquiao and his brain trust ...for giving us this thing….

    Bradley fought his way up to the point where he got his ‘SHOT’ at the TITLE….and he won…...and some dispute continues

    Bradley has received little to no respect..for that effort

    Cost Bradley .....millions…
    OK…now let’s see ............................................Pity that ....the sperm gargler leonard never gave HAGLER the same opportunity

  39. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:49pm, 04/06/2014

    Speaking of which….in the ninth round the referee can clearly be heard warning Rubio to “stop complaining”....gotta love it…of course in the next round Rubio cold cocks Spada.

  40. bikermike 04:40pm, 04/06/2014

    read the posts….and saw the fight….

    Bradley won…..Pacquiao lost…..that’s it!!!

    Sure….manny had some other things on his plate..Congress duties…gambling thing to control…domestic problems…...so let’s say he was distracted in his preparation for that FIRST LOSS TO BRADLEY…..1111

    OK…now it’s going to happen….Bradley vs Pacquiao…

    Too bad that leonard Hagler rematch didn’t happen

  41. Ted 04:38pm, 04/06/2014


  42. sum 03:33pm, 04/06/2014

    you are crying out loud for a foul decision made by these people and commission promoters , not only that you hate the most corrupt sport (boxing) as what you’ve said, suddenly you spend time campaigning not to watch this rematch it is a total blasphemy against yourself. sorry but i tell you. “you are going to watch this fight” no matter what,or else you have nothing to write afterward. we need more like you who is vigilant watching every moves that we can’t (CASUAL FANS) see the dark side of boxing. i like your intention , yes, we don’t want (fans) to watch a scripted fights and corrupt practices in this deadly sports, health and life matters most. please watch this fight very carefully and share to us once again your intellectual point of view and tells us what’s really happening in this world of boxing that all OF US will be enlighten. if you are brave enough to fights these corrupt piranhas and we are on your side of truth. GOD SPEED.

  43. Mateng 02:53pm, 04/06/2014

    I’m not sure if we should blame those people mentioned by the writer, though I agree that the decision was corrupted, the judges were corrupted, but I think the one who really benefited in all this fiasco is the one who relieved manny as the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world, manny was totally erased from being number 1.  And this guy has his on gang who’s capable of doing anything in Vegas.  What a way to be number1 without facing your most feared opponent!

  44. Pedong 02:33pm, 04/06/2014

    Nice article Matt McGrain! But no matter what you said, I will still watch the fight. I don’t care about the decision, because all I wanted to see is the action.

  45. Ted 12:59pm, 04/06/2014

    I did my part


  46. Ted 12:46pm, 04/06/2014

    Actually, Hauser had it for Bradley! But watch Buffer’s eyes just before he reads the scoring. He looks down at Jim Lampley and makes an ever-so-slight frown as if to say “get ready because you won’t believe what is coming.” And Lampley’s reaction was off the wall.

    Aside from Santa Cruz-Casamayor and the very worst of all time—Briggs over Foreman, this one smelled of total incompetence but as for a corrupt decision, I think not. I don’t think they are smart enough to orchestrate one.

  47. Matt McGrain 12:11pm, 04/06/2014

    @ Bogoy - nah man, I love Pac.  He’s already beaten Bradley and shouldn’t have to do it again.

    @Goonie - almost everyone - every single one of 102 scorecards apart from 3, done from ringside - agree with me.  It’s a hideous robbery, and “watching a fight with the sound of” is a terrible idea, you can’t hear the punches go in.  But you are entitled to your opinion just as I am to mine.

  48. BoxingGoonie 12:06pm, 04/06/2014

    I think the writer of this article should go back & watch the fight ON MUTE… & realize how stupid he’s being. That was a close fight that could’ve easily went either way. Could’ve easily been scored a draw, too. I don’t disagree that politics/business have become a huge part of boxing. But Pacquiao/Bradley was a very close/weird fight to score. You had Bradley rolling both of his ankles & Pacquiao looking lazy only working the last minute of most rounds. It is what it is & that was a closely contested bout. Nowhere near a “robbery”. I get it - it’s PACQUIAO… but c’mon, man. Go back & watch that fight (ON MUTE) & just think of it as “John Doe vs Joe Blow”... then maybe you’ll see the reality of 12 closely contested rounds, which resulted in a split decision.

  49. Bogoy 10:53am, 04/06/2014

    If Pacquiao-Bradley is no no then how will you call Mayweather-Maidana? The first fight was a robbery for sure. Hopefully lightening won’t strike twice coz the judges are on spotlight. BTW,  Marquez was brutalized before that lucky lunch. I’m not too sure but it feels like u want Pacquiao be removed from boxing. U has him? Just asking? For me, even if Mayweather’ s fight will be shown for free, I won’t. Are for he is a boring boxer. In Pacquiao fight, win or lose you will see action. That’s just my opinion. But I won’t be asking u not watch. It’s ur choice. Peace!

  50. Rick 10:50am, 04/06/2014

    The ridiculous prices of the ppv’s alone is enough for me to skip it.

  51. PowerFapper 10:12am, 04/06/2014

    Maybe people should find a certain boxing site with a “guru” in it ;)

  52. Ron Shoolz 08:55am, 04/06/2014

    Maidana vs mayweather is a bigger fraud. Just boycott the fight.

  53. bErNiE vEe 08:45am, 04/06/2014

    This article is so ridiculous I’m bookmarking it! Matt, you is genius!

  54. Matt McGrain 08:19am, 04/06/2014

    Thanks Pete, I really appreciate that - and I wished i’d thought of that hangover allegory because it’s god-damn perfect.
    Thanks Spoon, always good to hear you like my stuff cos I like yours.

  55. Pete The Sneak 07:48am, 04/06/2014

    Matt, thanks for reminding us again of what a debacle and total sham the first Pac/Bradley fight was…You were on point when you first tore it up and are on point again…Yes, we boxing fans (the majority) at times treat boxing like an incredibly bad hangover, the kind where you swear you will never touch another drop again…A week or two later you are saying, well, I’ll have a few, but won’t get as bad as I did last time, and lo and behold, you’re hung over again, barfing and having the headache from hell… I think this quote says it all: ” Everyone that buys this fight is in some small way giving their blessing to the decision in the first one.”...They will make no coin off of me…Peace…

  56. Ted Spoon 04:53am, 04/06/2014

    Very much enjoyed your original lashing of this issue, Matt, and this one drove its way through the target. Can’t say I’m too hot on the idea of missing Pacman, but I shan’t be missing my money either.

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