Wilder KOs Firtha

By Ted Sares on October 26, 2013
Wilder KOs Firtha
Wilder needs to minimize the showboating; he’s really not funny enough to pull it off.

“I’m thinking early-to-mid next year [for a world title shot]. We’re trying to line it up now. At the moment I’m ranked number three by the WBC, so we’re in planning right now.”—Deontay Wilder

A game but bloodied Nicolai Firtha managed to take Deontay Wilder into the fourth round in Atlantic City tonight before he was cleanly KO’d at the 1:26 mark.

The first round featured a bull rush by the deceptively strong Firtha (21-10-1), but the Bronze Bomber kept his composure and then proceeded to deck the Akron “Stone Man” twice—once with a jab and then with a short counter right.

After taking surviving several punishing jabs and an assortment of other shots, Firtha seemed to get his legs and be in position to be the first opponent to take the long-limbed Wilder deep, but Deontay would have none of it. Getting his instructions from his savvy cornermen Mark Breland and Russ Anber, Wilder ended matters decisively in the fourth round, setting things up with a series of neat jabs, a hard left hook, a right uppercut, and then, putting the icing on the sequence, a long right then landed squarely on Nicolai’s forehead—and that was that. This was not just a single long right, but it was a shot that punctuated a series of punches demonstrating that Wilder has been improving his tool chest. The WBC Continental Americas heavyweight championship remained safely in Deontay’s hands.

As for the hysterical Barry Tompkins and Mauro Domenico Antonio Ranallo, the mute button resolved that matter but it could not erase the false smiles from professional Showtime cheerleaders Sam Watson and his annoying son. Good announcing doesn’t call attention to itself; Ranallo is constantly calling attention to himself. If there is any criticism to be leveled against Wilder, it might be that the Halloween mask he wore into the ring was simply awful. One other thing, Wilder needs to minimize the showboating; he’s really not funny enough to pull it off.

The obvious question now is who is next for Wilder? Tyson Fury is the most intriguing possibility, but I don’t see that one in the cards just yet. Rather, I see Chris Arreola, Robert Helenius, or Tony Thompson being more viable. Of course, if Vitali Klitschko retires or is stripped of his WBC heavyweight title because of his recent announcement that he plans to run for the presidency of Ukraine, Bermane Stiverne becomes a distinct and very capable possibility.

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Deontay Wilder vs Nicolai Firtha

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  1. Gordon Marino 07:24am, 10/29/2013

    I’m a big Wlad fan but he does not have the best whiskers and he knows it. He has a tendency to paw with that left and invite the counter right. Given Wilder’s NBA size there would no keeping him on the out of range. The question, of course, will be what happens when Wilder get’s tagged but make no mistake about it - the Bronze Bomber can numb a guy with one shot. I would love to see Klitschko Wilder late in 2014.

  2. Koolz 06:59am, 10/29/2013

    I think Wilder’s Team is worst the Price!  We know what happened to Price.
    Wilder talking about fighting Wladimir?
    This guy should fight Andy Ruiz a boxer that would out box him and KO him in five or four rounds.  Andy can move, can box, has power too.

    Wilder just has much confidence in himself now after 30 fights with nobodies.  I am not sure why he is still fighting Dead opponents.
    He has great power but honestly I don’t see anything that would give Wladimir trouble.  I can see Wilder as another Wach except Wilder would hit the canvas and would stay down.

  3. Ted 06:02am, 10/29/2013

    With Rod

  4. NYIrish 04:44am, 10/29/2013

    Where’s Bogie?

  5. Ted 08:18pm, 10/28/2013

    Toro Moreno

  6. NYIrish 07:47pm, 10/28/2013

    Wilder is a throwback. See Carnera.

  7. Ted 07:12pm, 10/28/2013

    Kid, if Ford makes a nice truck like the Ranger, but then makes a similar but better one, the new one will outsell the old one and eat it to death. That’s what it means in the business world.

    Here, if I put my article on Facebook, which I often do, I’ll likely get a lot of posts that I won’t get here. The one I had on this one had a thread of comments a mile long. and kept me pretty busy, but it was detracting from this one and that’s not too good.

  8. Ted 07:09pm, 10/28/2013

    Irish, He is playing out the new business model of getting the most money for the least amount of risk. If his team knows he might have a glass jaw, for example, then they might want to run his record to 35-0 with 35 KOs. Then he goes up against a live body for a monster amount of money. He wins, he wins. He loses, he wins. It’s the new model in my view.

  9. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:58pm, 10/28/2013

    Ted Sares-Here’s what I’m thinking….Ali was in with Liston in his 20th fight….Foreman was in with Chuvalo in his 16th and Frazier was in with Bonavena in his 12th….all three were Olympic Gold medalists but none had a 100% KO ratio. Deontay won Olympic Bronze which is an outstanding achievement in and of itself, he’s 30 for 30 with a 100% KO ratio, at 6’7” with an 84 ” reach and all buffed out and tatted up he’s quite a specimen, he likes to wear masks and showboat over fallen and battered foes….hey…. what’s not to like….I say he’s ready for his coming out party….in fact he’s more than ready….he’s ripe. He recently sparred with Wlad but the one he’s calling for is Vitali….I find that interesting.

  10. kid vegas 06:08pm, 10/28/2013

    What do you mean it has been cannibalized on Facebook

  11. Ted 12:23pm, 10/28/2013

    Facebook cannibalized this one.

  12. Ted 11:41am, 10/28/2013

    Grant IS good comparison as he also was a very good all-around athlete especially in basketball. Seemed to have power, but lacked defense. Brought along too quickly.

  13. Joe 11:08am, 10/28/2013

    The name Michael Grant came to my mind as I watched this guy.  I think he’s likely a great power puncher type but his lack of defense will get him KTFO if he were to enter the ring with either Klitschko.  He needs an Arreola or Thompson a guy like that to take him into the later rounds so we can see if he’s a real pro or not.  He’s got potential….....and I’m not so sure Mark Breland is the A level trainer he needs to get him to the promised land.

  14. Jack 08:12am, 10/28/2013

    Ted, you were right!!! Hey, where are Pete, Irish and some of the other regulars (all guys with high boxing IQ’s ) that weigh in on most articles. They must have been tied up with college and pro football? I always enjoy their perspective on things, not to demean any of the guys that have posted on this article, all good comments for my money guys. Just a note here: This website, in my opinion, is the best boxing website on the internet. It is a combination of very good writers ( who are knowledgeable and offer sound perspective on a subject ) along with guys that post with the same high boxing IQ, unlike a lot of other websites. Keep up the good work.

  15. Ted 08:03am, 10/28/2013

    Gordon Marino, thanks Gordon

  16. Lee 04:44am, 10/28/2013

    It would be bitterly ironic for Wilder if after years of being fattened on sacrificial lambs, in the end that’s all he will be himself when he is fed to a genuine contender or a Klitschko. But hey, isn’t that the way this scenario usually plays out?

  17. Paul 12:27am, 10/28/2013

    Yeah this seems like sensationalist promoting, at the expense of the more discerning fan. Maybe Golden Boy are looking to the UFC for ideas? Definitely watching someone bludgeon countless victims with his bare hands does create a certain interest in the average fan’s mind. 4 rounds with a KO to cap it all off is just about perfect for them. And Wilder just so happens to look like a lead character from a HBO prison drama, which is a happy coincidence. Whereas, back to boxing, seeing someone like a Klitschko disassemble this said warrior into a bloody confused mess for 12 rounds doesnt quite deliver the type of time-efficient, money/excitement ratio people are these days used to. Which is very F*****G sad for the non-necrophiliacs out there who’d like to see a ‘fight’, and not just peer at the macabre spectacle of some poor mis-matched idiot getting the brakes beaten off him by a (marketing team confirmed) ‘bad-ass’ .

  18. Tex Hassler 07:58pm, 10/27/2013

    Like some of the other comments made, I have not seen Wilder so I know little about him. Thanks for bringing him to the light.

  19. Ted 12:12pm, 10/27/2013

    Naw, Jack, you will be back.

  20. Jack 11:38am, 10/27/2013

    Guys, I have to be honest, I have not seen Wilder fight since he lost in the Olympics. At that time I felt he was going nowhere. I have based my opinion of him as a pro, on: writers that I respect their expertise, guys I know with a high boxing IQ and the quality of opponents. Well, I just did a search and watched an Hd video of last nights fight. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=video+of+Wilder+vs+Firtha&FORM=VIRE7#view=detail&mid=C70D31F2F411FF0ED760C70D31F2F411FF0ED760  I came away from that with a worse opinion of him as a fighter than before I watched it. In 5 years and 30 fights he has learned almost nothing. His balance and footwork is almost laughable. His punching mechanics are a close 2nd. The only thing he has, is: natural punching power, mainly in his right hand, that’s it. He couldn’t get past Arreola in a 100 years. I’m surprised that Mark Breland hasn’t been able to teach him that you don’t throw punches with your elbows up in the air like chicken wings, unbelievable!!!! I’m done, I think.

  21. Ted 11:23am, 10/27/2013

    Separation, defense? Huh. You are kidding, no?

  22. Ted 11:22am, 10/27/2013

    Jack has the beat

  23. Koolz 09:38am, 10/27/2013

    Monty Python the Holy Grail.

    Bring out your Dead!  Bring out your dead.

    Wilder fights Stiffs, dead men walking, giant Punching bags.

    I am thinking Andy Ruiz would wipe him across the ring.

  24. Djata Bumpus 09:30am, 10/27/2013

    Ted….What were the defensive skills of either guy like?...Punches landed tells me nothing about how or why they were landed…How much of the ring’s space were they using?...In other words, were they just standing toe-to-toe, or was there movement between either one or both of them?...A lot of unanswered questions.

  25. Jack 09:18am, 10/27/2013

    I agree Ted, a note on the sparring sessions though. I would have to witness them 1st hand or see video to make a determination because I have seen a lot of inaccuracies represented from some sparring sessions. Normally if a guy is “really good”, he is told to “tone it down” or isn’t invited back (Fired )!!! If Wilder steps up and wins, I’ll be one of the first to acknowledge that fact. It is just hard for me to fathom the idea, that if he is the “real deal”, it is 5 years and 30 fights (in a weak field), that his brain trust has not capitalized on him? My feeling is: they know he is not the real deal, they are holding off exposing that fact. Let’s get a shot at the “Brass Ring” before he is exposed, because????? Hey, 5 years from now I’ll be posting: It’s been 10 years and 65 fights that last guy they got off a bar stool ) and he has yet to step up!!!!

  26. Gordon Marino 09:08am, 10/27/2013

    Wilder needs top fight more credible opponents but there is no denying that there is dynamite in that right of his. He is like a heavyweight Tommy Hearns. Hearns had maybe seven kos as an amateur but when he turned pro it was lights out time. A former basketball standout, Wilder has great footwork, a good jab. Now, at some point we will need to see what his whiskers are like—but that right is for real. Thanks for a great article

  27. Ted 08:29am, 10/27/2013

    Jack , no argument from me. He visits morgues and cemeteries for opponents. The only thing I’ll say in his defense is that he has been sparing with some tough guys and the feedback has been predictably positive.

    I do think Arreola would be a great test for him or Stiverne. But I also think he wants the monster payday without earning it so he will keep on fighting poor opposition until he gets the big fight.

  28. jack 08:24am, 10/27/2013

    Ted, It really annoys me when someone try’s to perpetrate a “Fraud” on the boxing public. It damages boxing’s credibility, not to mention, insults the intelligence of anyone with a decent boxing IQ. This process happens too often and contributes to the decline in boxing in the long run. Wilder needs to fight credible opponents and be careful he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Ike Ibeabuchi.  http://www.boxingscene.com/more-details-on-deontay-wilders-arrest-las-vegas—65288. Lets see who the next “Stiff”, I mean opponent is.

  29. Ted 07:47am, 10/27/2013

    Jack, how do you really feel? LMFAO

  30. Jack 07:44am, 10/27/2013

    Wilder is either brain damaged already or delusional. In 5 years and 30 fights he hasn’t beaten one fighter that didn’t qualify as : “impersonating a heavy bag”. Firtha was KO’d by Tye Fields if that tells you anything. Give me a break!!!!! It will not surprise me, if the 1st top 10 guy he faces, he loses or gets stopped. He definitely gets stopped fighting either Klitschko. Arreola would put an end to the hype also, but Wilder’s brain trust will not take that fight. I doubt they would take Del-Boy. Unfortunately, the heavyweight division is sorely lacking in talented fighters.

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