Wilder/Fury: That’s Entertainment

By Robert Ecksel on October 4, 2018
Wilder/Fury: That’s Entertainment
After their third fake brawl, Wilder and Fury shared a chummy moment backstage in LA.

Fury’s promoter ended the fluttering by saying whatever he felt needed to be said to maintain the charade…

Scores of fight fans are out of their minds after a photo emerged yesterday showing Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury all chummy backstage in LA after staging their third fake brawl in as many stops.

Their three-day long media tour started in London before moving onto New York and ending in LA. The road show drew partisans from both fighters’ camps and the men of the hour did not disappoint.

Their December 1 bout at the Staples Center for Wilder’s WBC title is still a go and hopefully the fight will live up to the hype. But the notion that bad blood is fueling the promotion is nonsense, which even the most gullible among us now grudgingly admit.

But to those who cried foul at the antics, Fury’s promoter Frank Warren ended the fluttering by saying whatever he felt needed to be said to maintain the charade.

“@Tyson_Fury had spent approximately 2 minutes singing into Deontay Wilder’s face as the pair were asked to sit together by ESPN for a backstage preview,” he tweeted. “Wilder was unimpressed… *cue awkward segment*”

Not everyone is convinced.

@JDaBuddah tweeted, “Boxing is so fraudulent. Either it’s beef or it isn’t. Embarrassing this nonsense between Wilder and Fury.”

With tongue lodged firmly in his cheek, @Ross7GFC, after seeing the photo, seconded that emotion: “Yeah Wilder and Fury really hate each other.”

@BoxingKingdom14 had a different take, which is not supported by the facts.

“Brutal brawl between Wilder & Fury!” he tweeted. “These two really dislike each other. The animosity is real!”

But perhaps Kelly McGeachy said it best: “FAKE! This is embarssing.” [sic]

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  1. Pootie Tang 09:08am, 10/06/2018

    Lucas McCain… Here is an excerpt from the book, “Tangled Ropes” describing Superstar Billy Graham’s bout with Willis Miles. ” I came into the ring with a towel around my neck-there was no money for a robe-and felt pretty confident in the first round. I dropped my opponent twice. The bell rang for the second round, and I dropped him again. In the third round I went for the kill, but missed and left myself open. Miles took the advantage smashing my face with a giant straight right.” Graham goes on to tell how he went down and climbed up at the count of 8, but the referee stopped the fight after he wasn’t convinced that Graham was fit to continue. Graham stated that he pocketed a $150 dollars after all was said and done. Either Graham or Boxing Rec has the result wrong here. Graham says he was stopped in the 3rd round and Boxing Rec has the fight ending in the first round. Graham was definitely a fine athlete and moved well for such a huge man. Played football, threw the discus, boxed when he was younger, etc.

  2. Lucas McCain 07:58am, 10/06/2018

    Pootie—There have been so many boxing films, and a few pro-wrestling ones, but I’ll bet someone with enough talent and time could write a screenplay based on the kind of events you outline.  Farce, violence, oddball buddies and rivals, as well as an array of ring sports—it would put the usual Hollywood schlock to shame!

  3. Pootie Tang 06:25am, 10/06/2018

    Wayne Coleman and Virgil Runnels Jr would often travel together early in their careers. Coleman aka Superstar Billy Graham and Runnels aka Dusty Rhodes were close friends despite having running feuds in the old WWWF and NWA for years. Graham even had a few amateur boxing bouts as a young adult in Arizona. Boxing under his real name of Wayne Coleman, Graham made his boxing debut in Madison Square Garden of all places in October of 1966,  where he fought one Willis Miles. According to Boxing Rec, Wayne Coleman aka Graham was stopped in the first round. Coleman, a native Arizonian is even listed as being from NYC. Graham stated in the past that Gil Clancy was interested in taking him under his wing, so maybe Graham was living in the New York area for a bit in 1966. This was Graham’s first and last bout as a pro fighter.

  4. Lucas McCain 09:02am, 10/05/2018

    Casanovita—I never could tell from photos whether Freddie actually did get his teeth filed for sharpness by his dentist, or if that was a put on.  I assume the latter—they’d all chip off eventually. My own loyalty was to Buddy Rogers and Gorgeous George among the big blonds, but yeah, Freddie was part of a great era!

  5. Casanovita de Ahome 06:47am, 10/05/2018

    @Lucas McCain-You mention Freddie Blassie…. I recall signs in the crowd at the Olympic back in the Sixties that read “Bite Freddie Bite!”. Those were the days my friend!

  6. Pete The Sneak 05:10am, 10/05/2018

    Alexis Arguello always praised his opponents before and after fights and never showed any disrespect. But when he went in the ring, look out. Agree with Lucas, as long as they get down to real business when that bell rings, who cares? ...Peace.

  7. Lucas McCain 02:13pm, 10/04/2018

    PT=I had a similar reaction—pro rasslers.  Since grunt n groaners carpooled from town to town, “enemies” also had to be sure they weren’t seen arriving and departing together.  I think Fred Blassie has a few remarks about that.  But just because the boxing version is also fake doesn’t mean the fight will be.  I didn’t buy the GGG-Canelo feud, but they still put up a good fight.  Just hope these guys are professional enough to have fun conning the crowd, but still get down to real business when the bell sounds.  I recall Ali horsing around before the Thilla in Manila, then giving everything he had.

  8. Pootie Tang 01:17pm, 10/04/2018

    Even pro rasslin’ has abandoned kayfabe so why should boxing be any different. Used to be that a babyface and a heel could not even be seen in public together sharing a few beers without being fined by wrestling organizations. Anyhow, Fury is too big and fat to perform a swan dive. He stops spaghetti legs in 8 or 9 rounds.

  9. Kid Blast 12:52pm, 10/04/2018

    A con job. I sense a deal whereby Fury cashes out and Wilder moves up.

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