Wilder vs. Fury: The Phoniest Real Fight

By Paul Magno on October 1, 2018
Wilder vs. Fury: The Phoniest Real Fight
Whether it’s a thriller or a tedious bore, Wilder vs. Fury is a crucial heavyweight contest.

Monday’s kick-off press conference in London for the Wilder-Fury Las Vegas spectacle was predictably cheesy and full of fake bravado…

Monday’s kick-off press conference in London for the Deontay Wilder-Tyson Fury Las Vegas spectacle on December 1 was predictably cheesy and full of fake bravado.

If you were able to watch the scripted “shoving match” between the two big men and the pretend tussle over being able to “take” one another’s power without chuckling to yourself or at least rolling your eyes a little, you’re a better man than I.

We all kind of expected this. Wilder has been cultivating an image of trash-talking KO artist hell-bent on killing, destroying, and not caring about that killing and destroying. Fury is a trash-talking misanthrope with delusions of grandeur.

Given the two personalities involved, it was actually amazing to see this press conference as subdued as it was. There will be two more public events like this one and there’s a pretty fair chance that the craziness and absurd WWE-style testosterone pie fighting will be amped up in coming days.

But this bout, for all the laughable theatrics and ridiculous headline fodder it will generate in the days and months leading to fight night, is as “legit” as anything on the boxing schedule. As a matter of fact, it will be the single most important heavyweight contest of the year, by far—a declaration that should hit three-belt champ Anthony Joshua like a perfectly-placed liver shot.

WBC titlist Wilder may not be as big a star as Joshua, but the heavy-handed American has a résumé that is neck and neck with the UK’s “next big thing.” A win over Fury would actually put Wilder ahead of Joshua in some boxing minds.

Fury, meanwhile, is a former three-belt titlist who ended the long and dominant reign of Wladimir Klitschko. And for those who still keep track of such things, “The Gypsy King” is the lineal heavyweight champ—the undefeated “man who beat the man who beat the man” despite having been forced to vacate his belts. After a long layoff where he dealt with mental health problems as well as substance abuse issues, Fury’s full comeback will be official with a win over Wilder.

Between the spasms of bluster and machismo during Monday’s press conference, truths about the gravity of this matchup were spoken, however.

“I am no challenger for no man. I’m the linear heavyweight champion of the world, the best of the best,” Fury said.

And Fury’s right. While he may not competitively be the “best of the best,” he can certainly make a case for being a “real” champ who was never actually beaten for his titles.

In Wilder’s moments of sanity, he fully acknowledged the importance of beating Fury in order to get the big money that comes along with a big unification bout with Joshua.

“This is the ultimate move right here,” Wilder said. “This is another checkmate upon all the other checkmates to try to make that fight happen…We really tried to make that fight. The situation is real, the $50 million we offered him was real. We don’t have time to play games, time is money…We don’t need each other but we need each other. My goal in boxing is to unify.”

Admittedly, it’s going to be hard to pay attention to the “realness” of the fight with the absurdities of the event sharting outward, gunking up the narrative. Wilder-Fury is a big one, though.

Stylistically, this fight has the potential to either be a thrilling mix of styles and egos or a sloppy snoozer pitting a spoiler with a limited offense (Fury) against a banger with zero nuance to his game (Wilder).

But whether it’s a thriller or a tedious bore, it’s a crucial heavyweight contest that will likely set the table for a unified heavyweight division in 2019.

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  1. Carlos Torres 06:07pm, 10/11/2018

    Simply stated this fight is a joke.

  2. fan 06:23am, 10/05/2018

    Boxing talk fest should be a primetime show between these two.

  3. Pootie Tang 08:10am, 10/03/2018

    I guarantee you that Mexican fighter Canelo Alvarez is more Irish than a 75% of all those “Irish lads and lasses” who claim to be Irish every March 17th. haha.  One of Alvarez’s distant relatives had to be a member of St. Patrick’s Battallion back in the day. Me still thinks that Fury is an Irishman if I ever saw one and I would bet me Lucky Charms on that one.

  4. Casanovita de Ahome 07:53am, 10/03/2018

    If Usyk doesn’t KO Bellew he doesn’t have snowball’s chance in hell of beating Joshua. A twelve round boxing lesson won’t get it!

  5. Casanovita de Ahome 07:48am, 10/03/2018

    Mike Perez is as Irish as Mrs’ O’Leary’s cow! Lennox…Chisora…Joshua….Fury all “British” Heavyweight Champions!

  6. James 06:58am, 10/03/2018

    Pootie, no, he’s not Irish. He has some Irish family roots - as do many people in England. Irish people I know (REAL Irish people) find it embarrassing when a ‘claim’ is made on British people with some Irish history in their family tree. Harry Kane (the England soccer captain) has some Irish family but he’s hardly Irish. When Tyson first agreed to the Wilder fight he said: “I’ve had to come out of retirement to put British boxing back on the map because at the minute WE are a laughing stock.” Trust me, an Irish person would never say that. Tyson Fury is a British boxer from Manchester with some Irish family roots.

  7. Pootie Tang 05:58am, 10/03/2018

    James…. Tyson Fury is as Irish as it gets. The fact that he was born in Manchester means little when it comes to his ancestry. Calling an Irishman an Englishman is akin to calling a .... well, best if I don’t go there. hehe.

  8. James 03:10am, 10/03/2018

    Tyson Fury is not Irish. He’s from Manchester.

  9. Your Name 05:02pm, 10/02/2018

    When you see “bullocks.,” you know it’s some Pom Clown

  10. Magnosgoofy 02:24pm, 10/02/2018

    So..Wilders resume is every bit as good as AJs. Me thinks this poor writer start paying attention to boxing instead of speed reading to make cynical glib comments. When you see the name Paul Magno you know it’s going to be bullocks.

  11. Pootie Tang 11:57am, 10/02/2018

    thrashem… BTW, Frazier was the HEAVYWEIGHT GOLD MEDAL WINNER. Frazier was short for a heavyweight, but he was always a big guy. Frazier said he weighed about 230lbs as an overweight teenager. Ali was a heavyweight in the making. You could tell the guy was going to fill out once his body reached maturity. Holyfield was not a natural heavyweight but both Ali and Frazier were natural big men, Ali’s body just matured a bit late. Ali probably walked around between fights at 230-240lbs when he was in his late 20’s and early 30’s.

  12. Pootie Tang 11:07am, 10/02/2018

    thrashem… Of course McGregor is a joke as a boxer because the guy is not a boxer. At least the guy had the balls to take on the best boxer P4P in a boxing match, while Floyd wouldn’t dare step into the octagon with any world class MMA fighter, much less someone like Conor . IF Floyd stepped into the cage, he would gas in 30 seconds if the fight went to the floor. The average MMA fighter would literally kill Floyd in a MMA match.  People talking about McGregor gassing. Well, his body hasn’t been conditioned for boxing. Put Floyd on the mat, and he would be winded trying to grapple with a high school wrestler after 2 minutes. The only FARCE that I see is a toothpick legged, blown up cruiserweight, who has made a name for himself by beating up BUMS. EASY VICTORY FOR FURY.

  13. Pootie Tang 11:00am, 10/02/2018

    Google Dustin Nichols vs. Deontay Wilder on YouTube. LMAO.

  14. Kid Blast 10:18am, 10/02/2018

    thrashem has the beat

  15. thrashem 09:43am, 10/02/2018

    P-T, Fury is not a misanthrope he is a neander-thrope and moves like a drunken Irishman. Yes, Gonad McGregor is a better trash talker. As for boxing, he is a joke!
    Tommy Hearn’s was a freak but hit like a mule.
    Most of the great heavyweights were light-heavyweights gold medalists in the Olympics: Frazier, Clay, Holyfield…
    The pseudo boxing match with Klitch was a total farce. The match in the Olympics would be a disqualification do to inactivity. One of the truly embarrassing moments in boxing that year.
    Finally, Fury is going to taste some leather. I hope Wilder hits him so hard he knocks the coc out the walnut sized brain.

  16. Pootie Tang 06:15am, 10/02/2018

    The press conference proved one thing at least, it proved that Deontay is no match for Fury when it comes to mic skills. Fury might even be a better trash talker than his fellow Irishman, Conor McGregor for that matter. Mr. Magno calling Fury a “misanthrope” is RICH. Pot meet kettle. hahaha. Fury seems to be a people person if I ever saw one, not mean spirited like McGregor or Wilder for that matter. IF anyone has a misanthropic personality it is Wilder. FURY ROAD has this fight and might even stop the overrated Wilder. The weight and strength advantage is going to be a huge factor in this fight. Fury will use that weight and strength. Wilder, despite being a heavyweight in length, is little more than a blown up cruiserweight walking around in some of the skinniest legs that I have ever seen on a heavyweight. Wilder has been knocking out BUMS, his “explosive punching power” won’t be an issue at all in this fight, and for the first time, Wilder is fighting a guy even taller than himself. Fury isn’t a stationary target by any means and moves well for such a huge guy. When they stood next to each other, it looked like a heavyweight taking on a light heavyweight.  Fury is a much, much bigger man. Fury by TKO in 8-9 rounds.

  17. Kid Blast 07:11pm, 10/01/2018

    Wilder vs. AJ would be a most exciting and curious event. And one that would peak interest.


    AJ vs. Fury would be the biggest boxing event in UK history even if AJ were a big favorite going in. This would be THE FIGHT…

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