Will NBC Gag Teddy Atlas?

By Robert Ecksel on August 10, 2012
Will NBC Gag Teddy Atlas?
Teddy Atlas has said things that appear to have upset several sweltering boxing officials.

The problem with boxing in the 2012 London Olympics is Teddy Atlas—or so the AIBA would have us believe.

Olympic boxing’s governing body asked the London Organizing Committee to muzzle the NBC broadcaster, and his partner in crime, the mild-mannered Bob Papa, because his ringside commentary was disrupting officials.

Those of us who have been watching Olympic boxing knew that something was disrupting the judges’ concentration. We thought it was incompetence or their antiquated scoring system. Little did we know it was Teddy Atlas.

Atlas has a reputation for shooting from the hip, and his aim is surprisingly good under the circumstances. He doesn’t mince words or suffer fools gladly. He trusts his judgment, pro or con, as he should, given his background, wealth of experience, and the fact that he knows where the bodies are buried.

But it’s not only what Atlas has said that disturbed several sweltering boxing officials. It may be simpler than that. It could be a matter of seating.

In an AIBA statement emailed to Reuters, a spokesperson said, “NBC commentators were offered a booth in the media tribune like other broadcasters because they were very disturbing for AIBA officials – even during bouts they were not broadcasting – being located at the edge of the Field of Play.

“They claimed that since no boxers from the USA were still in the running, they didn’t want to stay anyway.”

For Teddy Atlas to not be critical of Olympic boxing, no less than USA Boxing, which is in need of a major overhaul, would be nothing less than a betrayal.

Someone has to speak the truth. Who better than Teddy Atlas?

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  1. Gabe Cocchiola 07:07pm, 08/19/2012

    Teddy Atlas is the most knowledgeable person in boxing. What’s more, he’s honest and not afraid to speak out.

  2. chubby 08:30pm, 08/13/2012

    Teddy Atlas knows what he’s talking about, he just talks way too much.  His constant talking during a fight disrupts one’s enjoyment of the fight.  I don’t need someone telling me who’s winning the fight or what this one or that one should be doing to win the fight.  A lot less talking during the fight would sure be nice…..

  3. Zimzala 04:45pm, 08/13/2012

    I agree with Teddy and his view of Olympic boxing. The refs and judges are comical and I’m not laughing at all. It seem like the judges and me watching at home are watching two different fights.

  4. Cheekay Brandon 07:53am, 08/13/2012

    Atlas is one of the best commentators in any sport.

    Few people understand the nuances of their sport like Atlas does his.

    He has a “common man” charm that everyone can relate to.

    And he’s honest.

    It’s not his fault Olympic boxing is a joke of a sport at this stage.

  5. volti 10:05am, 08/12/2012

    We can say that a commentator is fair if he knows how to separate a personal from a business point of view. This person doesn’t know especially if he heard the name PACMAN, he became nuts, lol.

    Atlas, free yourself dump the hatred in your heart.

  6. NYIrish 06:05am, 08/12/2012

    Any long term fan can see there are serious problems with the conduct of Olympic “boxing.” When a fight breaks out a referee interrupts with thirty seconds of sign language. The decisions frequently have little to do with what happened during the fight. Teddy Atlas points this out and reinforces what those watching are thinking in their living rooms. The powers that be no doubt want a commentator that accepts the “new normal” as how things should be.
    While we are on the topic of amateur boxing where are our standouts? Congrats to our medal winners but they should have had some company. The process is not delivering American boxing talent to the international stage as it has in the past.
    I’m sure Claressa Shields had to overcome much more than her opponents to get the gold. Her focus, desire and ability made her opportunity. She just took it.

  7. the thresher 11:10am, 08/11/2012

    Hmm. Check this out: http://www.boxingscene.com/aiba-plan-sue-bbc-over-allegations-corruption—55966

    A bit retailatory methinks.

  8. the thresher 09:45am, 08/11/2012

    Why were the US broadcasters the only broadcasters afforded a ringside presence?
    Atlas has a point as there have been glaring controversies in the tournament, but part of it sounds like NBC no longer being given special treatment so they took their ball and went home. Although these controversies should be addressed), I hope the ‘amateur boxing is a joke’ attitude isn’t used by people such as Atlas as a means to essentially gloss over the fact that the US male boxing team really WAS AWFUL.

    The other thing is controversy follows Teddy like farts follow beans and it has become his MO. He needs to provide some balance, though I will admit he seems to be the only one out there raising a stink (no pun intended).

    BTW, where is the BWAA on this?

  9. A Disgusted Fan 05:58am, 08/11/2012

    Teddy Atlas is the voice of reason and integrityi n the filthiest of sports. If the AIBA and whoever televises the 2016 Olympics want “fair and balanced” reporting of their incompetent or dishonest (or both) shenanigans, they should hire Tom Hauser.

  10. Paul Webster 04:39am, 08/11/2012

    This article could be greatly improved with a few quotes from his commentary.
    If the real reason for asking NBC to move (from being the only ringside commentators I read) was their noise and movements rather than their words then it makes it a very different story.

  11. jesse 12:41am, 08/11/2012

    Teddy gets all the respect in the world from me. Even if I may not agree with what hes saying (which is very rare) I love his total bluntness and knowledge. I agree with William above and Mr. Ecksel. Teddy is exactly what boxing needs and the more light shed on the truth the better for the sport

  12. William 12:28am, 08/11/2012

    we need more guys like atlas in the sport/i ve been involved in boxing for 40 yrs and its a disgrace the way the judges f**k the fighters over and over with no recourse basically because of the millions and the promoters have both fighters,, its ridiculous!  go teddy !  im sure the libs in the media and the olympics will get him fired for truth…............

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