Will Rosinsky vs. Brandon Gonzales

By Clarence George on March 7, 2013
Will Rosinsky vs. Brandon Gonzales
As Popeye has his spinach, Will Rosinsky has New York blood flowing through his veins.

Good news for New York fight fans. Queens resident Will Rosinsky, who’s as durable and tough as city steel and concrete, will be returning to the ring in April, following a four-month absence. “Power” will be facing fellow super middleweight Brandon Gonzales in Shelton, Washington (of all places), for a scheduled 10-rounder on the 12th.

Rosinsky, 28 (17-2, 9 KOs), is a five-year pro. He remained undefeated for three years and 14 bouts, winning eight by KO or TKO. He lost to Edwin Rodriguez by closely contested and arguably controversial unanimous decision in 2011. Rosinsky fought four times in 2012, stopping Zane Marks by third-round TKO in March, beating Aaron Pryor Jr. by unanimous decision in June, losing to Kelly Pavlik by unanimous decision in July, and beating light heavy Otis Griffin by unanimous decision in December.

Twenty-eight-year-old Gonzales (17, 10 KOs) turned pro in 2007. Undefeated, he had one no contest, against Daniel Stanislavjevic in 2008. Gonzales had only one bout in 2012, defeating Elie Augustama by unanimous decision in June, but has already fought once this year, beating Don Mouton by unanimous decision in January. 

Gonzales and Rosinsky are as alike as two peas in the proverbial pod—they’re the same age, and their experience and records are similar. But a significant difference is that Gonzales has never before undertaken a 10-round fight…Rosinksy has. That should even things out, given that Gonzales will enjoy favorite-son status on April 12— he was born in Portland, Oregon, and is a resident of Sacramento, California.

I’m confident Rosinsky will win, if only by decision, handing Gonzales his first defeat—as Popeye has his spinach, Rosinsky has New York blood, paprika-red, flowing through his veins.

This should be a good fight, but I very much want to see Will “Power”, who’s already proven how tough he is in taking on Rodriguez and Pavlik, step up in class and face, say, Sakio Bika or Brian Magee. Or George Groves, whose next opponent, this Saturday, is Dario German Balmaceda. Really? The 28-year-old Argentine has been fighting since 2007, and has precious little to show for it. He’s lost six of his 19 fights, five by stoppage. Where’s Johnny Roventini when you need him? Call for Will Rosinnnn-sssskkkkyyyy!

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  1. the thresher 10:44am, 03/09/2013

    Peter is shot. Bika would kick Will’s butt.

  2. Clarence George 07:45am, 03/09/2013

    Mind you, Irish?  You, the sole member of my fan club?  Don’t be silly.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 07:37am, 03/09/2013

    Clarence George-Don’t mind me…some things never change…I’m still the kid who used to sit in the back row of my night school classes and carry on a constant dialogue with my teacher (who had taught his subject matter for fifty years) like I was his mentor….just can’t help myself!

  4. Clarence George 07:12am, 03/09/2013

    I like it, Irish.  Please set it up.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 06:51am, 03/09/2013

    Clarence George-Okay…how about this…Peter Manfredo first then Bika. I have a feeling that Manfredo would try harder against Will than he did with Bika and Chavez Jr…..he just seems to be that kind of a guy….and if he does and Will still takes him down…I would still say heck yea… Magee and then Bika….maybe.

  6. Clarence George 07:14pm, 03/08/2013

    Irish:  I’m sure Rosinsky would put on a good show against Bika, given the opportunity.  And he’d then be treated with the respect, and given the matches, he deserves.

  7. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 05:21pm, 03/08/2013

    Clarence George-Sakio Bika? He’s a dadgummed brute and pound for pound probably the strongest fighter in the sport! I thought you liked Will. Brian Magee….heck yea but Sakio…heck no!

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