Will Rosinsky: You Pays Your Money

By Clarence George on March 4, 2013
Will Rosinsky: You Pays Your Money
Will Rosinsky is no more a "bum" than Tony Galento, Johnny Paychek, or Arturo Godoy.

Will Rosinsky will never be confused with fellow super middleweight Andre Ward. But there’s more to the Sweet Science than its relative handful of top practitioners. There’s no shortage (well, actually there is) of lesser-knowns who at least give the fans their money’s worth, guys who happen not to be named Floyd Mayweather Jr., Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao…the roundup of usual suspects. Rosinsky is just such a boyo.

Twenty-eight-year-old “Power” (17-2-0, 9 KOs) turned pro in 2008. Undefeated for three years and over the course of 14 bouts, winning eight by stoppage, Rosinsky finally lost by unanimous decision to Edwin Rodriguez in 2011. He fought four times last year, stopping Zane Marks by third-round TKO in March, beating Aaron Pryor Jr. by unanimous decision in June, losing to Kelly Pavlik by unanimous decision in July, and beating light heavyweight Otis Griffin by unanimous decision in December.

I’d like Rosinsky to go up against hammer-fisted Donovan George, but “Da Bomb” only recently turned middleweight and his immediate objective must surely be competing against his fellow 160-pounders. Sakio Bika? Adonis Stevenson? Why not? Rosinsky is no more a “bum” than Joe Louis opponents Tony Galento, Johnny Paychek, Arturo Godoy, or Clarence Burman. Like Rosinsky, those guys were solid second-tier (not to be confused with second-rate) fighters. Indeed, BoxRec.com ranks Rosinsky ninth, sandwiched between Brandon Gonzales and Caleb Truax, out of 210 on its U.S. list and 28th, between Francis Cheka and Truax, of 890 on its international list. Perfectly respectable, and at least good enough to invite the interest of, say, Yusaf Mack and Brian Magee, and maybe Bika and Stevenson. Rosinsky, after all, has already taken on Rodriguez and Pavlik.

But “Time’s winged chariot hurrying near.” Rosinsky has only so much time to root himself deep in the squared circle, to ensure that a fight fan 50 years from now says, “Will Rosinsky? Sure I remember him. Not the cream of the crop, but you got your money’s worth…and then some.”

If it’s not to be, at least Rosinsky has a day job—the Ozone Park resident is an emergency medical technician with the FDNY. Better that than “Power” winding up the super middleweight version of heavyweight Matt Skelton—an aging mediocrity, a burnt-out case, Bill “Stoker” Thompson brought to life.

I have high hopes for Rosinsky. But, if nothing else, here’s hoping that my fellow New Yorker at least has the good sense to get while the getting is good, that he doesn’t wind up another “blind man in a dark room looking for a black hat that isn’t there.”

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  1. Clarence George 09:53am, 03/05/2013

    Who am I to argue with Gary Cooper?

  2. peter 09:43am, 03/05/2013


  3. Clarence George 08:33am, 03/05/2013

    Even though Hamer’s a heavyweight?  Well, you may be right.

  4. peter 06:37am, 03/05/2013

    Will Rosinsky vs Tor Hamer. Rosinsky wins.

  5. Clarence George 06:26am, 03/05/2013

    Yes, I’ve noted that tendency.  I hasten to add, however, that I had no romantic interest in Ruth.  Jeez, the woman was old enough to be my mother!  But she was some dish in her day.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 06:19am, 03/05/2013

    Clarence George-Now you’re talking! On this site I get to travel to places like Panama City with Michael Schmidt and to Montreal with Ted Sares…and now we have you and Robert Ecksel reporting from the virtual center of the Universe. Ruth Kligman….hmmm…I’ve always had a yen for mature ladies myself!

  7. Clarence George 05:47am, 03/05/2013

    Thanks so much, Irish!

    My days tend to be joyfully devoted to slaving away for Robert Ecksel, and I wouldn’t have it otherwise.  But you may be interested in knowing that I live in virtual spitting distance of where Stillman’s Gym and the Neutral Corner (the ultimate boxing bar) used to be.  Both, sadly, long gone. 

    Among my favorite restaurants is Keens, around since 1885 and home to an amazing mutton chop.

    Perhaps it will also interest you to know that I used to squire an elderly Ruth Kligman, who had been Jackson Pollock’s mistress.

    How’s that for Chapter I?

  8. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 05:17am, 03/05/2013

    Clarence George-You’re top-tier….in fact you’re the Taj Mahal! Rosinsky looks the part of a tough New Yorker….which he most certainly is! How about giving us rubes a little peek into your day to day in Gotham City….like your favorite pizza joints or delis or whatever. Everything in life relates to everything else and that includes boxing.

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