Wladimir Klitschko Fights Back

By Robert Ecksel on June 22, 2016
Wladimir Klitschko Fights Back
“As I said, it sounds like Hitler. I won't accept it. I think the man is probably mentally sick.”

Klitschko has taken the gloves off, so to speak, and wants to punish Tyson Fury for his serial intemperate remarks…

“Boxing is a manly sport. That’s why I tell everyone that boxing should be introduced into the public school curriculum.”—Adolf Hitler

Wladimir Klitschko isn’t alone. Unfortunately, neither is Tyson Fury.

In advance of their July 9 rematch at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom, former heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has taken the gloves off, so to speak, and wants to punish current heavyweight champion Tyson Fury for his serial intemperate remarks.

When Fury told Sports View London, “Everyone just do what you can, listen to the government follow everybody like sheep, be brainwashed by all the Zionist, Jewish people who own all the banks, all the papers all the TV stations. Be brainwashed by them all,” Dr. Steelhammer had heard enough.

“I mentioned it at the press conference, his statements about women, gay community men and women,” said Klitschko, “and then when he got to Jewish people—he sounded like Hitler. The man is an imbecile. I just can’t describe him as nothing but an imbecile. I’m fighting an imbecile. We have an imbecile champion.”

Fury isn’t the first imbecile champion and he won’t be the last. His remarks on gays—“I think it’ll be perfectly normal in the next ten years to have sexual relationships with your animals at home you know your pets your cats and dogs and all that so that will be legal”—were silly enough, but Klitschko believes he crossed a line when he started paraphrasing the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

“Especially in this crazy world as we see with everything that’s going on, we don’t need somebody having the stage and bringing the hate to Jewish people,” continued Klitschko. “As I said, it sounds like Hitler. I won’t accept it. I think the man is probably mentally sick.”

If Fury is sick, as Klitschko alleges, and not just a narrow-minded bigot, it’s a pity he’s not alone.

“It puts boxing in the wrong spot,” Klitschko added. “He represents not just himself, but the sanctioning bodies, a lot of boxing fans in general, it’s not just about him and he needs to understand but he obviously doesn’t.

“We can’t have a champion like that.”

Given Klitschko’s background and Ukraine’s less than exemplary behavior during World War II, maybe Klitschko isn’t the ideal messenger to bring that message to the world. But since a large portion of the world agrees with Fury, just as a large portion agrees with Klitschko, it might have been better to let that particular sleeping dog lie.

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  1. Eric 09:13am, 07/07/2016

    A good book on the Holodomor as well as the an Gorta Mor aka The Irish Famine is titled, “Holodomor and Gorta Mor: Histories, Memories, Representations Of Famine In Ukraine And Ireland,” by Emily Mark-Fitzgerald. Interesting take on two seperate mass starvations carried out in two different parts of the world. Another excellent book on the Holodomor is written by Gareth Jones, titled, “Eyewitness To The Holodomor.”

  2. Isaac 02:48pm, 06/28/2016

    Ridiculous article, riduculous montage pic… if i was the man himself i would be talking to my lawyers!
    Especially disapoining to see a WRITER (mike silver) vouching for CENSORSHIP in his own channel for opinions. If what is being said is so proposterous why bother. If is just plain lies, called them out with the facts… dont cry and be a loser and complain your coleagues arent doing the same, thats just weak.
    Obviously shit get blown out of proportion to make this kind of sensacionalism news.

    As for the Hitler lovers, they always been around… i guess they want atention.

    Great website tho… mike silver wont be missed

  3. Its Me 07:10am, 06/28/2016

    Anon…No worries. When a grown man HAS to resort to 3rd grade name calling, you very well know that you have WON the debate. Honestly, I find it hard to believe an adult “man” like this exist, but in today’s society of emasculated, beta males, well, it is kind of pathetic. Seriously, some of this caca, I haven’t heard since I was in grade school. Pitiful, really. Some of these fools actually think this kind of 1960’s stuff actually has the same effect that it had decades ago.

  4. Anonymous 11:43am, 06/27/2016

    Bit of a gangbang on Eric here, but he does have a right to post unless the moderator stops it. Kind of like a roughhousing fighter doing his work. As long as the referee doesn’t deduct points, he can do it.

    I am not saying I agree with Eric—not at all, but I am staying out of the substance of the argument.  I just don’t like it when someone is ganged up upon. That’s a different issue.

  5. Eric 08:44am, 06/27/2016

    Great quote by Oscar Wilde and how true. Sorry, but I just don’t share your opinion on Mr. Silver. Different strokes for different folks. Has Mr. Casey written any books? Mr. Casey is a top notch boxing scribe.

  6. Buster 08:20am, 06/27/2016

    To the little turd Eric who has taken out his shoe lifts and is probably posing in his SS replica uniform. Mike probably has too much class to even respond to your last ridiculous rant and I don’t blame him. He has written two books on boxing that have gotten excellent reviews and published scores of articles. Casey praises his work. What the hell have you done? To quote Oscar Wilde: “You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.” Crawl back to the sewer from whence you came you pathetic little jackass.

  7. Eric 06:14am, 06/27/2016

    In all honesty, Mr. Silver, you aren’t that much of a talent. Mike Casey is head and shoulders above any other writer on this site. Borrowing from Larry Holmes, Mr. Silver, you couldn’t hold Mike Casey’s jockstrap.

  8. Eric 05:49am, 06/27/2016

    Lemme get this straight. This article brings up Fury’s TRUE statement that Jews control the media, and of course somehow, that same media labels Fury an anti-Semitic bigot. Stating Jews control the media IS NOT AN OPINION, IT IS A FACT, anyone can do a simple Google search and find that out for themselves. Asher & Silver are two whiners and are both projecting their very own bigotry. Germans, white Southerners, and Whites in general are CONSTANTLY blasted and made sport of by Hollywood and the media non-stop 24/7. Hell, the Germans have been demonized for DECADES until they have no racial pride whatsoever. Mr. Silver & Asher, who in the hell gives you two idiots the right to determine what is “hate speech.” ONLY A BIGOTED MORON would call anything I stated on this post, “hate speech.” I was CONDEMNING the war attrocities committed by the Allies against INNOCENT GERMAN CIVILIAN WOMEN, CHILDREN AND THE ELDERLY. You, Mr. Silver, you, Ashner are the REAL BIGOTS. Anyone would an ounce of brain matter would know that all wars aren’t black and white like we’ve been led to believe, and there are many gray areas. We all know that the victors write history. I find it funny that someone like Fury gets roasted for stating an easily provable statement, and nothing is ever said about some of the truly filthy things that comedians like Sarah Silverman have said about Jesus Christ. You two bigoted morons are two of the biggest whiners and hypocrites on this site. Buh-bye, and good riddance.

  9. Asher 04:49am, 06/27/2016

    The YouTube video is Eric’s mentor. His hero. An example of what ‘Eric wishes America were. Mike Silver: I congratulate you for your principled stance. Heartfelt. The postings that are allowed on Boxing.com site are more in line with Stormfront.org or Jewwatch.com. That the likes of ‘Eric’ exist does not surprise me in the least. There are tens of millions of ‘Erics’ out there, trying to lay the groundwork for the next Holocaust. What I find shocking beyond belief is that Boxing.com, a site that I have visited for years, allows its site - A BOXING SITE FOR HEAVENS SAKE - to be used to propagate Jew hatred. What’s next? A call for genocide against Jews on Boxing.com? What I find sickening is that the Jewish boxing writers on this site- other than Mike Silver - are mute. In my opinion, ALL the writers on boxing.com are complicit by virtue of their silence. A pay check is a pay check, ain’t it fellas? Hate speech is not free speech. I have zero doubt that if hateful remarks were being posted on this site against blacks or gays or women or Hispanics or Muslims they would be erased immediately. But Jew hatred seems to be increasingly acceptable. For shame.

  10. Mike Silver 08:14pm, 06/26/2016

    Asher, I couldn’t agree with you more—and I have spoken to Robert and have asked him several times to remove or censor the disgusting hateful remarks by this caricature of a stupid, hate spewing ignoramus who goes by the name “Eric”.  Obviously that is not going to happen.This is a boxing site—or I thought it was. I am disappointed by my fellow writers for their silence on these hateful posts. Well, this was the last straw. I will no longer write for this site. I will not write any more articles or comment on any posts. I would feel dirty even contributing to it.  I think this bum Fury is a perfect representative of boxing today. Professional boxing is a stupid and truly insane sport lacking any redeeming qualities. It causes brain damage and ruins lives. It had it’s day and that’s past. It is not worth any intelligent person’s attention.. Goodbye Boxing.com.

  11. Eric 04:35pm, 06/26/2016

    REAL Eric here. Thanks PHONY Eric for bringing attention to the horrific Christopher-Newsom trial. That had to be one of the most horrific murders that I have ever read about, and of course the media kept quiet. Michelle Malkin and Thomas Sowell were some of the scant few who questioned the “blackout” by the establishment media.

  12. Eric 04:24pm, 06/26/2016


  13. Asher Spotted 04:50am, 06/26/2016


  14. Critical Beatdown 11:05pm, 06/25/2016

    Eric The Computer Viking, who exactly are “The Jews”??? You refer to us as a monolith. We are far from it. We are rich, poor, religious, atheistic, right wing, left wing, anarchist etc etc etc. But your source material from your wise friends on the internet probably didn’t fill you in on all that, did they? That would be far too humanizing, wouldn’t it? I happen to be a Jew who detests what Israel is doing to Palestinians. And I’m not even remotely a Zionist! Does that not just make your head spin on its axis!?!? Your use of this kind of language belies your hate for “The Jews” and not just some Jews who do evil things. Are there not powerful Whites who do awful things too? Or are they too just unwitting innocents in a vast Jewish conspiracy? I suspect I know the answer. At any rate, you will always remain a bigot is my guess. Maybe the issue will be settled by our ancestors. Maybe not. In mean time, and in the spirit of Inglorious Bastards, I do hope the match is back on soon. I’ll be rooting for Wlad to beat that flabby bigot’s face right the fuck in. Cheers!

  15. Koolz 09:30am, 06/25/2016

    you guys are being foolish here leaving site because of the Truth…Even Fury doesn’t know the truth did you see his response to Wlad?  He has no clue.

    Go Learn the Truth.  www.tomatobubble.com

    and allow yourselves to be Hooked in the Jaw by Reality!

  16. Eric 03:56pm, 06/24/2016

    I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but by God, I have never even remotely been considered a “Marxist.” If anything, I am the antithesis of a “Marxist.” I’ll sound off with a Patton quote regarding the Allies treatment of German POWs. “If what we are doing [to the Germans] is Liberty, than give me death.” God bless you, troop. America/Americans should be above torturing POWs, we should rise above that type of thuggery.

  17. peter 07:52am, 06/24/2016

    Boxing has always transcended sports. This beautifully crazy sport has always sparked lively political, social, and religious debate. Muhammad Ali is only one example of someone who has stimulated national controversy while transcending the sport. Whether you agree with his politics, or not, is a different story. If Ali can transcend this crazy sport,  so, too, must a vibrant and noteworthy boxing site. Which Boxing.com continues to be

  18. peter 07:50am, 06/24/2016

    Boxing has always transcended sports. This beautifully crazy sport has always sparked lively political, social, and religious debate. Muhammad Ali is only one example of someone who has stimulated national controversy while transcending the sport. Whether you agree with his politics, or not, is a different story. If Ali can transcend this crazy sport,  so, too, must a vibrant boxing site—like Boxing.com.

  19. Aztec Warrior 03:47am, 06/24/2016

    Ok, that’ll do it for me. While I thoroughly enjoy “most ” of the articles on this site, I’m checking out. I’m done.  I understand Fury’s comments and Klitschko’s response are somewhat newsworthy giving they are about to clash again in the ring. But honestly fellas, I’m tired, disheartened and even a little disappointed with the responses in the comments section.
    Initially, I found this site to a refreshing, educational and enlightening place to share my love for the Sweet Science. Now it seems that I have to be given a “history lesson ” or be told that “I’ve been lied to”, the name calling, etc. by posters in the comments section. That’s why I have refrained from posting my thoughts. Whatever happened to just good old fashioned boxing talk?
    I never thought I’d say this but I guess I’ll renew my subscription to Ring Magazine. Sure, the writers here are wonderful but the comments section is a deal killer. No disrespect to anyone. I wish you all and yours only the best.
    Aztec Warrior

  20. Koolz 04:29pm, 06/23/2016

    Want to know just how Great Hitler was?
    look up the “The Greatest Story Never Told.”

    I am also amazed by history….since all that is taught about history is a complete and total LIE!

  21. Eric 02:28pm, 06/23/2016

    Really all WWII was, was a continuation of other wars.  The Franco-Prussian War, Russo-Japanese War, WWI, Spanish Civil War, were all in some way relative to or led the way towards WWII. I think it was Napoleon, who said that history is a fable agreed upon, or sumtin’ like that. I don’t see how anyone can find history boring, always intrigued by it.

  22. Koolz 02:07pm, 06/23/2016

    and I must post www.bollyn.com so you can see who “The Elders Of Zion” are.

    As for Boxing I don’t think Wlad has it to beat Fury.  I think Fury fights at angles and troubles Wlad enough to really make Wlad lose his game plan.

    Wlad will want to engage, and he will engage, and that will open him up.
    I think this is where Wlad get’s knocked on his Ass from engaging Fury thinking he is going to KO Fury.  Fury though is not there to be hit!
    And he if Fast for his size.

  23. Koolz 02:02pm, 06/23/2016

    I am holding all the cards in my hand…Pulling out the Joker, The Tower, and the Executioner….

    Putin is Hitler!!

    Trump is Hitler?

    Fury is Hitler???  What?  Who is Hitler?  Hitler the greatest Leader and most lied about person on the planet that ever lived?  Amazing!  Who else can be Hitler!
    I am sure there are others who could be Hitler, hmmm. 
    I think Oliver Stone is Next!  The Next Hitler!!!!!

    Wlad is a pawn being used in a political game.  He has no idea what the truth is.  Any who speak the truth of the world are Hitler!  Go against the Zionist Machine and you are Hitler to yes You!  Are…HITLER!

    It’s an old trick…the oldest even and is same psychology of words as the made up anti-semitic or jewish holocaust.

    It’s interesting that is was Wlad’s brother that became a Mayor of Ukraine as Nuland and her Husband created an illegal coup’ .  And I quote Nuland, “we can use him as a Mayor in this situation”

    If Wlad knew the truth he would be Hitler too!  There would tons of Hitler running around all over damn sport world! 

    Will Hitler invade other areas of the Media?

  24. Anonymous 10:52am, 06/23/2016

    I’m cutting and pasting the posts before the thread goes the way of the Adam Berlin book review. I ‘d pay decent money to see those posts.

  25. Artichoke 10:34am, 06/23/2016

    anti Semitism has deep roots
    Jews share in its blame given their inevitable tribalism heritage from their long & well documented history
    what happened during WW II and its aftermath takes added significance when viewed through a lens forged over millennia
    the horrors of war give dread, but one should never forget the systematic & well studied despicable actions of a nationialist regime based on race hatred, the most evil form of tribalism

  26. Jethro's Flute 09:41am, 06/23/2016

    Asher, you’re correct.

    Eric is this site’s resident troll and I don’t intend to stick around because of that. I do not waste time with Marxists like him

  27. Jethro's Flute 09:40am, 06/23/2016

    Ukraine’s conduct during the second world war is not a reflection on Klitschko as he was not born until 1976.

    This is quite elementary.

    Why on earth the writer felt the need to mention it, I do not know as no one is guilty of things that happened before they were born.

  28. Eric 05:34am, 06/23/2016

    Buh-bye. Please watch the documentary, “Hellstorm,” and educate yourself. The Allies that committed those attrocities on innocent German civilians are indeed probably rotting in Hell. Old men sawed in half, women form 8-80 raped in the most brutal ways, some were found nailed to barn doors in a crucifix position. People need to learn all sides of history. Perhaps this is why Patton hated Eisenhower.

  29. Asher 04:51am, 06/23/2016

    “Eric” : This will be my only and final comment to you directly. I have far more respect for the David Dukes and Hassan Nasrallahs of the world. At least they proclaim loudly and publicly their unabashed desire to visit a second Holocaust on Jews, and they do so with their full name and their face for the entire world to see. You? You’re just some third-rate rat with a first name and too much time on his hands hiding behind an IP address. Jew-haters like you aren’t interested in debating ‘facts’ but rather in fabricating them. You’re in the sewer with Holocaust deniers and the 9/11 conspiracy imbeciles. You missed your era. You were born 50 years too late, you missed out on all the fun. You would have been far better off in 1930s Germany with your hand in the air, burning down synagogues, making bonfires out of books, and gassing Jewish children like rats. Rot in hell. Vermin.

  30. Eric 04:30am, 06/23/2016

    Asher…What’s wrong? Please point out anything hateful I posted. BTW, there might be some Germans who feel upset over how Fury is pictured, but I doubt they would start whining like a 2 year old. Everything I posted is relevant to the article. You must be one of those “tolerant” left wing types who are ONLY tolerant of their own opinion and not others. DEBATE what I posted or can’t you?

  31. Eric 04:23am, 06/23/2016

    Another day, another personal attack by Asher. You CAN’T debate historical or current FACTS, so you resort to the USUAL childish name calling. Please point out anything I posted that is not true or hateful. YOU CAN’T, therefore you resort to your childish whining.

  32. Asher 04:17am, 06/23/2016

    Curious: do the Jewish writers at boxing.com - I see no shortage of Jewish names under the writers list - ever challenge their boss and say oh, I dunno, “Hey Robert, give your head a shake, what’s with allowing this site to be stained by the odious anti-Semitic postings of some loser?” Or do they just adopt a see-no-evil posture and pretend like nothing is going on?

  33. Asher 04:00am, 06/23/2016

    Another day. Another Jew-hating post by raving Jew-hater and unemployed mommy’s basement dweller “Eric”. Another day of boxing.com showing its apathy and allowing its website to be used rent-free to propagate this virus, this garbage. For shame. Who needs Hamas and ISIS and David Duke when we have “Eric”?

  34. Eric 08:00pm, 06/22/2016

    disgusting and not “discussing.” Oops.

  35. Eric 07:58pm, 06/22/2016

    Many Ukrainians looked to the Germans as liberators and who can blame them considering that the Bolsheviks starved millions to death in the Holodomor. I find it quite odd that the narrative of WWII can’t be questioned at all. The biggest secret of all is how the Germans were treated by the Allies during the end of the war. Watch the documentary, “Hellstorm,” available on Youtube. Warning this video is very graphic and some scenes are disturbing. This documentary is based on the excellent book, by Thomas Goodrich. You will never look at Churchill or Eisenhower the same again. I always knew of the attrocities that the Red Army heaped on Germany, raping millions, even children and the elderly, but equally discussing were Eisenhower’s, “Death Camps.” These were flat out war crimes. The Allies certainly didn’t adhere to something called the Genava Convention and were never called on it either. Do not the Jews have vast control of the media and banking in the West? They sure do, so why is stating a fact wrong or somehow “anti-Semitic?” Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times has even openly reported on the Jewish control of Hollywood and the media, and Mr. Stein certainly wasn’t labeled an anti-Semite or took any grief from the press. I question why anyone who is critical of Jews or Israel is automatically labeled an “anti-Semite.” If someone is critical of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, how are they “anti-Semitic?” Are not Palestinians as Semitic as Israelis? On a side note, many Red Army soldiers defected to Germany during the war and at the end of the war,  the Western Allies, Britian & America, returned them to Stalin even though they begged that Stalin would kill them. Sheesh, what a bunch of swell fellers. Fury lives inside of Wlad’s head rent free, this time the fight doesn’t go the distance. Fury by knockout.

  36. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:35pm, 06/22/2016

    On the lighter side….Short summary of every Jewish Holiday: They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat.

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