World Boxing Super Series outlined

By Cain Bradley on March 12, 2017
World Boxing Super Series outlined
At the moment it is a brilliant idea, innovative and exciting. But so was the Super Six.

Boxing fans often dream of tournaments with marquee fights between the top boxers. This will hopefully provide that opportunity…

Thursday night it was the time for the next exciting boxing project to be unveiled. The brainchild of Kalle Sauerland was announced alongside former Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer. The team behind it is called Comosa AG and the idea is named the World Boxing Super Series (the super presumably added in to avoid confusion with the WSB). They believe the competition and its $50m (£41m) prize fund will “change the world of boxing.” As Schaefer stated, the proposal initially sounded fanciful but once he had watched a presentation he was all in. So what is the tournament about and how will it go?

In two weight classes, an eight-man field will be assembled with the winner receiving the largest cut and the Muhammad Ali trophy. It is an enormous amount of money, which Schaefer is confident will be put up and will encourage boxers to enter. Half the fights will take place in America and half in Europe with reserves also in place. It is expected to take place between September and May and current plans suggest Showtime Sports will be the American broadcaster to pick up the tournament. They also want to hold a draft gala which will see the four seeded boxers pick the opponent they would like from the unseeded boxers. The hope is that sanctioning bodies will let title holders compete and delay mandatory orders like they did during the Super Six tournament.

Boxing fans often dream of tournaments with marquee fights between the top boxers. This will hopefully provide that opportunity. The hope is to attract all fighters in the top fifteen with hopefully a couple of world champions. Sauerland and Schaefer are the promoters involved which would make you expect to see their boxers front and center. Schaefer has no top level boxers at the moment while Sauerland has plenty who could highlight a field. Schafer suggests it will be a “weight classes that might’ve been a bit ignored, so we can bring those fighters to the forefront and expose them.” That probably rules the likes of welterweight and middleweight out of the running. Super featherweight is currently enjoying a renaissance which may be making stars outside of the need for a tournament. Super middleweight of course had a tournament a few years ago, although now devoid of stars it could well have another. My favorites out of the likely candidates are cruiserweight, light middleweight and lightweight. Of course all speculation but we can begin to imagine some of the fields that could line up.

Gevor, Nielsen, Lebedev, Huck, Dorticos, Cunningham, Hunter and Briedis.

Culcay, Andrade, Lara, Hurd, L. Smith, Trout, Soro and I. Smith

Easter, Barthélemy, Flanagan, Beltran, Diaz, Commey, Bey and Mendez

It is nigh on impossible to judge the tournament before it has happened. Many things could still go wrong. The funding, an ambitious target to say the least could not be met. Promoters may block their own boxers from signing up to it. Oscar De La Hoya and Schaefer had a fierce war of words and for that reason we may have to rule out Golden Boy boxers. The TV networks may not be interested until boxers are confirmed who may themselves express doubt about not knowing which station will broadcast them. Injuries late in the tournament could lead to an unheralded reserve becoming champion after one bout. The governing bodies may restrict champions from taking part. At the moment it is a brilliant idea, innovative and exciting. So was the Super Six and the more that progressed, the harder it was to enjoy. As always, let’s pray this is as enjoyable at it should be with great matchups and compelling stories created throughout.

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  1. Cain Bradley 04:53am, 03/14/2017

    In a perfect world it would be the top eight boxers in every weight. Realistically, it won’t be. I’d be surprised if many Golden Boy or Al Haymon boxers take part. I think promoters like Frank Warren and Sauerland will provide the most fighters. Some of he best champions in the world like control and low risk/high reward fights. I am not sure how many will be willing to give that up.

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 03:00pm, 03/12/2017

    Good Jumpin’ Jesus Christ! These are the fighters that come to your mind for a $50,000,000 tourney “that will change the world of boxing”

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