Wrecking Ball / Tapia vs. Kirkland

By Michael Schmidt on December 2, 2013
Wrecking Ball / Tapia vs. Kirkland
The 23-year-old Tapia has shown boxing pedigree speed and power in his victories.

Glen Tapia, aka Jersey Boy, called in to the office on Monday of this week. He is steady and focused. He is ready for THE PROMISED LAND…

“I was raised out of steel here in the swamps of Jersey, some misty years ago. Through the mud and the beer, and the blood and the cheers, I’ve seen champions come and go. So if you got the guts mister, yeah, if you got the balls. If you think it’s your time, then step to the line, and bring on your wrecking ball.”—Wrecking Ball, Bruce Springsteen

This coming Saturday on HBO, Glen Tapia, 23-years-old, undefeated at 20-0, fights ONE STEP UP against big hitter, sometimes up, sometimes DOWNBOUND TRAIN James Kirkland, 31-1. Tapia with an amateur pedigree of Junior Olympic National Champion and an amateur record of 130 wins and 13 losses, co-managed by the boxing knowledgeable Pat Lynch and promoted by powerhouse Top Rank against Kirkland whose career surely has been as high, low, low, high, as that legendary Jet Star Roller Coaster down Asbury Park Way. Turn on your HBO, grab your bowl of popcorn, your beer (Tecate if you want to support beer that supports boxing!!) and don’t blink. This one may end being about NO SURRENDER.

What’s on Tapia down by the Boardwalk

“…meadowlands where mosquitoes grow big as airplanes, here where the blood is spilled, the arena’s filled…”—Wrecking Ball, Springsteen

The land of WORKING ON A DREAM for Glen Tapia is going to take place Saturday night at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, which for him will be “MY HOMETOWN.”He will of course take energy from that fact and indeed wears his ring moniker as “Jersey Boy” with a huge fan base of HIGH HOPES and as the LOCAL HERO. Tickets have been selling briskly.  As for Mr. James Kirkland he is back again with his trainer Ann Wolfe. He will draw his own thunder of inspiration from Wolfe as he clearly has done in the past as she once again molds her fighter to try and be TOUGHER THAN THE REST. 

The past has shown Kirkland to be done in without the big bad Wolfe applying her trade and bringing him to peak level performance. One of the big questions in having Wolfe back and whether SHE’S THE ONE is the fact that they have not been back together very long and THE TIES THAT BIND may not have enough time to bind when facing a level of what’s on Tapia. Kirkland may, or may not, have seen BETTER DAYS as apparently in the past he has found that IT’S HARD TO BE A SAINT IN THE CITY.

Aside from his stellar amateur background young Tapia’s days have been spent well: Tapia’s background also includes primary pre-championship sparring camps with the likes of Kendall Holt, Vernon Forrest, Joshua Clottey, Alfredo Angulo, and a six-month stint in the Philippines as one of Manny Pacquiao’s chief sparring partners before his fight with Margarito.

“Come On and Take Your Best Shot, Let Me See What You Got”—Wrecking Ball, Bruce Springsteen

Glen Tapia’s ring moniker/name of “Jersey Boy” in itself kind of gets the adrenaline going doesn’t it! New Jersey! From the old vintage class cool of entertainer Frankie Valli, to the gritty song storytelling from the heart of “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, New Jersey has character unto itself. Need we even have to mention, down Hoboken way, the “Chairman of the Board” one of a kind, only kind, Frank Sinatra? Hell even the actors from New Jersey who play tough guys are guys who look tough enough to lay you down in the parking lot, from the likes of the late James Gandolfini to Ray Liotta. Don’t even get me started on the punch you in the snout pugilistic types of Tony Galento, Mike Rossman, Jersey Joe Walcott, and a guy you sure as hell would not have wanted to meet in a street fight back in the day, THE PRICE YOU PAY, Mr. Frankie DePaula.

This fight’s going to give you more action than that Crazy Mouse ride, Steel Pier Amusements style, and that old Water Gun Fun game down The Boardwalk way. But this is more than winning the big stuffed animal prize. The winner is going to step into major action next year, and it will be GLORY DAYS. For the one who suffers the travels of RADIO NOWHERE comes the agony of rebuilding in venues of lesser scale and lesser money in a business that is never EASY MONEY. This whole New Jersey atmosphere is going to bring a feeling to this fight of electricity and INDEPENDENCE DAY, 4th OF JULY ASBURY PARK like fireworks!

“Come On and Take Your Best Shot, Let Me See What You Got”—Wrecking Ball, Bruce Springsteen—OR NOT

“Stories, even ones with jumbled timelines, and time periods are linear. They start, stuff happens, they end.”—Famous screenwriter Jeff Nichols

I first had the pleasure of a very brief “hello” with Mr. “Jersey Boy” Glen Tapia after his Madison Square Garden two round KO victory earlier this year, January 19th, on the undercard of Garcia vs. Salido and the exquisite Golovkin vs. tough guy, deserving of another title fight with Kid Chocolate, Rosado. The young 23-year-old Tapia had shown boxing pedigree speed and power in his victory. I was sitting ringside when Glen came by and had a brief hello. He is an exceptionally polite and respectful young man and he was well dressed, wearing a classy overcoat, which one couldn’t help but note.  A professional in and out of the ring! He gave me immediate REASON TO BELIEVE that in this day and age of silly face-to-face post weigh in stare downs, smack talk, and embarrassing YouTube segments, that there are still young pros acting with the class and style of the Mancini and Arguello types. YOU’VE GOT IT Mr. Tapia.

Time move forward to the post-fight, Bradley vs. Marquez to bumper-to-bumper motor vehicle mayhem parking lot JUNGLELAND and my Wynn Resort VIP guest limousine seems to have disappeared. No problem there as one of our guests advised that if we couldn’t find the limo they would double back shortly thereafter and that was fine with me as it was pre-arranged as such. Now having said that, and being the impatient El Bastardo Magnifico that I am, I decided, along with our Fearless Editor, to tromp back by the media room and see if we could hitch a ride. There was a big tour bus back of the media center with a gentleman wearing an extremely expensive looking suit (think a better looking version of the old suntanned actor George Hamilton). The gentleman noticed my Wynn VIP card hanging around my neck and asked if I was in need of a ride. But of course! LUCKY TOWN!

Moving to part two here, you have to appreciate a friend of mine was a little less of pocket, shall we say, having seen Bradley win his close points decision over Marquez and as such I was in, shall we say, a mood, for it was certainly not our night of BOOK OF DREAMS.

With Fearless Editor in tow immediately behind me, I stepped into a darkened bus the whole of which was filled with perhaps eight very well dressed middle-aged men, give or take a plus, and two younger gentlemen. “Good evening, I hope you don’t mind but the gentlemen at the bus door said I could hitch a ride.” From the back came a “no problem” at which point I blurted out the following: “Okay, hands in the fucking air, which one of you guys voted for Bradley? Who the fuck voted Bradley after all that!” Now, in hindsight, I have to tell you I’m surprised somebody didn’t get up and just smack me in the back of the head, but nonetheless there were some chuckles and a few fingers pointed at a young man who was text messaging on his cell phone.  He looked up and smiled and simply said, “Real nice guys.” I never did get an answer as to whether the young gent went Bradley or Marquez. What I can tell you is that looking back at the matter, in amusement, where some six-foot-two, one hundred eighty-nine pound strange bald guy gets on a bus and asks for a raise of hands, in the fashion as such, that all where class and smiles on the bus. 

We arrived back at the wonderland of Wynn Resorts and got off the bus. I asked one of the other gentlemen who the person was in front of me as I had a vague recollection of having met him. The response was Pat Lynch and in embarrassment I said “Pat, we met at the Boxing Hall of Fame, I was sitting at a table with Steve Smoger and Chuck Zito was sitting immediately behind me. I think you were sitting with the Duva table to my right.” Pat laughed and said “that’s right.” In turn I mentioned, “Pat, hell that’s funny that I didn’t recognize you but the bus was kind of dim. The next thing you’ll be telling me is that your star pupil Glen Tapia’s around and I missed him too!”  Well the young man with the cell phone who was so polite tapped me from behind on my shoulder and… “Hi, it’s Glen Tapia!”

Glen and I talked briefly on the casino floor as we all walked back towards the restaurants and our rooms.

Schmidt: “You know you’re a better boxer than Kirkland.”

Tapia: “I’m a better boxer, I think.”

Schmidt: “There’s no reason that you need to brawl with this guy. You can break this down boxing.”

Tapia “I don’t need to brawl with him but if he wants to brawl I can brawl with him.”

Schmidt: “No doubt, but you don’t have to. You’re going to be in Atlantic City, ticket sales are going to go brisk because of your name. It’s your backyard and it’s about winning. Tough guys, smart tough guys, they’re more than just brawling. They’re smart. Besides, you don’t know what version of a Kirkland you’re going to get.”

Tapia: “Yes. That’s right, I don’t know what version I am going to get. ” 

This fight will be dictated by Tapia more so than Kirkland’s raw power. Tapia is the more multidimensional fighter here and certainly would appear, based on previous fight reviews, to have the higher boxer skill and hand speed to slowly break Kirkland down. One must also consider Kirkland’s roller coaster career of the past few years and his layoff. This is one of those Al Davis just win baby type of fights if you’re in the Tapia think tank. 

Tough Guys Do Dance!

I spoke to Pat Lynch last Friday on the phone. He’s a very accommodating gentleman and we shared a few stories and laughs. I told Pat a quick story, as story telling is what we do here at Boxing.com in terms of a place, a face, a person, a time, an event!

Last week an old high school friend Johnny P. showed up at the law firm. I haven’t seen Johnny since early days high school. You see back in the day Johnny was a tough guy. He ended up doing a few break and enters and some minor league drug deals here in town. Suffice to say his current day situation is not the best. While Johnny was doing his endeavors I was working as a doorman, meet and greet, at a local strip club and as a bartender upstairs on Friday nights. I was also double timing in a woodworking factory lifting stereo units up and down in a spray booth conveyor belt area. And, of course, on the side working my way through school. 

I took Johnny P. out for lunch last week. He smiled at the end of lunch and simply looked at me with moist eyes, thoughts of yesteryear, and stated “I guess there’s various versions of tough guys eh Schmidty. My old man was kind of like you; he got up early every morning and went to work in the city. He did that all those years but I thought I was the tough guy.” 

There are tough guys and smart tough guys, Glen Tapia. The tough guys, the non-smart ones, well they mostly end up as one of those portraits in Springsteen songs, as broken out antiheroes wandering the back tents of some Carnyville Asbury Park scenario, OUT IN THE STREET, broken down SPARE PARTS.

Every morning Glen Tapia gets up, 5 am in the cold of the Jersey morning, DANCING IN THE DARK, on his toes shadowboxing, and does his sprints, plus his 5 mile runs as his mind replays his LAND OF HOPE AND DREAMS. 

As I mentioned to a very respectful Glen Tapia, a month ago past on the Wynn Casino Resort floor, you don’t know what you’re going to get with Kirkland. He may be in shape, or slightly out of shape, and I am speaking not only mentally but also physically. What you know is you may get extreme danger as he has thunderous power in both hands. 

If tough guy Tapia fights smart, smart guy tough, then you will see high skill set vs. front forward lights out RAMROD power. We are not talking here of Mr. Tapia doing BORN TO RUN but rather using his skill to beat Kirkland apart, head and body, round by round. There is no need for Glen Tapia to play early on ROULETTE and go into the FIRE early. He has the skill set to bank the early rounds to his favor, without a ROLL OF THE DICE. Late in the fight, if it goes that long, and Tapia has to prove it all night, POINT BLANK Kirkland will be OPEN ALL NIGHT.

It will be exciting!  Turn on your HBO! For young Glen Tapia will it be MAGIC and will it be THE RISING in New Jersey the likes, maybe, just maybe, the likes that has not seen for some time. Perhaps, just perhaps, Pat Lynch who has a heavy HUNGRY HEART will smile looking post-fight to the Atlantic City sky, and whisper to himself, and to a SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT, of THUNDER ROAD, “we have something special.”

Side Note #1

I was in the office late Sunday night to pick up some paperwork for the ensuing week. There was a message on the office answering machine from Glen Tapia apologizing for missing my phone call, that he was on the way to the gym late Friday afternoon, and that he looked forward to speaking to me and promised to call back again if I missed him. “The Professional!” Glen called in to the office on Monday of this week. He is steady, focused…ready for THE PROMISED LAND. 

Side Note #2

This one is for little Stevie down by The Boardwalk and all the guys, you know who you are, 1978, who had the pleasure of being at Toronto Maple Leaf Garden’s to watch “The Boss” slide one end of the stage to the other on his knees and do a marathon three hour set. That’s Jersey style—giving it all you got! You guys wanted 10 Boss song in the article, we give you 30 plus! And to Pat and Glen thanks for the input, and to the inspiration of a warrior, Arturo Gatti!

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  1. Mike Schmidt 03:45pm, 12/09/2013

    No probs. The last shot kinda reminds me, by example, of the first Manny vs JMM when Manny ripped JMM with a clear shot to the head when JMM was clearly on the canvas. Cheap, ya know, it is one of those micro-second adrenaline flowing things ( Manny’s was more the flagrant). Ann’s comment lacked class and I suspect she regrets it and timing wise that much more in a circumstance that while she is saying it the commish is trying to clear the hall to get a stretcher thru. Again emotions are in full throttle but yeah on that one I hear ya but no biggy. The guy in the corner—well by the way Ann was chewing him, no ice as Kirkland sat down, no water, and he kept holding the spit bucket ( when he actually brought it up from the apron!!) on the outside strand of the second rope- must of thought James was doing a Chew Tobacco spit shot I guess and yeah his going around the ring smiling and laughing at the other camp post fight sure is not much in the class depo. And yep it sure was a furious early rounds action.

  2. Francis 02:58pm, 12/09/2013

    Tell Frank thank you.  I owe you on that one.  Cheap shot by Kirkland at the end of the fight, cheap shot by Wolfe in the corridor afterwards and who was Kirkland’s corner man, smiling in everybody’s face after the fight and getting yelled at in between rounds by Wolfe.  Exciting fight for 2 1/2 rounds.

  3. Mike Schmidt 09:06am, 12/08/2013

    Cat scan neg!!!!

  4. Mike Schmidt 03:34am, 12/08/2013

    A Champions heart last night by young Mr. Tapia and prayers he is okay!!! Steve Kim on twitter, right or wrong, not to say, and always tough as we were not in the corner and the heat of the moment, and no right or wrong to Steve either—to review and think about—“I hope Tapia’s handlers understand what happened tonight and yes they should wear this like the scarlet letter. This is on them.”

  5. Mike Schmidt 04:28am, 12/05/2013

    This is what I received back “12/5/2013. Back late Friday night Avvocato/Congsiliere ya gotta wait until I see The Mandingo Warrior at his weigh-in. Usually the weigh-in not something I care about (other than the lovelies make weight) but in this case want to see what James looks like. He wears his gym work on a soft gut, or lack of it if he has been working hard. Rigo wins but not easy, The Problem Boner as you like to call him beats on Maidana who is too slow of foot, too slow of hand, and predictable. The real question on that Mr Lawyer is if The Boner can excite- the Paulie fight was terrible- didn’t show anything and came close on the cards to a loss. I will email you Saturday morning on Kirkland/Tapia. And I ain’t working up here at Bitter Lake area!!!!” And if Kirkland loses 50 cent short of a buck stable REALLY NOT DOING WELL.

  6. Mel F. 03:32pm, 12/04/2013

    Look forward to it.

  7. Mike Schmidt 02:48pm, 12/04/2013

    Spoke to his wife- he is up at a place called Bitter Lake working on a cottage. Gonna get back to me Friday- with a pick no doubt- will ask him on Boner vs Maidana as well

  8. Mel. F. 01:59pm, 12/04/2013

    Schmidty, how does Frank The Bear see this one.

  9. Carlos Varela jr. 09:42pm, 12/03/2013

    This is going to be the classic Matador vs Toro , I saw Glenn Tapia fight a couples of fights and he shows patient, skills good finisher instincs, he should come out the victor if he has the right presence of mind to play with the bull, Kirkland fight the same way he did when he turned pro, he has not show any progression in his development of his technical skills, but he has raw power and will be a dangerous opponent to the end, can not wait to see this one. Schmidt stays out of trouble remember John Ruiz remember Panama, you know how to choose the people you get mad,jajaja.

  10. Mike Schmidt 07:14pm, 12/03/2013

    Ola Gomez. Yes, if young Mr. Tapia boxes “within himself” staying composed, not getting greedy as they say, and uses his superior hand and foot movement early on, then Mr. Kirkland will be in for a trying fight. This will not be Angulo straight line in front of you…different beast this Tapia, and able to adjust and think in the ring- he prides himself on that- a very interesting fight- kudos to both guys for taking the fight, kudos for Top Rank for putting it together- NO NEGATIVE NANCY COMMENTS ON THIS ONE AYE LADS!!!!

  11. Mike Schmidt 07:10pm, 12/03/2013

    Kid, I agree 100%. Ann clearly makes James psychologically “fit” or, perhaps the better word, “tougher.” Usually the same can be said in regards to his conditioning but they have not been back together that long…..sooooo…should be interesting.

  12. P.S. Gomez 06:57pm, 12/03/2013

    Tapia, if he fights smart and doesn’t let the crowd influence him.

  13. kid vegas 05:18pm, 12/03/2013

    It’s my understanding that Ann Wolfe will be with James. If so, that gives him a better chance, but this is still a foolhardy fight to come back on.

  14. Carlos Varela jr. 03:03pm, 12/03/2013

    This one is going to be the classic matador vs toro or Matador vs Bull. I saw Glenn Tapia fighting a couples of times he is well school very patient for his age and a great finisher he should come out victor if he has the presence of mind to stay cool under pressure, on the other hand Kirkland fight the same way he did when he turned professional he has not show progression in his development, but he has raw power in both hands, dangerous in every round, can not wait to watch this fight. Schmidt stays out of trouble remember John Ruiz in Panama you always choose the best fighters to get in trouble jajaja.

  15. Mike Schmidt 02:44pm, 12/03/2013

    JK News, Philboxing, Rob Cruz, U.K. and you guys down in New Jersey—YOU ALL ROCK and thanks for getting the ball rolling here—uphill with a hit the next few days before the fight—if one guy reads it and watches HBO or one guy buys a ticket well then hell we did our thing—one more boxing fan in the greatest sport of all—thanks for letting this one to start a ride on the web this day, all day, any day!!!

  16. Mike Schmidt 08:53am, 12/03/2013

    Cutman I here you were a busy man on the weekend. Four fights in a row and the river running a red!!! Here ya patched the one lad up very nicely- good work Sir. Now on Glen what I like is the same thing that the legendary trainer Ray Arcel said about Roberto and why he was so much better than most: “He can think in the ring, adjust, and if you can out think the other guy, make changes, then you can box a long time.” Tapia is the more versatile guy, faster etc. Kirkland, well he is your mini Earnie Shavers, gotta watch the bomber!!!! If Tapia wins it is going to juice up the New Jersey fight scene el pronto. And I asked ya not to use that “Toro” thing!!! Always reminds me of the huge waste of talent, life living of El Torito Tony Ayala. Adios Carlos and say hello to pops, the man who trained Arguello YES!!!

  17. Carlos Varela jr. 08:35am, 12/03/2013

    This fight is going to be a classic matador vs Toro or bull, I enjoy watching Glen Tania fighting he has patient in the ring for a young man , good boxing skills and his also a good finisher, he should come out the victor in the fight if he has the presence of mind on the other hand the Toro in this case Kirkland he fight the same way he did when he turns pro.He Has raw power in both hands, but no progression in his technical skills hi is dangerous to the end, can not wait to watch this one.And Schmidt stay out troubles remember John Ruiz, remember Panama.  Jajaja.

  18. Mike Schmidt 08:30am, 12/03/2013

    Jack this just in from an interview post fight ringside ” Deontay who would YOU like to fight next.”....“Well guys, everybody know that I want to fight Carl Froch, kinda like a Stan Ketchel vs Jack J. thing, or if he doesn’t want to drop down, Miguel Cotto—I mean everybody wants that at a catchweight even though Miguel has never fought at 200 lbs.” Question—“There is a rumour that now that you have equalled Mack “The Knife” Fosters 30 wins 30 knockout career you would like to go over to England and have a warm up. We understand that Joe Bugner is calling you out, what about that.” Answer—” Ah speak to my promoter, ah its up to my promoter, but I think really that first we gotta do Tye Fields. Bugner, you have to get the money right before we do Bugner.”

  19. Mike Schmidt 08:18am, 12/03/2013

    Superb! And two price versions- ha no wonder I am only parking the bus- but that does have it’s own take off the fringes benefits. And those images, what an invitation to buy a treat.  Sneak all I can say is Yessica ( shit she is going to hit me low on that one) would make you cry for Argentina, and cry and cry and cry…..in a good way of course.

  20. Jack 08:15am, 12/03/2013

    Who said, “serious boxing guys don’t have a sense of humor” ??? You guys are a trip!!!! Enjoy the fight. Has anyone heard any news about Mr. Wilder or will I be posting 5 years from now, “it’s been 65 fights and he still has not stepped up in the level of competition. Ty Fields is rumored to be the next opponent!!!!”

  21. Clarence George 08:12am, 12/03/2013

    Not Miss Bopp, I know, but permit me to recommend this wonderful cheesecake photo of one of my favorite hotties, Barbara Nichols.  Available in both colorized and traditional black-and-white, which of course means two different price ranges for the tease-shirts:



  22. Pete The Sneak 07:51am, 12/03/2013

    EBM, Okay yes! I agree. Yessica (YES! SICA) should be the Piece, er, sorry, I mean should be there instead of the Peace sign. Man, viva Argentina…whew!...Peace indeed…

  23. Mike Schmidt 07:42am, 12/03/2013

    Well Sneak, is a mere lad parking the El Bastardo T-Shirt tour bus might I suggest we talk to WBA Female Champ Jessica Bopp and see if we can use her image on the back of the T. I know Clarence is not a big female boxing fan but I believe in unequal opportunity—please feel free to google “Jessica Bopp images” for any further behind the scenes thoughts thanks. Or if our Fearless Editor can post a link to Ms Bopp laying poolside in Panama that would suffice—Robert did you wake up yet!!!

  24. Mike Schmidt 07:38am, 12/03/2013

    Carlito—hola hola the best cutman in Canada checks on in. Agree, agree and more agree on your comments but James hit ya and he gonna hurt ya!! AND THANKS FOR REMINDING ME ABOUT JOHNEEE RUIZ- NOW THAT IS A STORY- Taking the Heavyweight Champs trophy to my hotel room for the evening hee heee the look on Guy Jutras of the WBA thinking I was stealing the damned thing at the bar that night- and the look on the Champs face when we gave it back to him in the morning—I was going to keep it but your such a big tough looking bastard I thought I better give it back—we ruined the big boy’s breakfast—he couldn’t stop laughing!!!! Not to worry Carlito—I was going to blame the whole darn thing on you anyways—Side note to all this, John had a friend keeping a big WBA bronze trophy that was awarded to him at the bar that night as a bunch of guys talked—he forgot to take it with him so we decided to secure it until the morning—actually the damned thing was too big and heavy to slip into the Varela travel bag—hee hee what are friends for!!! Adios Carlito and enjoy the fights this weekend.

  25. Pete The Sneak 07:36am, 12/03/2013

    Bastardo, I can see the T-shirt now.  Boxing.com/EBM emblazoned in the front, Peace sign in the back. A million seller. Proceeds of T-Shirt sales to benefit the ‘Get a seat behind the Perky Assed Lupe Velez lookalike foundation’ at the next big fight for all (interested) Boxing. Com writers/posters. Culminating in a personal face to face meet & greet with foundation CEO Clarence George and Executive Vice President Irish Frankie…Our generosity knows no bounds…Peace.

  26. Mike Schmidt 07:25am, 12/03/2013

    Don from Prov—yeah I gotta say I was pushing the envelope on the song titles but ya gotta admit the Boss, love em, admittedly pushing some of those performances to the high cheeseeeeee level in between the heartfelt. Thanks for the post-regardless of who one is cheering for hats off to Top Rank making an on paper good old-fashioned scrap

  27. Carlos Varela jr. 07:06am, 12/03/2013

    This is going to be a must-watch fight. I saw Tapia in most of his fights well school good skills and craft moves well in the ring, he is very patient for a young fighter Kirkland on the other hand fight the same way he did when he started as a pro raw power but not progression in his boxing skills great power, smart always wins and Glen Tapia shows the presence of mind to come out the victor, can not wait to see the fight.Schmidt stop getting in trouble remember John Ruiz, remember Panama.

  28. Don from Prov 06:55am, 12/03/2013

    Well done, Mr. Schmidt—though I have to admit that you may have come right up to the edge of acceptable use of song titles/references.  I do enjoy how you always convey a true feeling of place.  Anyway, I’m cheering for the kid.

    Mr. Kirkland has had his shots—
    Though given the realities of his life, gaining one more shot would not be the very worst thing that could happen.  But I’m still cheering for the kid.

  29. El Bastardo Magnifico 06:03am, 12/03/2013

    Thanks Sneak. Both guys should be in great shape- Tapia does not want to walk THE LONESOME HIGHWAY home- young man has huge motivation here- lets see what Kirkland brings to the table if it goes into late round pound. PS when we start getting the El Bastardo boxing T Shirts going 50% royalties to you Sir!!!!! And I’ll even park the tour bus!!!!

  30. Pete The Sneak 05:58am, 12/03/2013

    Bastardo, I think the real tough guy in this story is your fearless editor…It takes a lot of Cojones to get on a strange darkened bus with some crazy ass MoFo shouting “hands in the effing air.” I would have been heading for the hills thinking I would be capped at any time..lol…I think a focused, hard hitting Kirklnad is good for boxing and I’m kind of rooting for him. However, fighters/individuals like Mr. Tapia are also great for the sport and you truly do have to root for guys like this, who actually get it! I will be watching intently and at this point will be just hoping to watch a really good fight and wish both guys well…Absolutely wonderful & entertaining read Bastardo…Peace.

  31. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:36pm, 12/02/2013

    Jack-The operative words are “checking out”....that’s just about it these days.

  32. Mike Schmidt 08:22pm, 12/02/2013

    No not an easy one at all Jack and that in itself is refreshing as seeing some of the stuff served up lately. Tough one for both guys- Glen stepping up against a power puncher top leverl guy and Kirkland taking on a young tiger his first fight back after a layoff, Promo issues, trainer on and off again- so hats off to both these guys- you know watching the two light- heavy fights it was pretty easy to see off the get go who was getting the TEN AVENUE FREEZE OUT ( couldn’t resist that one!)- this one is a great match

  33. Mike Schmidt 08:18pm, 12/02/2013

    Sorry Fearless Editor- am on the road and keep getting bounced out of the comment section- aside from giving everybody a right back at you courtesy of a response- always humbling to know somebody out in cyber land is enjoying a read. Irish Frankie what can one say!!!1 You da man!! I hope you give me publishing permission to use that “checking out her bouncy, perky ass when she jumps out of her seat.” Somewhere back of memory is a picture of Lupe draped over a polar bear and all I could remember as a young teen was that the bear was one lucky sum a bitch!!! Actually if you give me publishing rights to that perky ass line me thinks we might be able to sell it’s use to Clarence and maybe make some easy dough!!!!

  34. Mike Schmidt 08:12pm, 12/02/2013

    Nick that is the first time I have seen the Hometown Warriors Video- yeah that was really cool and well done. Brings a human edge to these guys.

  35. Mike Schmidt 08:09pm, 12/02/2013

    Sir Robert- hijack, hell I was lucky a few of the boys didn’t decide to Snagglepuss exit stage right me thru one of the windows. I had a chuckle with Suzanna when we got back to Wynns telling her that you were getting on the bus behind me politely saying “ah Schmidty there is a seat up front here.!” Or otherwise, SHUT THE FUCK UP SCHMIDTY. Ah never a dull moment eh Fearless Editor.

  36. Mike Schmidt 08:00pm, 12/02/2013

    Sorry got interrupted - Fearless Editor everybody that takes the time and thought- posts deserves a response in this guy’s mind one at a time!! C. G Pats boxer and very very close family friend was Thunder Gotti so when I saw your post about “stolen your thunder” yes, well, indeed. We take the humour with the pain eh amigo!!!

  37. Mike Schmidt 07:54pm, 12/02/2013

    Thanks to everybody!

  38. Jack 07:08pm, 12/02/2013

    Nice article Michael, I can tell you who I will be rooting for!!!! I wish James all the best but I have to root for a young man who appears to have his head screwed on straight and can actually “fight a little bit”. Depending on which Kirkland shows up, this could be a very tough fight for Tapia, can’t wait to see it. Irish, you’re at it again. You may get TKO’d in the 1st by something ” Perky”, maybe not?

  39. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:34pm, 12/02/2013

    Mike Schmidt-This is no cheeseburger….this is prime rib….when you’re at the Wynn or the Garden so are we and we’re having what you are…thank you….just like when Clarence George writes about Lupe Velez ringside at the Hollywood Legion…we’re just a few seats away checking out her bouncy, perky ass when she jumps out of her seat.

  40. Nick 05:13pm, 12/02/2013

    Love the Tapia Homegrown Video.

    this is going to be a good fight !!!!!!!!

  41. Robert Ecksel 03:38pm, 12/02/2013

    Schmidty—Remind me to never ride a bus with you again. I thought you were going to hijack that damn thing, and all the passengers aboard with it.

  42. Clarence George 03:37pm, 12/02/2013

    Oh yeah?  Well you’re not the only one to enjoy such first-person encounters, Mr. Special.  I once met, um…John L. Sullivan!  Yeah, that’s right.  And he spoke to me.  He said something like, “Nice to meet you.”  So there.

    Sorry to have stolen your thunder, but you needed to be taken down a peg or two.  If you hadn’t mentioned Tony Galento, it would have been three or four pegs.

  43. Mike Schmidt 02:23pm, 12/02/2013

    Thank you Fearless Editor for the as usual great video content.

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