You win, you win. You lose, you win.

By Ted Sares on May 5, 2012
You win, you win. You lose, you win.
Miguel Cotto fought until the final bell and lost, but Miguel Cotto also won (Getty Images)

“You’re a hell of a champion…you’re the toughest guy I ever fought.”—Mayweather to Cotto in the ring after the fight.

And that’s what happened to Miguel Cotto tonight as he lost the fight but earned $8 million in the process. Given the quick manner in which he left the ring after the fight, it may well be that this will be his swan song. If so, that’s a great package with which to retire.

However, rather than take an easy way out, Cotto came to win and he gave it 110% fighting as hard as he could right up until the very end. In fact, as late as the end of the eighth round, he landed several punches to the head, prompting Mayweather to shake his head as if they didn’t hurt—a sure sign that they did hurt.

However, it simply was a case of too much technical skill, accuracy, and speed, as Floyd began landing looping rights behind the guard of the game Miguel and then made an even more effective adjustment when he started drilling Cotto with sharp left uppercuts. These moves, along with his uncommon stamina, allowed Mayweather to dominate late and seal the deal over the last four rounds, In fact, he almost floored Cotto in the 12th round as he pulled out a UD win to remain unbeaten in 43 fights. Two judges scored the fight 117-111 and the third had it 118-110.

After the fight, Floyd was both gracious and fresh notwithstanding a bloody nose that stayed with him for most of the fight. ‘‘He’s a tough competitor,’’ Mayweather said. ‘‘He came to fight. He didn’t just come to survive. I dug down and fought him back.’’ Floyd reportedly made at least $32 million, but was forced to fight every minute of all 12 rounds against the relentless Puerto Rican champion whose battered face reflected the accuracy of Mayweather’s punches.

As for the popular Cotto, his fans didn’t get a chance to hear his thoughts after the fight, but they do know that he will never have a financial worry for the rest of his days and, for that matter, for the rest of his children’s days.

Yes, Cotto fought until the final bell and lost, but he also won.

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  1. the thresher 11:32am, 05/07/2012

    Lilliam. me too. He really showed some class leading up to this fight. He turned out to be likable for a change. The surprise second interview with Manny and Lamps was a hoot.

  2. the thresher 11:30am, 05/07/2012

    Bill, Pac-Floyd will never happen.

  3. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 10:53am, 05/07/2012

    “Packy-May” will not happen. Too much political and economical bullshit is connected there between them two. Total jiggery pokery. Besides, Packy is a lying welterweight at 144 pounds and May is naturally bigger at a solid 147 to 151 pounds. Packy isn’t gonna fight a bigger man who can match his speed. I admit that May is guilty of being greedy with the money cut, but Packy should be down at 140 pounds in 2012…

  4. Liliam Dominguez 08:45am, 05/07/2012

    I was impressed by the way Mayweather fought and behave.  Now, I wish he has the nuts to fight Paqquiao 

  5. Gajjers 01:19am, 05/07/2012

    Sorry for ruffling a few feathers there, Ted - no hostility was intended. I had taken a few too many looks at the bottom of my glass - my bad. Who wudda thunk it though - a sensitive politician? But don’t worry - anything that wears thin, wears out & eventually vanishes. The future looks good, doesn’t it? On a more relevant note, has Cotto provided any sound-bites since the fight? Personally, I’m sure his stock must have gone up a tad, so I wonder why he was so miffed…

  6. MR.BILL-HARDCORE XXX 11:52pm, 05/06/2012

    I’m kool with Saturday’s happenings, but I do wanna know how my PPV ticket was pre-ordered in advance…. Shit like that just doesn’t happen to me when I go to PPV the fights without a logical reason…

  7. the thresher 07:01pm, 05/06/2012

    Dollar, you mean boxers.

  8. the thresher 07:01pm, 05/06/2012

    B Red, good to see you on here my good man. I’m digging some Miles tonight.

  9. dollarbond 06:33pm, 05/06/2012

    Bullies never know when to quit.

  10. B Red 06:15pm, 05/06/2012

    Floyd had a tougher fight than expected, but the fight was not close, i had it 10 round to two or 9 to 3, ya dig

  11. the thresher 04:58pm, 05/06/2012

    MRBILL, sounds like you lost, you won. :)

  12. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 04:47pm, 05/06/2012

    It rained like hell yesterday in Raleigh… I lost my Sat. TV 3 X during the day and night and it also dropped out in one of the early undercards, but I got the two fights I wanted…. That’s the downside of Sat. TV….

  13. the thresher 03:48pm, 05/06/2012

    Dan, you sum it up real well. Both guys fought their heart out.

  14. The Thresher 03:47pm, 05/06/2012

    Gajjers, what’s with the hostility. It’s starting to wear thin.

  15. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 03:21pm, 05/06/2012

    I need to find out who or what spirit phoned in my PPV order in advance for “May-Cotto.” I went to order the fight last night and my PPV ticket was already confirmed…. WTF? I suppose Amon-Ra works in mysterious ways.?.? Freaky…

  16. Dan Adams 02:55pm, 05/06/2012

    Cotto fought a great fight, and Floyd’s reaction to Cotto’s effort proved just how great a fighter Mayweather really is.  Floyd fought his heart out, too, just like Miguel, and both men should be applauded for their efforts.

  17. Gajjers 12:41pm, 05/06/2012

    Thanks for sharing that with us, Ted. Politics, golf, power-lifts & boxing (with Marvelous Marvin Hagler as a neighbor)? Man, like I told you a several months ago on ESB, you DO lead a charmed life. Way to go! By the way, what did Evangelista do to receive that ass-whupping? Maybe it was deserved & even warranted. Even Christ kicked some ass when some money-grabbing suckers turned the temple into a market place. I understand the need (or desire) for ‘extreme methods’ sometimes, and I’m not even a Christian, but this is not the forum for that kinda topic, so I’ll back off, but I do think Cotto is a ‘Good Guy’, as you put it. On a more pertinent note, I agree with ATK’s points regarding the issue of invincibility - it ranks with immortality in terms of its inaccessibility to humans. We ALL come a cropper one day, but I don’t think Floyd’s cup is anywhere near full - his repertoire is extensive enough to keep Father Time at bay for a while yet (unlike Roy Jones Jr), but his next few fights are definitely gonna be more intriguing than those he had when he was so much faster, smoother & better than his opponents - his Roger Federer era, if you will. But guys better stop talk about Sergio Martinez as a potential opponent for Floyd. Too much discrepancy in anatomical mass! Boxing is in a good place right now on the strength of what happened yesterday, so let’s all stay behind it. Hopefully, after Floyd’s enforced ‘vacation’, we’ll get to see the icing on the cake - Money vs Manny! Man, I love this sport! Golf? No thanks. To each his own though…

  18. the thresher 11:54am, 05/06/2012

    akt, point taken

  19. AKT 11:41am, 05/06/2012

    Actually, Ted; I disagree with your statement about Cotto putting a question mark against Floyd’s invincibility. No one is invincible, I am only saying that Cotto didn’t solve the Mayweather puzzle. Cotto IS naturally the bigger man (fights naturally at 154 and we dont know what he weighed on fight night), who took tremendous shots from Floyd. I would rather say that e performed similarly to another 154’er, Oscar De La Hoya. They both remained standing because Floyd’s power shots were not strong enough on the heavier guys, possibly. I do not believe that last night exposed Mayweather in anyway.

  20. THE THRESHER 11:13am, 05/06/2012

    What Cotto did last night was pierce Mayweather’s aura of invincibility. Once again, the leverage shifts to Manny, but Bradley better not spoil things.

  21. THE THRESHER 11:05am, 05/06/2012

    Actually, I am a politician and IDO flip flop all the time. It’s what we do. But we call it compromise. Sounds better.

    I never questioned his manhood. Just the “Good Guy” aura. He beat the shit out of Evangalista and that’s a fact. Boxers should not lay their hands on non-boxers.

    I also was bothered a tad by his refusal to give an interviiew last night. That comes wiith the territory as does 8 million clams and for that kind of money I’d expect an interview. Even JMM gave one after losing to Pac. WTF.

  22. Gajjers 10:29am, 05/06/2012

    Agreed Ted, but would the relative you referred to on an earlier blog (Evangelista) concur? If you were a politician, you’d be accused of flip-flopping…

  23. THE THRESHER 10:22am, 05/06/2012

    Hats off to Cotto. What a MAN!

  24. The Thresher 10:12am, 05/06/2012

    Nothing beats a decent round of golf, some power lifting, and then back to You feeling me on this?

  25. Don from Prov 10:05am, 05/06/2012

    Haven’t seen the fight yet as I didn’t believe that Cotto could beat Floyd, and obviously he couldn’t.  I am glad that it sounds like the fight was reasonably entertaining anyway,  but I can wait a week to watch and decide what I think.

    Sounds like Shane fought back as well.
    And, again, that’s nice—
    But I can still wait a week.

  26. pugknows 09:52am, 05/06/2012

    Cotto should retire while he is ahead. He has been in a lot of wars and his face welts up worse and worse. But I’m betting he will stay around and take another beating from Pac Man, unless Pac Man loses to Bradley.

  27. B white 09:24am, 05/06/2012

    I think pretty boy floyd has proven it once again he is the pound4pound best in the world. There should not be any doubt at all about the outcome between pacman and floyd. Cotto was just a tune up , against pacman floyd would put the after burners on. Cotto really prepared to the fullest for this fight was not a catch weight fight like with pacman. Floyd would prepare for pacman and pacman would hopefully be with out his streriods. No one was really surprised about the outcome knowing the skills that floyd has brought to bear. Pacman is an animal when it comes to Floyd’s masterful skills.

  28. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 08:33am, 05/06/2012

    Both Mosley and Cotto proved more game and tougher than I expected.

  29. TEX HASSLER 08:04am, 05/06/2012

    The fight went as I expected. Cotto was made to order for Floyd Mayweather’s style. As it has been said Cotto came to fight all out and not just survive. He has all the heart you could expect out of any fighter. Pacquiao beat Cotto with ease and would do the same again. Floyd better take note of that because if he fights Pacquiao, you can bet Manny will be up and I mean way up for Floyd. As for Marquez vs Cotto I think Sergio would KO Cotto and Floyd better avoid Sergio also. Now is the right time for Cotto to retire while he has money and his heatlh.

  30. Gajjers 07:33am, 05/06/2012

    Funnily enough, I think Cotto’s current game would give him a better chance of beating Sergio Martinez (dunno at which weight) than Floyd. If Cotto retires now, all well & good - he’s earned his place in the HOF, but for some reason I think he’ll keep truckin’ for a while…

  31. johnwriter60 07:20am, 05/06/2012

    Nothing in the Tampa papers about this…sure would have liked to be in the viewing audience…sounds like they both gave it their all…if it’s Cotto’s last affair, I can understand…recall Hagler’s “loss” to Leonard way back when. took courage and character to walk away at the top of his game. I always respected Marvin’s gifts, but that one really impressed me, the “not needing to prove myself” further…

  32. the thresher 06:32am, 05/06/2012

    Actually, I was surprised by Cotto last night. I thought he fought like the old Cotto and didn’t back up. Guess The “Ghost of Margo” has now been purged emotionally speaking…

  33. Gajjers 03:46am, 05/06/2012

    Very well put, Dazza - Cotto ain’t walking away from the sport (in a competitive sense, I mean- he’s a promoter after all) after this effort. His apparent disgust with the decision (storming out of the ring in lieu of granting an interview) puzzled me though; did he actually think he won it? I definitely would like to see him again, and I guess so would many others. Finally, to Paul Lee - check out boxing history and find out how baseless your point is…

  34. Paul Lee 01:23am, 05/06/2012

    Manny dismantled Cotto but Money Floyd can’t.

  35. Dazza 11:42pm, 05/05/2012

    Really good fight.  Both guys should be proud of their efforts tonight.

    I don’t necessarily agree that this will be Cotto’s last fight, in fact I think his stock just went up.  Some clever matchmaking could see a rematch or even another fight with Pacquiao for Cotto, if Pacman’s handlers are brave enough to let him fight Cotto at, or near, Cotto’s weight class.

    A fight with Martinez may not be out of the question either.

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