Zhakiyanov Upsets Warren

By Robert Ecksel on February 13, 2017
Zhakiyanov Upsets Warren
“Of course I want my world title back.” (Leo Wilson Jr./Premier Boxing Champions)

Zhanat Zhakiyanov upset reigning and defending WBA Super World bantamweight champion Rau’shee Warren…

Friday night at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio, interim WBA World bantamweight champion Zhanat Zhakiyanov (27-1, 18 KOs), from Petropavl, Kazakhstan, upset reigning and defending WBA Super World bantamweight champion Rau’shee Warren (14-2, 4 KOs), the southpaw from Cincinnati, via split decision after 12 rounds.

The final scores were 116-110 (Brian Kennedy) and 115-111 (John Stewart) for Zhakiyanov and 115-111 for Warren.

Warren jumped from his corner at the opening bell. He dropped Zhakiyanov twice in the first round but couldn’t finish him.

Zhakiyanov, with Ricky Hatton in his corner, dropped Warren with pair of right hands in the third and drew first blood from Warren’s nose in the fourth.

He consolidated his lead in the middle rounds.

Warren came on in the championship rounds but was too far behind to get the nod.

“Man, I won that fight,” said the unhappy former champion when the scores were announced. “I knocked him down, I was landing the cleaner punches and making him miss. The judges are favoring aggressive fighters even when they ain’t even landing.”

Warren has a point, but he lost the title, and on his home turf, no less.

“The knockdowns shocked me,” Zhakiyanov said. “But Ricky Hatton kept me level-headed, telling me the adjustments I had to make. Once I was able to get inside and force the action, I saw his (Warren’s) energy level drop.

“I knew at the end of the fight that I deserved to win, but because of where we were, we weren’t sure if the judges would give it to us. So that surprised us, but not that I won the fight. I was hurt early but I outworked him in almost every round after that and was the stronger fighter in the end.”

Talk of a rematch is already in the air.

“Of course, I want that rematch,” Warren said. “I want it next. I want my world title back.”

Zhakiyanov won’t relinquish the title, not without a fight.

“He feels like he won the fight and wants the rematch,” said Zhakiyanov. “We can definitely talk about doing that.

“I’ve fought everywhere in the world and don’t back down from any challenge.”

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  1. Koolz 02:24pm, 02/15/2017

    non_prophet thanks for letting me know your not a Prophet!

    No during the fight you could tell after the first round that Warren thought he had the fight in the bag.  He was show boating and he expected that to be an easy win.  Not a whole 11 rounds of dirty fighting. 
    I never gamble.  Lottery is a scam stay away from it. 
    Hatton came up with something that Warren couldn’t deal with and he had no plan B.

    I feel fantastic thanks for the concern^_*

  2. non_prophet 09:47am, 02/15/2017

    “Warren expected to win with ease”

    Guess Koolz is a mind-reader…maybe a prophet.  You knew what was going on in Warren’s mind?  Doubtful. But if it makes you feel better pulling horseshit our of your ass then go for it.

    I’m sure Warren expected to win, just as his opponent also expected to win.  Here’s a clue:  All fighters expect to win. 

    Where you got the “with ease” part from from seems little more than the figment of a silly imagination. 

    But, since you are so highly imaginative, imagine for us what’s the lottery number going to be tonight.

  3. Koolz 12:19pm, 02/14/2017

    I just watched this fight.  Hatton hat off to you for coming up with great plan to be Warren.

    Warren has never been in a dirty fight like that! He had no answer and would through out the match look to the Ref for help.  He always was pushed on the ropes where he would lose the close phone booth fighting. 

    Zhakiyanov displayed a great come back after that first round.  So what happened?  Warren was to cocky and expected to win with ease.  He got beat around the ring for 11 rounds.


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