Zurdo Ramirez Looks Human in Win Over Angulo

By Marc Livitz on June 30, 2018
Zurdo Ramirez Looks Human in Win Over Angulo
Ramirez won a hard-fought victory over Roamer Alexis Angulo in Oklahoma. (Top Rank)

Judges Javier Alvarez and David Sutherland each scored the contest 119-109, while Levi Martinez turned in a full shutout of 120-108…

Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez retained his WBO super middleweight title Saturday night with a hard-fought victory over Roamer Alexis Angulo at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City. Though he clearly wasn’t at his best, he did enough to control the majority of the contest by way of his consistent punching as Angulo scored more points on single shots.

Angulo (23-1, 20 KO’s) looked to take chances early by using his jab in an effort to create brief openings with which he could move inward against Ramirez. Later in the roun, he was warned by referee Gary Ritter to use caution with the use of his head, although such instances are often expected when an orthodox fighter is made to take chances while facing a southpaw. Although Gilberto (38-0, 25 KO’s) was just an inch or so taller than his Colombian opponent, the difference in height appeared to be considerably greater. He seemed to have made an adjustment as the second round commenced by way of not leaning into his stance as much as he’d previously done in the opening three minutes.

Roamer Alexis remained tough in his approach for his first major world title and didn’t seem visibly shaken by his punches not having tremendous effect. “Zurdo” began to swing his punches with a much wider arc to begin the third. This was the case until Angulo saw an opening due to Ramirez dropping his hands too low, so he tagged him with a right hook which definitely got his attention and staggered him just a bit. The cobwebs didn’t stay in place for very long. The Mazatlan fighter worked the body of Angulo in doses until the bell sounded.

Gilberto looked to have moved into the driver’s seat in the fourth. His jabbing alongside shots to the ribs caused his adversary from Bogota to stand straight up. The champion continued to jab high and low throughout round five, though Angulo landed another quick right over the top of Ramirez’s left arm, which also gave Zurdo a small mouse under his left eye. Alexis held his guard high and tight in the sixth and as Gilberto threw straight jabs to break it, he’d hold his gloves wider apart. With half the contest now in the books, Ramirez was likely ahead based on his activity level, though many weren’t expecting the night to last this long for the 27-year-old WBO titleholder from Sinaloa. Angulo changed tactics a bit in the seventh. Throughout much of the round, he looked to negate his Mexican foe’s height and reach advantage by moving in closer and closer. He was able to land a hard left hook to the side of Gilberto’s head.

Zurdo was slowing down by the time the eighth was underway. Though five of his last six bouts had gone the distance, tonight round eight looked as if it was almost untested waters. The ninth wasn’t much different. Ramirez was throwing his punches with just his arms and at times was unable to put his legs into them. He sprung a bit more to life as the championship rounds began as he put a few shots together. Still and as before, Angulo wasn’t going anywhere and the sight of it may have weighed heavily on his mind. Alexis connected with more hard shots which sent Zurdo momentarily into the ropes with signs of exhaustion.

Flushed and tired, he retreated to his corner during the last minute-long break he’d receive. A customary touching of gloves preceded the twelfth and final round. With a few exceptions, each man looked as if he was content with the outcome of the fight going to the hands and eyes of the judges. Gilberto Ramirez had clearly been given one of the toughest tests of his career by a man seven years his senior. Segments of the crowd in Chesapeake Energy Arena voiced their disdain with having to sit through a bout which was much more smoke than fire. The bell sounded to end all discussion.

Judges Javier Alvarez and David Sutherland each scored the contest 119-109, while Levi Martinez turned in a full shutout of 120-108.

“He came hard for my belt tonight,” said the victorious Ramirez. “He caught me in the third round but he didn’t hurt me. I’m not happy (with my performance). I want to go back to training with my team and keep working. I want to be a pound-for-pound fighter.”

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  1. Kid Blast 07:24am, 07/01/2018

    Bradley ended up with major egg on his face. This Angulo can fight and those scores were horrendous. Home cooking at it’s very worst.

  2. El Conscripto 06:53am, 07/01/2018

    “Roamer” has fought all over the world…. Turkey….Germany….Argentina…for the most part with fighters with winning records. He’s only fought a couple of times in Colombia early in his career. Totally unfazed being the visitor he hurt Zurdo three or four times and Zurdo’s slow ass arm punches didn’t faze him one bit! The scores were OKC horseshit as was Bradley’s pre-fight assessment that Angulo didn’t belong in the ring with Zurdo!

  3. Tim 12:30am, 07/01/2018

    Not only is Zurdo not in the Lb for Lb discussion, he’s not even the best at 168 who i believe that to be David Benavidez.

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